A Poem to Bob: Teachers

I haven’t been talking to you much about life, Bob.

I guess I’m pretty shy about talking about it with you,

So I decided to make some poems to lob

Right at your freaking face that I haven’t checked for clues.

I heard your comment about your teachers a while ago

But I won’t directly state it here.

I’ve heard comments like that from you in the past years.

I do hope you would at least try to look at the bright side, though.

If you think it doesn’t work,

Then try harder, bro.

Your teachers are trying to teach you stuff about the world,

But of course, they’re humans, too, you know.

They’re not perfect.

We’re not perfect.

But we can still try to be better.

We just have to do our best

And have fun with what we do!

If you don’t think they’re teaching you well,

Maybe you should try to cooperate with them more.

Even if your classmates don’t want to cooperate with them,

You can still try to focus on learning the teachers’ lessons.

There’s always something interesting about the teachers’ lessons.

You just have to put your mind into looking for them.

Well, you can still ignore what I’m saying.

I can’t force you, man.

I wonder if you think that I’m an embarrassment to you?

If you think that I’m doing something morally wrong,

Then feel free to call me out.

But if I’m being who I am,

And I’m not being morally bad,

Then relax.

What they say about me isn’t your problem.

They’re not even doing any direct effect to you, when you think about it.

What they say about us isn’t a big deal at all, you know!

Now then, back to the point:

Value your teachers more, bro.

You’ll see the good intentions that they have

If you just try hard to look for them and learn.

Ah, the rhyme in this poem seems to be going off already…

Or maybe the rhymes were not that many…

Anyway, Bob, I do hope that you try to see

The great value that education holds within!


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