Sunrise Words

Good morning!

Or is it still dark in there?

Come on, the sun can rise after some time and effort!

As night-colored creatures lurk and attack,

They live in fear of the sunrise.

They creep inside our hearts.

They jump at others’ hearts.

They are a harsh reality,

But it’s not like the sun can never rise!

Day-colored creatures can come

And they can burn the color of night away.

Their clashes create dawn and twilight,

Change and chaos.

Sometimes, all that fighting can mess our minds

And we end up thinking

That night is day

And day is night.

Our eyes can only take so much, you see.

But it’s not like we can’t get out of a daze!

Here, take my hand!

Let’s look for the sun together!

Hm, maybe I should say “Good evening!”

To remind night-stained people about looking for the sun,

And “Good afternoon!”

To remind people about appreciating the beauty of the sun.

We are stained by night and day

But from what I’ve seen in my experiences,

It seems like we always want to see the sun

While the night tries to hold us back.

All this fighting is sending us to various latitudes

Or different climates, if “latitudes” is something you don’t understand.

The day can be longer for one,

The night can be longer for another.

I want us to see the sun for longer and longer times,

So here are some sunrise words:

You can make the sun shine on you.

You can make the sun shine on me.

You can make the sun shine on everyone.

We may end up having the night eat another person’s heart at times,

But we should not forget

That all of us can make the sun shine on our hearts.

So, let us link our hands and remember

To make the sun shine on each other!



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