You Can Be A Nutshellcracker, Too

Humanity may be crappy

With their self-centeredness.

Humanity may be stupid

With all their ignorance.

Humanity seems like it really is hopeless

With all these wars,

With all these crimes,

With all this selfishness.

But, I assure you:

Hope is immortal.

It may sound crazy,

But hope is immortal

Just like despair

And these two forces

Will always be locked in battle.

If you were to ask me

About why I keep on trying to help

In the seemingly stupid idea called

“Making the world a better place,”

Then my reasons would be

Parents who never stopped taking care of imperfect me,

A seemingly unfair but actually kind teacher who helped me stand up against bullies,

A doctor who told me that I can choose to be good, even if a lot of people don’t want me to,

A friend who gave me encouragement,

A YouTuber who believes in his subscribers’ potential for goodness,

A bus conductor who willingly gave money to help a penniless passenger,

A taxi driver who returned a lost suitcase filled with a large amount of money,

A stranger who gave me directions while I was lost,

And so many more reasons that are near and numerous.

With all these beautiful reasons,

I dedicate my life to cracking nutshells.

Not literal nutshell cracking, though.

I mean spreading virtues and stopping sin.

So, I’d like you to keep this in mind:

You can be a nutshellcracker, too,

And if you think that the above statement isn’t true,

Then I’d like to say:

I’m sure that there’s at least one beautiful proof near you.

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