Tobby tried to sing Super Nuko World

I think I should be making a Some VLOG, but I’ll settle with this as my content for the recently passed week.

Hm, I guess I should try typing how the past week went by in my life as well. I went to the doctor, got some really nice help from him and my parents, my parents lectured me about manners towards girls (Seriously, I thank you very much now, Mom and Dad). I’m still having hard times with trying to write a story, getting enough sleep, and controlling how much time I spend on reading fanfics. I also need to deal with homework and make up for missed school days as well. Freaking nuts, I can sense the butt-biters sniffing and nibbling on my butt that’s been farting a lot recently.

Oh yeah, I think butt-biters LOOOOOOOVE stinky farts. I feel like they enjoyed Valentine’s Day with the stinky farts. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, that’s when my recent appointment with the doctor happened. I don’t have a date, but getting some great help from the doctor and my parents made a really enjoyable Valentine’s Day this year! Freaking nuts!

As for the song I’ve recently covered, which is Mafumafu-san’s “Super Nuko World,” it’s pretty much about kitties. Nyao. I really like cats. And the song’s also heartwarming. And I thank descentsubs very much for making an English translation of it. Nyao. Also, here’s a link to an mp3 of my cover of it.

Anyway, gotta deal with more important stuff soon before the butt-biters start a rave party with my butt, the farts, and my intestines . See you again in the den, nutshellcrackers! ^_^

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