The Overconfident Eldest Sibling And The Stupid-Looking Youngest Sibling

Author’s Note: I need to be more patient and more of a role model towards my youngest sibling as well…

One afternoon, the son, seated in front of his laptop, started surfing the Internet for leisure after finishing a tough load of homework.

“And we dive…” He typed a Web address on the URL bar, tapped the Enter button, and… “…into the Net!”


The sudden familiar shout caused an eye in the son to twitch. He wore a crooked smile as he looked to the door of his mostly dark room. “WHAT IS IT, MOTHER?” he shouted back.


“Oh, come on,” the son grumbled as he stood up from his fluffy chair and went downstairs to talk with his mother. “I need a nice break after all that homework…”

As he neared the ground floor, he tried to hide his irritation under a calm expression (He doesn’t have much skill in masking his true expressions, like the frown that was twitching out of his face at that moment, though) when he saw his mother carrying her handbag while gently talking to a certain annoyance that was holding her smartphone.

“Bunsu…Mummeh nids hah phun…Steh weth Kuyeh end behev end yah’ll bi ebol tu yos et lehter, ukeh?”

“Okay, Mommy,” said the short annoyance as he reached phone out to his mother, who gave him a “Thenk yah, bunsu” before turning to her eldest son.

“End yah, pengeneh,” she called.

The eldest son knew where this was going as he inwardly groaned.

“You want me to watch over him while you’re out buying groceries or something, Mother?”

“Well, yar Ded’s un uvertem, yar sestah’s trenen en swemmen, yar utha brutha es ot thar beng en edeot, end tha helpah’s et skuhl, wetch levs yah hir. Enless yah wunt tu beh tha gruseres, wetch wod beh gret, yah’ll hev tu wotch uvah bunsu hir.”

“Alright,” he complied, but not without letting out a loud sigh.

“Jest kip hem antatained, pengeneh. ev hem wetch muvis en tha Teh-Veh wal yah mek shore thet he dusn’t wetch enethen enepprupraet. Yah ken gu yas yah kumputah, bet mek shore thet he dusn’t gu ot uf thi haz ur koz eneh trubull lek deppeng tha Teh-Veh remut entu tha tahlet.”

“In other words, the usual, Mother,” the eldest child replied with a bored look at the youngest child. “Alright, alright, go buy the groceries now.”

“Thenk yah, sun! Yah shud pleh weth yar brutha thar ur sumthen, bah tha weh! Si yah lehtah!”

And then she went out of the house and drove to the supermarket.

“Well, looks like it’s time for us to–Oh, come on.”

The youngest sibling was no beside the eldest, but on the doorway to the backyard, silently peeking at the two big, leashed, and sleeping pet dogs.

“What is with my stupid youngest sibling and his habit of watching the dogs, especially when they’re relaxing?” the eldest sibling wondered as he thought about the trouble of having to close and lock the backdoor because of an annoyance that often forgets to close it when it is opened by that annoyance.

As he waited for his sibling’s usually long and boring dog-watching sessions, the eldest’s gaze wandered until he found the family’s pet cat curled up and sleeping in a corner.

“Oh, hello, kitty,” the eldest cooed as he watched the gray cat’s body slowly rise up and down as the cat breathed while sleeping.


The eldest continued cat-watching with a smile on his face, quickly forgetting about his question regarding his youngest sibling’s liking for dog-watching. He then thought of a certain island filled with many cats.

“I wanna go to Tashirojima someday…” the eldest sighed before turning to check on his youngest sibling.

Only a half-open door was on the doorway to the backyard.

“Well, looks like he flew to some other place again,” the eldest sibling said with a monotone.

The eldest ran to his parents’ room upstairs, where he found his brother holding a remote control while on the bed, focused on the television screen in front of him.

“Fortunately, he’s already where I want him to be,” the grinning eldest whispered to himself before running to lock the gates and doors downstairs, running back to his room to move his laptop to his parents’ room. Once he had put his laptop on a desk there, the eldest locked the door of his parents’ room and blocked the door with the wide sofa there. Then, he picked up his laptop and slouched with it on said sofa.

“Okay, so what’s new in my favorite fanfictions…?”

The eldest had begun spending his usually overspent time in the Internet. (That issue is another story, though).

After several minutes of silent but enjoyed reading by the eldest and noisy but ignored movie rewinding and fast-forwarding from the annoyance and the remote control in his hands…

“Well, I wonder how my youngest sibling is–Oh, come on.”

A movie was left running on the TV, the remote control for the TV was left on the bed, the sofa where the eldest sat was pushed away, and the door had been unlocked and left open.

With a sigh and a groan, the eldest hurried to leave his laptop on a desk, search for his youngest brother, and keep said brother safe.

Parents’ bathroom: “He’s not here.” Second floor common bathroom: “He’s not here, either.” Eldest’s room: “Not here, too.” Anywhere on the second floor: “He’s totally absent here.”

Living room: “Nope, he’s not here.” Kitchen: “No sign of a backyard door stupidly left open, so he’s not here.” Porch: “Oh, there he is, greeting Mom with a hug.”

The eldest let out a sigh of relief. “It was just him hearing Mom arrive again….and I thought he got into trouble…”

“And I better remember to not call him ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ ever again” the eldest added as an afterthought. “…AND I should try to be a proper role model to him so that he won’t grow into an idiot…like me…and I gotta be more patient with him and his iss–Oof! Whoa!”

Suddenly, the eldest saw his youngest sibling in front of him, hugging him at the waist with force that could have knocked him down if he didn’t hold on to one side of the doorway.

“Hey, what do you want?” the eldest sibling asked his brother, who was wearing a big grin.

“I want to use Kuya’s computer!” the youngest shouted excitedly.

The eldest groaned and glared immediately at his brother.

“Sun, gev hem sum tehm fur tha kumputah!” their mother ordered. “Yuv bin spenden tu motch tehm ther!”

“But he doesn’–”

“Hi nous huw tu pleh thus Flesh gehms ur sumthen end stuf! A’ll beh wetcheng hem, su gu du sum chers, lehk muveng end surteng thes gruseres!”

The eldest child, remembering a reminder that he recently gave himself, followed the command immediately.

And as usual, they went back to doing proper work.

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