I Became A Teacher When I Was Ten Years Old

At first, I thought being a teacher was going to be a fun job.

“Teachers don’t just give lessons, kid. They have to train their students’ discipline, keep them in line, make sure they don’t cause too much trouble, help them face the crazy world out there. I know that you’re doing this a front to hide the fact that you’re a mage, but honestly, I think you shouldn’t be in this job, considering your age.”

This tall, gray-haired teacher with a smoking habit had a freaking point. I’m too young for this job. I thought that it was going to be fun and games with the tenth graders, but when I heard this man’s stories, all my excitement went down the drain, and practicing my magic skills suddenly became low priority.

My stomach felt like it was tying itself up as the gray-haired teacher and I walked to the Headmaster’s office. Speaking of which, did they prepare some sort of residence for me? The thought of having no home to stay in…now that is really scary.

“Good morning, Headmaster Treebud.”

And I’m already in the Headmaster’s office. So many trophies, so many wooden stuff, a table containing documents and writing materials, shelves containing all sorts of books, a gigantic window behind the table, a gigantic picture of an old man, and the old man himself. Wow, I wonder how old is that guy? He has a pretty bushy beard…and he is a mage too, right?

“Good morning to you as well, Mr. Hawkkite,” the Headmaster said with the commonplace hoarseness that most old people have in their voices. “Am I correct in assuming that that young man over there is Mr. Summersky?”

“Yes, sir,” Mr. Hawkkite replied as he immediately killed the smoke in his cigarette on a nearby ashtray.

“Hm. Very well, then.” And then I could feel an intense gaze from his seemingly shut eyes focusing on me. “Mr. Summersky, why did you choose this job?”

Ah, an opportunity to express myself. Well, I really want to be honest now.

“I chose this job as a cover for my magic training,” I calmly told the old man, “But after hearing Mr. Hawkkite’s stories, I feel like I shouldn’t be here. I’m sorry, sir, but is there another front that is suitable for my age?”

I will need to find you through some other way, Dad. I do not want look for you while in a job that would not be fun for me.

Now, the Headmaster nodded with what seemed to be a sympathetic smile under his thick beard after hearing my reply. “I very much agree that you are too young to be in this job, but I’m afraid that it will take some time before you can get a chance to change your position. Still, I promise that I will do what I can to help you, Mr. Summersky. Is that okay?”

I bowed in respect and gratitude to this very nice old man. “Yes, sir. Thank you very much for your concern.”

“You are very much welcome, Mr. Summersky. Now, Mr. Hawkkite, please guide this boy in his job while he works temporarily here. Mr. Summersky will be your assistant in teaching and your apprentice in magic. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” the gray-haired teacher said with his rough and deep voice. “I will do my best.”

“Good. Now, move along,” Headmaster Treebud commanded more energetically. “You have work to do!”

“Oh, one more thing, Headmaster!” I exclaimed before Mr. Hawkkite started moving out of the room.

“Yes, Mr. Summersky?”

“Where will I stay?”

“You will be staying in Mr. Hawkkite’s house, so do not worry.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about that, kid. Sorry.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Hawkkite. Don’t worry…”

I sighed with relief. Thank you very much, Headmaster…and thank you very much, Mr. Hawkkite.

So, I felt my excitement being renewed because of the old man’s promise and because of the fact that I have to place to stay in. My days in this place are numbered, and I will be able to live a childhood filled with more fun and more training fit for a child like me. I may be mature, but I’m not mature enough to handle a job like this! Even the other teachers in the faculty room seemed to agree, too. I could see their puzzled looks as they saw me, a ten-year-old boy, go in while they found out that I am Mr. Hawkkite’s assistant. Puzzled looks were as far as they went, though, which probably meant that I am not the first child teacher who worked here.

Still, even if they were mages, why did they let kids do jobs like this? Who thought of allowing that? The government should probably know about this already. Eh, maybe the Order of Mages pulled strings really well, considering the fact that they are well-hidden within the world of normals.

Now, as I was thinking about these really serious thoughts while I walked through the corridors, I seemed to be forgetting something. What was it, though…?

I was stopped abruptly by the gray-haired teacher’s big hand as I was swimming in my thoughts. What is going on now?

“We’re here, kid,” he said, still wearing that seemingly bored expression. “Get ready, ’cause things can get really hairy here.”

“Oh, we are already here,” I said, looking up at the sign labeled “1-F” hanging near the door. “I seem to be forgetting something, though…”

“Are you talking about the class list? Or are you talking about the fact that we’re working inside an all-girls school?”

Okay, I was going to ask for the class list already when I heard Mr. Hawkkite’s second question. An all-girls school, huh?

An all-girls school…



“Um…I need to go to the washroom, Mr. Hawkkite. My nervousness seems to be making me want to pee more.”

