Dad, I Think I’ve Learned the “Crazy Sanity” Ability

Hey, Dad.

To be honest,

Boredom drilled upon me during the recent family trip.

My interest in flying into the cyber world’s skies

And my discomfort towards our crowd of a family gathering

Brought the boredom drill to life.

As boredom created a construction site in my mind,

Sanity decided to intervene with style.

As boredom built a frown out of my face,

Sanity spread its wings and flew my face up high.

As boredom increased the volume of my “groan-at-every-little-thing” speakers,

Sanity smashed them and turned them into loud “laugh-at-every-little-thing” exploders.

And as boredom tried to make me hate everyone,

Sanity made me crazy,

And it made me make other people laugh as well.

Mom said that I’m “a natural comedian.”

I didn’t really think of myself being like that back then.

I’m slow when it comes to thinking jokes,

But I guess that’s because I let myself be crushed by pressure too much.

You guys…my family…

Thanks for trying to cheer me up during those days.

Those days when I reluctantly cooperated.

Now, I think I’ve learned the “Crazy Sanity” ability, Dad.

For me not to go insane because of boredom,

I decided to go insane to entertain myself.

Of course, I still have a grip on myself, you know.

It’s kind of insane when you think about it,

You know, being insane to stay sane.

But who isn’t crazy sane here in this world?

I don’t think there’s a sane person who doesn’t have insanity hidden in their minds, you know.

Thanks for making me laugh, too, Dad.

I really need to smile more.

Also, I really need to make other people smile more, too.

There are so many reasons to be happy,

And they’re so close by as well.

Now then, I need to go back to and improve my nutty self.

Alright, self-reminder time:

Use your “Crazy Sanity” ability to spread happiness, friendship, and virtues, Tobby!

You know that you can choose to be happy, Tobby,

So help other people see that they can choose to be happy, too!

Crazy Sanity, activate!

Note: For more information on “Crazy Sanity,” here is a link to some info about the “Crazy Sane” trope. I’ll warn you about the site where that page is, though: TV Tropes is a freaking place where most of the delivery of information is very entertaining, so much that it turns into a black hole of fun and insanity, causing you to experience difficulty in trying to escape. I’ve been there, yes, and IT WAS A FREAKING FUN YET HORRIFYING EXPERIENCE, and it was something that made my Internet addiction worse. As to why I’m talking about this here, I feel like being nutty right now. “Crazy Sanity” is activated right now, you know! Tobby is crazy sane right now, and he has to take a break. Wait, did Tobby just become serious for a while there, or was he attempting to make readers laugh with this freaking insanity that he’s doing right now? Anyway, gotta take a break, gotta take a break, gotta take a break, OOH, NUTELLA! Freaking nuts, it’s time to eat some NUTELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SANDWICHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, time to shut up and get back to seriousness, Tobby.

Again, thank you very much, my dear family.

Thank you very much for helping me cheer up.

I love you guys so much, you know!

9 thoughts on “Dad, I Think I’ve Learned the “Crazy Sanity” Ability

  1. I feel ya Mr. Bear. Family reunions are, and always were the cause of emotional turmoil for me. They can be boring, hateful, ignorant, loving, carrying and interesting at the same time. Naturally, they make me nuts. So every time my wife and I are interacting with them, we must go crazy. You know, just in order to keep our marbles intact. I tell ya, if I hadn’t been crazy through every story of how latest “Nikola Scage’s” movie was stupid, or something equally touching as that…

    1. Well, let’s keep on doing our best on being more patient, then! 🙂 Actually, I went along after my dad asked me to write something about my experience in the family trip, and I guess that’s the main reason–along with looking for something interesting–as to why I went along with them. And after that busy trip, here’s what I learned! Freaking nuts, isn’t it?

  2. That’s a nice poem. Very amusingly in my case, I have just finished reading Manalive by G. K. Chesterton, who seems to make a very similar point as you do in the poem. It is by living exuberantly that we stay sane!

    1. G.K. Chesterton, huh? I only have the Father Brown stories at home, though Manalive seems interesting, too. I think I should read more of the Father Brown stories sometime, too. There’s so many of them in that thick compilation!

      Anyway, thanks very much, medievalotaku! 🙂

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