The Overconfident Eldest Child And The Gray Pet Cat

Author’s Note: Speaking of cats, I’d like to introduce you to Mafumafu-senpai’s “Super Nuko World.”

During one rainy weekend morning, the eldest son was spending his leisure time in the Internet through the laptop on his desk. His fingers were speedily tapping away on his keyboard, pausing every few seconds as he stopped to take a quick glance at a pair of ink-slashed pages of a notebook on his lap.


The teenage son stopped and looked to the side to see the family’s gray pet cat behind an opened door (The parents wanted to conserve electricity, so they did ways to make sure that cold but natural air would enter the house more without using the air conditioner).

“Oh, hello, Terra,” said the eldest son.

And then the teenager pushed the door and shut it on the cat’s face.

“I’ll leave Terra to anyone else available in the house for now,” the overconfident eldest child said to himself as he continued typing. “I have more important things to do…like making this blog post…and oh! New Let’s Play video from a certain favorite, funny, deep-voiced, and nice guy with glasses!”

The eldest child took his earphones, which lay beside his laptop, and connected them to his ears and his laptop as he accessed the watch page of a new video of someone playing a video game.

That immersion that the overconfident boy entered led to him being unaware of the thuds and knocks on the door, sounds which were followed by the slow creaking of the once-shut door, a door which had Terra hanging on the door knob outside with his two front arms.

The eldest child was currently in a state of confusion along with the Let’s Player in the screen as they watched a human body with an electric plug for a head stick its pins into a similar creature’s backside.

Meanwhile, Terra expressed his hunger by gently swiping a paw at his favorite food delivery person.


Fortunately, the shocked eldest child did not fall off his chair or pull the laptop to the floor via connected earphones as his body jerked up.

“Whew, I’m safe, and the laptop’s safe,” the teenage boy said as he took his laptop and cradled it in his arms before shooting a glare at Terra, a confused stare at Terra and his presence in the room, and then a look at the opened door.

He needed to confirm some things before jumping to that conclusion regarding how Terra entered the room, so…


“A’HM WESHENG THA LUNDREH, SUN!” the mother shouted from the kitchen.


“I’m feeding the dogs, Stick!” the father shouted from the backyard.



“No response, probably in her room, then. And I can see bunso in his room, rewatching a bunch of Home Alone sce–OW!”

The eldest child, Stick, immediately lifted a leg and shot another glare at the gray cat that had swiped his paw at Stick’s leg again. Then, Stick sighed, took off his earphones, and stood up from his fluffy chair.

“Come on, Terra,” Stick called to the cat as he walked to the first floor to feed the hungry cat.


The cat looked up at the tall human with widened eyes as he rubbed his head and body around Stick’s legs.

“I’m gonna feed you already, Terra, just wait…”


Terra carefully hopped down each stair step, alternately moving to the sides as he and his favorite food delivery person went down to the first floor.

“Stop blocking my feet on the stairs, Terra…”


Terra scurried to his dining corner by the kitchen doorway, where the washing machine was working its magic on a bunch of clothes while Stick’s mother was handwashing another bunch of clothes.

“I’m getting the food and water now, Terra…”


The hungry cat meowed even louder as he smelled the scent of those rough-looking pieces of fish-infused cat food. His eyes followed that plastic container being carried by the food delivery person. When the food poured out into the cat’s metal bowl, Terra dived his head in to reach for the food, but was interrupted by Stick’s slightly awkward attempts to put in more food into the bowl.

“Here you go…Terra…”

After he put the usual serving of water on the other metal bowl beside the food bowl, Stick went back to his room, but not without telling his dad about Terra.

“Oh, and Dad?”

“Yeah, Stick?” the father replied as he went past the kitchen doorway.

“Terra managed to open my door,” Stick told with an amused smile.

“Oh, that. I know about that.” The dad wore a small smile, but with a slower and deeper voice. “He’s been doing that a lot along with making noise, usually when he’s hungry. Your mom’s been really irritated at Terra because of that habit of his, so you better feed him regularly, okay?”


“Alright, Mom and Dad, thanks very much for the reminder…” obeyed the eldest son, who comically bent his upper body to the side as he received his mother’s shouting.

After a rush up the stairs and into his room, Stick went back to writing a blog post, setting aside that Let’s Play of that weird game, as he had promised himself that he would make one proper blog post per week. He managed to finish the post, an achievement which inspired him to do a little circular march in his room, a march which was combined with the rhythmic shaking of his hips and a repeated “Oh yeah!” He finished the dance by letting his body fall back-first on his bed.


Suddenly, while Stick laid on his bed, Terra was now on the teenage boy’s abdomen.

Stick smiled and gently rubbed the head of the cat that had quickly went to sleep.

“Well, time for a break,” said Stick as he left the computer to eventually go standby and then hibernate, a cat curled up on top of his body as he slept.

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