Eternal Oath of Humanity

I have free will,

I am a fool,

I am strange and complex,

And I can learn, too.

I’m a human who can’t live alone,

A citizen of humanity,

Who wants happiness.

I’m different from other humans

But I am not superior or inferior than them.

I may be selfish at times,

I may think that I’m superior or inferior at times,

And I may contribute to the destruction of humanity at times,

But then I remember,

With the help of some awesome humans

That I can be awesome

And that I can choose to be awesome.

We have free will,

We are fools,

We are strange and complicated,

And we can learn, too.

We want happiness

And one person can’t find it alone

So let’s join hands

And do our best

In brightening up our land.


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