Take Sex, Romance, and Marriage More Seriously, Tobby!

“The Overlord Bear and Chaotic Pervertedness” –a drawing by The Overlord Bear

Ah, Tobby…

Have you been jerking off again today?

What, you’re asking me why I’m talking about such a “sensitive” topic here so casually?

Oh, come on, Tobby!

Everyone’s bound to talk about sex at least once in their lives!

And also, the world needs to take sex, romance, and marriage more seriously,

So I’ll begin talking right here, right now!

Lust has been messing your brain up, huh?

You’re disrespecting sex, romance, and marriage, Tobby!

Well, don’t get too worked up, man!


Let’s deal with this step by step.

Sex isn’t mainly for pleasure, Tobby boy!

If it were, then what in the freaking world would reproduction be for, some shameful result of “sex gone wrong?”

Romance isn’t all about getting into a girl’s pants, Tobby!

And love and sexual attraction are two different things!

If you say that you “love” a girl because of her “really sexy and really hot” physical appearance,

Then let me whisper this to your ear:






Remember what that student-teacher once told you and your classmates during your last year of high school?

“If you’re going to look for a girlfriend,

Then you’re looking for someone you’ll be marrying.”

I think he meant it like that, agh, my freaking memory, correct me if I got it wrong, dear certain student-teacher.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a girlfriend,

It better be someone who will accept you for who you are

And it better be someone who you will accept for who she is.

And that’s where dating comes in!

So that you and your date would know more about each other!

Not freaking end up having sex just for pleasure, thinking that you and your date are in “true love” with each other!

Ah, I feel like this is something that most of today’s society would insult.

Well, you can say that I have a different sense of morality,

But when I think about it,

Making sex to be something that’s mainly meant for pleasure…

I think it’s selfish,

And I think it also disrespects the value of the family.

You know, I don’t think sex is a bad thing.

What’s bad is the trending attitude towards it.

I think sex is a big responsibility,

Something that only married couples are allowed to do.

And I think the youths of today should be taught the right attitude towards sex at the right time,

And I think parents should be one of those teachers when it comes to teaching the right attitude towards not only sex, but also romance and marriage.

Ah, anyway, it looks like you now have this tendency–or maybe an addiction–to jerk off just to feel good while looking at certain women as objects of pleasure, huh?

Well, I’ll help you get over it.

And I know there’s someone out there who’s willing to help you get over it.

Let’s overcome this issue of yours, step by step.

You want to get happily married, have a happy family with kids, and help make the world a kinder and friendlier place along with them someday, right?

Well, no need to rush in finding the right girl for you.

I believe that you’ll find her

If you have patience

And if you put your mind into finding her!

If you need to talk about sex, romance, and marriage again,

Then feel free to do so!

Time for a self-reminder again, then:

Take sex, romance, and marriage more seriously, Tobby!

Oh, and please stop looking at pornography, too, Tobby. You already know why I’m telling you this, you know.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew, Tobby

Ah, my crazy impulsiveness…

My tolerance levels need more work, too.

I’ve been jumping into things without thinking clearly again.

I am now imagining myself

As the character of a slapstick comedy,

The sort of character that thinks he’s so good at anything,

The sort of character that ends up getting his butt bitten,

And then everyone else from beyond the fourth wall laughs at him.

Well, my actions are my responsibility,

And I should deal with the consequences properly.

Time to stop thinking negatively,

And move forward

Because there’s no other way but forward!

I’m not a perfect person,

But it’s not like I can’t try to be a good person!

Tobby, you better remember:

Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Not just with your food,

But with how you do things, too!

Aim for your level best!

Take it step by step!

Ask for assistance as you go!

You can do it, Tobby!

Now then,

Let’s face forward,



Respect Others’ Opinions While Appreciating Your Favorite Works of Art, Tobby!

Ah, a beautiful piece of art!

Ah, a beautiful series of stories!

Ah, a beautiful series of songs!

As I marvel at my favorite works of art,

My ears and eyes catch words of disagreement,

And fellow fans’ words of vengeful disrespect towards them.

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this,

This self-centered attitude towards those who don’t appreciate

The pieces of art that amaze us.

That prideful attitude is a saddening thing, you know,

And I’m talking about the attitude,

Not the people.

Hate the sin, not the sinner.

The sin and the sinner are two different things.

Some people mistake one for the other,

And they end up losing appreciation

Just because of someone else’s prideful altercation.

While you sink your mind and soul into the hateful discussion,

You’re missing the beauty of the art that left you a great impression!

Besides, what others think of a piece of art is beyond your control!

How other people react to those opinions is beyond your control!

Still, what you think of what I’m saying is beyond my control,

But anyway,

I hope that you would listen to what I would like to say:

Respect others’ opinions, even if you disagree with them.

Your opinion on an artwork should only come from you yourself, you know!

It may be a hard and bitter pill to swallow,

But it’s something that we must take

To make the world a better place!

I won’t force you to believe me.

I can’t even control how you would react to this!

I am just an influence,

Hoping that you would choose the right way.

While I hope that you would respect other people and their opinions,

And keep on appreciating your favorite works of art,

I shall remind myself again:

Respect others’ opinions while appreciating your favorite works of art, Tobby!

