I Want to Find and Spread Objective Truth for the Sake of Finding and Spreading True Happiness

The title of this post is long, but it sums up why I seek the truth. Oh, and by truth, I mean objective truth. Not truth that I accept just because popular opinion thinks that it’s truth. By the way, I hope your brain can handle a roller coaster ride through this presentation of my thoughts, dear reader.

This is probably gonna feel like the time when I read a text, which was for Art Studies 1 lesson, about the meaning of art, which happened yesterday. You’ll probably go “What?” at some times, and if you’re a practicing Roman Catholic like me, you’ll probably go “God, I’m confused, please help me” with a genuinely serious tone at some times as well. I do acknowledge the possibility of someone taking it calmly, though. Maybe medievalotaku can help me keep calm in this quest as well. Anyway…

I’ll talk about that text which talked about the meaning of art. Based on my efforts to understand the really academic text (Honestly, I like it better if the facts are delivered in easily understandable terms.), I seemed to have read a part (the first part, that is) of the text that said that the word “art” is something that a bunch of selfish nuts decided to make and use in order to gain power and control over society, and that the word “art” ended up becoming a term that them selfish nuts attached to stuff that fit their warped perspectives.

And then I ended up asking a question while the sound of thunder roared as thunderstorm clouds gathered in my mind.


So, yeah, while I was under the thunderstorm of confusion, I looked at the definitions of the word “art” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary app in my phone. I looked up the one that was suited for what I wanted to do in life (You know, art, as in for creative works.), and I found this:

: something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings

Okay, now, amidst the thunderstorm in my mind, I ended up reading some more parts of the first part, where it said that art is something that is willingly made by the artist and is an expression of what the artist really feels, something that is not a symbol of political or religious authority, something that is not meant to be used as propaganda, and something that is not meant to be used for routine purposes such as urinating.

Hmm…I wonder if thunderstorm clouds are already gathering in your mind after reading that previous paragraph.

Anyway, I would agree that art is definitely something that is willingly made by the artist, and that it’s a form of self-expression. Hmm…can self-expression be considered routine, though? Agh, I feel like I’m losing grasp on what art really is again…

Ah, and I guess that predicament of mine is an example of the troubles a truth seeker encounters. Words get twisted, like how them selfish nuts decided to control society’s perception of art into their selfish perspectives. Damn you, fog of lies. Also, I now feel like wanting to buy a PS Vita and Persona 4: Golden more quickly.

Anyway, I’m now wondering about what the true meaning of art is. This self-expression that I do in this post, the self-expression that I do in my fictional worlds…I wonder if they are art? I read that the word “art” was first used centuries ago and not a thousands of years ago. Now, the word “art” is attached to the simple act of drawing and a bunch of other stuff that’s really getting my mind more violently rainy.

God, I’m confused. Please help me.

Okay, after reading the second part of the text, which talked about how society should free itself from the grasp of them selfish nuts who do selfish things like twisting the perception of art into their selfish perspectives, I ended up reading about some thoughts regarding how art should be something that is free for everyone to perceive and make. I wonder if that’s what the author wanted to say, though. Ah, my humanity reveals its weaknesses yet again.

Being a truth seeker is tough. Please help me, God.

Well, during that storm, I ended up forming some definition of art based on several personal observations that I’ve made throughout my life. Art is a form of self-expression that fully comes from its creator. I think it was something like that. And as I thought about art and science, I looked up the meaning of “science” in the dictionary app in my phone, and I thought: There is art in science, and there is science in art. I wonder if it makes sense?

Heh, and then the day after I read that reading, which is today, I learned about language being used to control society.

Okay, I’ll use that uncomfortable learning experience in Fil 40 class as a stepping stone in my quest to seek and spread objective truth and true happiness. I–No, we need to clear the fog of lies and find the truth. By the way, I think that our desire for truth is something that we humans naturally have, considering how kids want to know more about the world and how the number of truth seekers in the world still hasn’t hit zero ever since the start of humanity’s existence. Ah, I’m guessing that there are a bunch of ignored people who sought the truth but remained in the shadows of history, too.

Ah, God, please help me.

And you know what, I feel like it’s too early for me to be thinking heavily like this. Step by step…step by step, you crazy bear. I’m just a 17-year-old college kid (Old educational system here in the Philippines has kids going to college after 10 years of basic education, which means kids are usually 16-years-old when they enter college), and a lot of people probably wouldn’t care about ramblings about thoughts on the meaning of art, seeing all the chaos happening in the world.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t be worrying too much about stuff like the meaning of art right now. I should focus on tearing selfishness and apathy apart first. The world needs more brave and kind people, and I want to be such a person and promote the beauty of goodness. As I do so, I should search and spread the truth carefully and clearly. No need to hurry. No need to rush. Just do your best, have fun, keep calm, and look at the bright side. You’ll learn the whole truth eventually. Oh, and don’t forget…

Friendship for the win. ^_^

Also, God…I shall ask you this again and again…please help me.


Feel free to say something!

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