Turning My Current Feelings Into Kagerou Project References

Everything seems red and black.

Did I get hit by a truck?

The date…I think it’s August 15 today, from what I remember.

Wait, it seems like I’m trapped in a street filled with gray.

Did I die because of despair?

Well, it appears like I’ll be suffering here for who knows how long

Like that midget that seems to be hanging on that dark pillar of snakes.

There are so many worlds of despair here

Like that burning mansion,

That deep river,

That dark apartment,

That deep sea,

That underground laboratory,

That lonely park,

And that fragment of a classroom.

I think I’ve heard about this place.

Life has taught me that this place is real

And this reality can really choke me, alright.

I feel lonely.

I’m walking down this endless gray street

And after what seemed to be a few minutes,

I’ve already had enough of this boring world.

Maybe that girl with long white hair,

That girl who’s standing high up there,

Maybe she feels the same way.

Hm, I think I saw someone get out

By getting swallowed by a snake.

I hope that it’s a morally good way to get out, though.

Still, before I could try to find a snake like that,

The world seemed to crack and spin.

I hear gears turning

And I see a clock turning backwards.

Hm…I don’t think this an opportunity to head back into the past.

I feel like…

This is an opportunity to create a better future.

Well, I hope the floating girl up there can hear my wish:

I wish that the world would become a kinder and friendlier place

And I hope that someday…

I hope that we can meet and work together to fulfill that wish.

Now…farewell, eternal summer days of despair,

And if I ever meet you again,

I’ll make sure that our meeting ends quickly.


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