Tobby’s Second Attempt at Writing a 270-Word Blog Post

So, JT told me that I had two hundred and fifty words in my first attempt at writing a blog post containing two hundred and seventy words ONLY. So here I am, trying again.

Anyway, it’s no big deal for me. I have written more than two hundred and seventy words in a single post lots of times in the past, but writing a blog post with two hundred and seventy words. This challenge that JT set is a very interesting challenge, and I also see it as a nice opportunity to get back to my daily writing habit. I really need to get my mind and spirit straight these days. All these stressors are influencing me to go nuts in a bad way, and I need to do something in order to keep myself calm and AWAKEN!

Well, I think I can do it if I put my mind to it. I also think you can do it if you put your mind to it, too. Writing a blog post containing two hundred and seventy words, I mean. Don’t you think that this an interesting challenge? Don’t you think that this is a great opportunity to practice your writing skills? Maybe I should go nuts on the next paragraph right now.

Hello, I’m The Overlord Bear, and I’m trying to fill up an empty gap between a work in progress and the boundary of two hundred and seventy words. Do you see it? It’s coming closer. We’ve now passed by two hundred and fifty, which was where I stopped during my last attempt. And then we’re done! Freaking nuts!

Dreaming of Personified Desserts

I was sitting on chair in front of the table of my dining room, eating some vanilla ice cream, when suddenly…

“You…what have you done to me…?”

My vanilla ice cream, along with its cone, suddenly jumped on to the dining table, and it now assumed the form of a…plain-looking teenage girl with short, plain white hair. She wore a plain brown tank top, plain brown hoodie, plain brown pants, plain brown socks, and plain brown shoes. What was strange about her was that she had an arm cut off, with white fluid dripping off of the stump.

“This looks really wrong,” I said.

“Yeah, but I don’t mind!” my personified vanilla ice cream said with a smile. “I’m just another piece of food, right?”

“Yeah, so it’s time to go back to eating.”

And then I tried to go back with eating her, but suddenly, it felt so wrong.

“Can’t eat me, huh?” my vanilla ice cream told me with a smirk. “Then eat this!”

She then thrusted her remaining arm into my mouth, which caused me to freeze up because of her frigid temperature, which I just noticed.

“Brain…freeze…” I said slowly, having a hard time with all this cold assaulting my senses. Wait, does brain freeze even work that way?

As I started to ponder on that, I opened my eyes.

It was just another daydream…which ended up a dream in my sleep.

Eating desserts is probably an awkward topic in the world of personified desserts, huh?

Dad, I Think I’ve Learned the “Crazy Sanity” Ability

Hey, Dad.

To be honest,

Boredom drilled upon me during the recent family trip.

My interest in flying into the cyber world’s skies

And my discomfort towards our crowd of a family gathering

Brought the boredom drill to life.

As boredom created a construction site in my mind,

Sanity decided to intervene with style.

As boredom built a frown out of my face,

Sanity spread its wings and flew my face up high.

As boredom increased the volume of my “groan-at-every-little-thing” speakers,

Sanity smashed them and turned them into loud “laugh-at-every-little-thing” exploders.

And as boredom tried to make me hate everyone,

Sanity made me crazy,

And it made me make other people laugh as well.

Mom said that I’m “a natural comedian.”

I didn’t really think of myself being like that back then.

I’m slow when it comes to thinking jokes,

But I guess that’s because I let myself be crushed by pressure too much.

You guys…my family…

Thanks for trying to cheer me up during those days.

Those days when I reluctantly cooperated.

Now, I think I’ve learned the “Crazy Sanity” ability, Dad.

For me not to go insane because of boredom,

I decided to go insane to entertain myself.

Of course, I still have a grip on myself, you know.

It’s kind of insane when you think about it,

You know, being insane to stay sane.

But who isn’t crazy sane here in this world?

I don’t think there’s a sane person who doesn’t have insanity hidden in their minds, you know.

Thanks for making me laugh, too, Dad.

I really need to smile more.

Also, I really need to make other people smile more, too.

There are so many reasons to be happy,

And they’re so close by as well.

Now then, I need to go back to and improve my nutty self.

Alright, self-reminder time:

Use your “Crazy Sanity” ability to spread happiness, friendship, and virtues, Tobby!

You know that you can choose to be happy, Tobby,

So help other people see that they can choose to be happy, too!

Crazy Sanity, activate!

Note: For more information on “Crazy Sanity,” here is a link to some info about the “Crazy Sane” trope. I’ll warn you about the site where that page is, though: TV Tropes is a freaking place where most of the delivery of information is very entertaining, so much that it turns into a black hole of fun and insanity, causing you to experience difficulty in trying to escape. I’ve been there, yes, and IT WAS A FREAKING FUN YET HORRIFYING EXPERIENCE, and it was something that made my Internet addiction worse. As to why I’m talking about this here, I feel like being nutty right now. “Crazy Sanity” is activated right now, you know! Tobby is crazy sane right now, and he has to take a break. Wait, did Tobby just become serious for a while there, or was he attempting to make readers laugh with this freaking insanity that he’s doing right now? Anyway, gotta take a break, gotta take a break, gotta take a break, OOH, NUTELLA! Freaking nuts, it’s time to eat some NUTELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SANDWICHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, time to shut up and get back to seriousness, Tobby.

Again, thank you very much, my dear family.

Thank you very much for helping me cheer up.

I love you guys so much, you know!