Take Sex, Romance, and Marriage More Seriously, Tobby!

“The Overlord Bear and Chaotic Pervertedness” –a drawing by The Overlord Bear

Ah, Tobby…

Have you been jerking off again today?

What, you’re asking me why I’m talking about such a “sensitive” topic here so casually?

Oh, come on, Tobby!

Everyone’s bound to talk about sex at least once in their lives!

And also, the world needs to take sex, romance, and marriage more seriously,

So I’ll begin talking right here, right now!

Lust has been messing your brain up, huh?

You’re disrespecting sex, romance, and marriage, Tobby!

Well, don’t get too worked up, man!


Let’s deal with this step by step.

Sex isn’t mainly for pleasure, Tobby boy!

If it were, then what in the freaking world would reproduction be for, some shameful result of “sex gone wrong?”

Romance isn’t all about getting into a girl’s pants, Tobby!

And love and sexual attraction are two different things!

If you say that you “love” a girl because of her “really sexy and really hot” physical appearance,

Then let me whisper this to your ear:






Remember what that student-teacher once told you and your classmates during your last year of high school?

“If you’re going to look for a girlfriend,

Then you’re looking for someone you’ll be marrying.”

I think he meant it like that, agh, my freaking memory, correct me if I got it wrong, dear certain student-teacher.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a girlfriend,

It better be someone who will accept you for who you are

And it better be someone who you will accept for who she is.

And that’s where dating comes in!

So that you and your date would know more about each other!

Not freaking end up having sex just for pleasure, thinking that you and your date are in “true love” with each other!

Ah, I feel like this is something that most of today’s society would insult.

Well, you can say that I have a different sense of morality,

But when I think about it,

Making sex to be something that’s mainly meant for pleasure…

I think it’s selfish,

And I think it also disrespects the value of the family.

You know, I don’t think sex is a bad thing.

What’s bad is the trending attitude towards it.

I think sex is a big responsibility,

Something that only married couples are allowed to do.

And I think the youths of today should be taught the right attitude towards sex at the right time,

And I think parents should be one of those teachers when it comes to teaching the right attitude towards not only sex, but also romance and marriage.

Ah, anyway, it looks like you now have this tendency–or maybe an addiction–to jerk off just to feel good while looking at certain women as objects of pleasure, huh?

Well, I’ll help you get over it.

And I know there’s someone out there who’s willing to help you get over it.

Let’s overcome this issue of yours, step by step.

You want to get happily married, have a happy family with kids, and help make the world a kinder and friendlier place along with them someday, right?

Well, no need to rush in finding the right girl for you.

I believe that you’ll find her

If you have patience

And if you put your mind into finding her!

If you need to talk about sex, romance, and marriage again,

Then feel free to do so!

Time for a self-reminder again, then:

Take sex, romance, and marriage more seriously, Tobby!

Oh, and please stop looking at pornography, too, Tobby. You already know why I’m telling you this, you know.


2 thoughts on “Take Sex, Romance, and Marriage More Seriously, Tobby!

  1. Tobby, a hard task has been set in front of you. But with the help of your teacher, we believe you will find the right way. Today everything is subjected to sex, so romance and love, not to mention marriage, have lost their true value. By believing in right things, and acting upon them, you can create a better world!

    • You know, it’s not just only one teacher that helped take these things more seriously. I remember this talk that my high school principal gave to me and my fellow batchmates days before graduation that really made me look at these things in a more serious light. Yeah, I thank those teachers of mine very very much. I felt fear and embarrassment when I wanted to talk about these issues to my parents back then, too, but now, I think hiding my problem would just make my problem worse.

      Oh, and thank you very much for the encouragement! 🙂

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