Trying to Understand the Heartbroken Around Me

When I think about my previous post about being a heartbroken loner and stuff, I feel like I was kind of an idiot there. I mean, when I think about it, there’s always a reason behind single people thinking that they can’t find love anymore when they get rejected by someone they like romantically. For every effect, there’s a cause. For every tear, there’s a tearjerker nearby. For every laugh, there’s something hilarious nearby. For every heartbroken nut, there’s something that breaks a heart nearby.

And in the experiences that I’ve been through for so many days, I’ve also realized that effects can also have a complex of causes, lines that intersected and stuck to each other as they were spun by multiple figurative spiders. Oh, and speaking of spiders and webs, I do feel like a fly among flies caught by really bad and really hungry spiders. Hm, maybe really poisonous spiders would be a more appropriate comparison to the problems we heartbroken nuts are experiencing. And now, I think I’ll begin turning the rambling I usually do in my mind into text here.

Why would many single people think that they pretty much have no more hope that they can get in their lives when their crushes reject them? To reach that sort of idiocy level…I bet that there’s something really bad going on for a really long while now…mental and social poisons injected and slowly creeping into the minds of humanity…and then further worsened by more stupidity prevailing these days. Lack of proper parental guidance? Trashy mainstream media promotions? It’s a web of poison, and I guess killing the annoying factors (and we won’t need to include people in the ones we need to kill) would keep the poisons from messing us up even further. Friendship, that’s really important. It’s gonna be hard to help us heartbroken nuts if we don’t work to build friendships. No, I’m not talking about that “friendship” where you kiss people’s asses and their stupidities. We’re talking about the stupidity-killing, happiness-gaining kind of friendship. And I think popular literature these days are forgetting to promote that sort of friendship. And when I look at the news, I see lots of news about murder, terrorism, corruption in the government, and showbiz gossip. That fourth thing that I see on the news that I mentioned in the previous sentence, I consider that a figurative poisonous spider. Sure, knowing about bad stuff can keep people awake against bad stuff, but we gotta strike a balance. I guess I’ll thank the heartwarming news as well, then. But we need to know how to act as well. We need to know how to properly fight against the stupidity we see in the news a lot. I guess that’s why I like hanging out in the Internet, with my favorite artworks, and with them awesome people (who I get nice advice from a lot in the Internet more than in traditional media)–because I find a lot of concrete ways to deal with all that bad stuff way more than just watching the news on TV, on the radio, and on the newspaper. I guess that’s why I’ve found so much fun in studying in my high school Alma Mater and in the University of the Philippines, too, even if I’m being messed up by fear of socializing while I studied. Friendship was promoted. Optimism was promoted. Oh yeah, optimism! That should be promoted as well. It’s not like we shouldn’t forget about the bad stuff, though. We should remember that we can get better, that when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Hold on, wasn’t I supposed to think about why exactly so many single people feel like they have no more hope that they can get in life when they’re rejected by their crushes? Hm, let’s think about it…maybe it’s because people think that love is just sexual? If you ask me, love isn’t exactly what you feel when you’re turned on (sexually, if you didn’t get what I mean). I’d be calling friendship love as well if so many people don’t go thinking that I’m romantically attracted to someone if I told them “I love you.” Well, I guess I’ll have to settle with saying “I love you as a friend” if I want to express my friendly love to someone in words.

I wonder if you understood what I’m talking about, though…Anyway, I think you should think about it as well. Think about why so many single people these days (and in the past centuries also, ’cause it seems like it’s not just this time period that’s affected) feel like living is pointless when they get rejected by their crushes and stuff. And if you feel heartbroken, remember that there’s a heartbroken nut here who’s fine with trying to help you in healing your heart. And if you know of a way that I can help heartbroken people better, please tell me about it. I’ll really really need it, indeed. ^_^

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