Got Any Advice, Mr. Sandman?

Lately, I haven’t been getting enough sleep. As in, for several days, I’ve ended up getting less than eight hours of sleep per day.

And now, the butt-biters are clinging to my butt like flexible excavators. They’re probably interested in the sin-stained waste that’s waiting to be excreted through the hole in my butt. And now that I’m looking at my sins like they were poop, well…I feel like I can see the true ickiness factor of my sins yet again.

Also, lately, this stupid lack of sleep has been messing up my motivation in making stuff like this. Like, the hard work feels like lifting a cabinet that’s too heavy for my underdeveloped arm muscles.

Oh yeah, I gotta bring some dumbbells when I head to my boarding house. I need to develop my muscles. Also, push-ups. For the sake of my underdeveloped upper body muscles and my slowly-getting-crooked posture.

Okay, let the music in your ears flow through your mind and heart, Tobby. Gather inspiration…

…and get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep is tough if you’ve made a habit out of not getting enough sleep, alright. I feel like Sophie Grundler would agree with me here.

And, you know, that bad habit gets worse if you’ve got problems like computer addiction…or specifically, Internet addiction. Damn you, addiction. You help no one at all, you know. The Internet can be a nice place to hang out in, playing games and making artworks in my computer can be relaxing, but too much is freaking bad, of course.

Also, another problem that came along when the Lack of  Sleep + Internet Addiction combo attacked is Procrastination. Damn you again, procrastination. Still, thank you for reminding me about the importance of sleep. Also, I’ll still kick your crotch and butt, though. I need sleep, yeah, but I need to have it at the appropriate times. You’re annoying, especially when you team up with lack of sleep and Internet addiction. So many interesting artwork ideas are swimming in my head…and then lack of sleep attacks my concentration, while Internet addiction and procrastination team up to mess my soul up even more. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget my pornography addiction, too. I WANT TO BE SAVED FROM THAT STUPID ADDICTION AS WELL. Damn you, addiction. The death penalty is suited for evil concepts like you, and there are so many ways for humanity to rain punishment upon your stupid faces. You may revive over and over thanks to humanity’s potential for evil, but you shouldn’t forget humanity’s potential for goodness, which will never stop chasing you down and beating you up, just like how you evil concepts try to chase down and beat up the good concepts.

Oh yeah, speaking of health and morality, lack of sleep sounds like some mind-and-soul-targeting version of HIV. It sucks when your resistance against evil is compromised, you know.

Well, it’s a good thing that there are known cures for lack of sleep. Like listening to some uplifting music while drawing something, which can be pretty sweet! Or putting away your gadgets in a place where you can’t reach them while you try to find something more worthwhile, which can be pretty bitter. Talking with family and friends about your problems can help, too, since keeping the problem all to yourself would call more butt-biters.

Hm…I think I got bitten by so many butt-biters when I was an elementary school student because I refused to accept my family’s support. Those were very painful days. Like, I guess it’s like having a leg cramp that won’t go away while it shocks you with sudden jolts of pain signals sent towards your brain. Or maybe a stiff neck would make a better comparison. Yeah, stiff neck. I’ve been having that lately, too. Freaking nuts, it hurts. Hm, maybe my old pessimistic crybaby days were as painful as a leg cramp + stiff neck combo. Damn, those days hurt. But they sure did help learn some valuable life lessons! Still, being in that state is something that I don’t want to be in ever again. It sucks being in that sort of state, you know.

So, yeah…a good social circle is freaking important.

Oh yeah, speaking of social circles, lack of sleep can also mess up the way you deal with other people. Like, normally, I choose to be nice, but when my brain is messed up because of lack of sleep, my jerkiness and selfishness factor goes up. I guess that one time when I disrespected a certain Tumblr user is a product of that amped-up jerkiness and selfishness factor, too. And it sucks when friendships get in danger. This problem sure is inspiring me to give a self-reminder:

While you try to build and nurture friendships, make sure that you take care of yourself as well, you crazy bear.


I guess you won’t be seeing me posting a lot in the following days. I guess I’ll make posting on my blog something that I do at least once a week.

Now, daily routine calls me yet again.

And before I go back to shellcracking outside the electronic ocean, I’ve got one question for you, ’cause I believe that you people out there–you people who are reading this post–can give me valuable help in dealing with these problems of mine. Now, my question to you is…

Got any advice, Mr. Sandman?

The Sandman (Uri-san's Sandman, that is) is a pretty nice guy, and I feel like he can relate to my horrid experiences with lack of sleep and even give me some advice on dealing with that problem.

The Sandman (Uri-san’s Sandman, that is) is a pretty nice guy, and I feel like he can relate to my horrid experiences with lack of sleep and even give me some advice on dealing with lack of sleep.


Feel free to say something!

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