“Alright then, kid,” the tall man said with a sigh as he scratched the right side of his head. “I’ll start without you, but go on, take your time. I’ll make sure to tell the girls that you’re coming to the class as well.”

“Thank you very much, Mr. Hawkkite…”

I need to drive away all those nightmarish experiences involving Charlotte. She may be as old as me, but she was someone who I feared very much. What if the girls in 1-F were just like her…?

Okay, when I finally entered the classroom after a short time in the washroom, I was introduced to the class, and I found good news and bad news.

“Okay, class, this boy is Ringo Summersky, and he’s going to be my assistant for a short while. Please be nice to him, okay?”

“I am Ringo Summersky. P-Pleased to meet you all.”


“Um…is there something wrong, class?”

“He’s so cute…”

“He’s so adorable!”

“Hey, why is there a kid working as a teacher here?”

The bad news…Now, the bad news is that I sensed demonic auras within the class. Whoever emanated them was hiding them really well, but my honed senses could detect traces of them. And then, there was the rest of the class.

Looks like I am going to have more than a handful of work trying to take care of these girls.

But hey, good news is that a lot of them do not seem to be like Charlotte. But who knows, though…perhaps there is a hidden Charlotte among them…Also, I may have found someone who I can make friends with, which is person whose thoughts about why I am here got drowned out by the shrill screams of delight coming from a lot of the girls.

Wondering girl, whoever you are…I would like to be your friend.

Fortunately, the shrill noise was silenced by the great meeting of Mr. Hawkkite’s fist and the chalkboard.

“Alright, girls, it’s time for class. Don’t hassle the assistant, please.”

All the girls (except for this one girl who seemed to be enjoying Mr. Hawkkite’s gaze greatly) met a really sharp glare from the gray-haired teacher with a somewhat thick stubble. Wow, Mr. Hawkkite’s aura of seriousness even seems to be boosted by his gray uniform and his tattered coat.

“Thank you, Mr. Hawkkite,” I told my superior with a bow.

“You’re welcome, kid,” he said as he straightened his posture and stretched his arms out. “Now then, I’ve got stuff for you to do.”

“Alright!” I exclaimed quietly.

Well, I should get as much mental training as I can get here. Who knows what sort of insanity will I encounter later?

“Hey, kid. You okay?”

“Do you think I look okay?” I grumpily asked as I hid under the covers of the blankets and pillows.

Another sigh came out of Mr. Hawkkite’s mouth. “Well, you definitely don’t look okay, alright. And I guess I can understand, seeing that I know about you finding out about the vampire, fighting the vampire with the help of those Card Contracts, almost getting reported and turned into a goofy animal, having a bunch of girls with a crush on you, fighting more magical criminals with the help of Card Contracts, having more girls with a crush on you, finding out that your father was a notorious philanderer and not some morally upright magician, and getting into some gigantic magical insanity that’s risking the world of normals and the world of magic.”

“I want to go home,” I told my mentor. “I give up on looking for my father, I give up on this teaching job that I have been working on for who knows how long without getting a job change, and I give up on going out of this house.”

“Uh, I think you forgot about the fact that you’re in the vampire’s magical terraglobe world.”

“Okay, now tell her that I want to get out of here, that I want to go back to my loving older sister, and that I want to cry myself to sleep.”

“Alright, alright, kid. Sorry for all the trouble.”

“Don’t worry too much about it. A lot of the trouble isn’t your fault, Mr. Hawkkite.”

“Hm…yeah, I agree.”

I then buried myself more deeply under the covers, attempting to shut out all annoying sounds, when I suddenly heard Mr. Hawkkite call me again after he opened the door.

“Say, Ringo…I’ve got an idea…a crazy idea. You wanna hear it?”

“If it is going to be something that will further ruin my sanity,” I said as I shoved my head out of the covers, “Then I will not listen to it.”

Mr. Hawkkite turned around and leaned on the doorway. “Trust me, this will save your sanity and the sanity of child mages.”

“Really now?” I do not want other child mages to end up like me. They do not need to be thrust into things that their immaturity cannot handle. I need to do something. “What is your idea, then?”

Mr. Hawkkite smiled.

“We’re gonna go visit the Order of Mages and do some…persuasion.”

“Will that involve force?”

“We won’t involve force as much as possible. I like to deal with problems without using a lot of force, you know.”

“How will you persuade them, then?”

“Evidence. Evidence from video cameras, both normal and magical, a bunch of testimonies from our students and friends, and a bunch of other stuff that can qualify as substantial evidence.”

I smiled upon hearing the details. Things are starting to become very fun now.

“Alright, Mr. Hawkkite. Let us do some persuasion.”

I became a teacher when I was ten years old, and I am not going to let the Order of Mages keep on letting child mages do things that are too much for their immaturity.





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