Tinderbox Tobby

Meet Tinderbox Tobby. He’s also insane, like regular Tobby. The differences?


The above sentence is Tinderbox Tobby’s catchphrase.

Also, Tinderbox Tobby’s insanity is the bad sort of insanity. Like, insanity at its normal state, and not the weird, soul-uplifting insanity that regular Tobby likes to uphold. Tinderbox Tobby is the sort of Tobby you’ll usually find when he doesn’t have friends that he hangs out with in the outside world, when his bad time management and bad stress coping skills eat his butt out, or, in the current situation, when his desire for friendship clashes with what seems to be his social anxiety disorder–I WANNA GO THE DOCTOR SOON AAAAAAAAAAA BOOM!

Well, at least Tinderbox Tobby has a desire to get out of being Tinderbox Tobby. That’s another trait of Tinderbox Tobby. He stupidly promotes bad insanity, but at the same time, he hates the very thing he promotes. So it’s not surprising that Tinderbox Tobby also targets himself in his AAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOOM!

Yeah, he just blew himself up there again. I blew myself up there again. I think I blew myself up several times in several situations today. Most of them are not very noticeable at first, such as when I think of not going to school even though my attendance records are in freaking danger, or when I think of writing stuff or making song covers even though I need to sleep soon, or when I have a stronger urge to scream inside my room and break some objects. I really wanna scream, cry, and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOOM!

Being Tinderbox Tobby is suffering, indeed, and I want to get out of being Tinderbox Tobby properly soon.

But it’s gonna be weeks before I go to the doctor to consult about my condition, and even though it’s just a few weeks, those feel so long and those feel so AAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOOM!

I wish I could just stay at home and make some song covers and stories. I wish I could go to the doctor soon. I wish I could cry to someone trustworthy without feeling like they’re not trustworthy. I wish I could face my parents without feeling like they’re going to demean me even though they don’t really intend to demean me. I wish I could just express myself more without feeling like trash AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOOM!

What to sing for the first Tinderbox Tobby song cover series…hmm…Neru-sensei’s “Jinsei wa Hoeru,” Jin-sensei’s “Summertime Record” and “Jinzou Enemy,” Mikito-P’s “Akaito” again, Suzumu-sensei’s “Shinzou Connect,” Mafumafu-sensei’s “Yuugure Semi Nikki”…I WANNA MAKE SONG COVERS RIGHT NOW AAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOOM!

Oh yeah, I think I should be defining what a tinderbox is to people who don’t know! Hm, yeah, why did I call this current self of mine “Tinderbox Tobby”? So, tinderbox. I’ve heard about tinderboxes before from watching Let’s Plays of that horror game, Amnesia. And I stumbled upon the meanings of the word “tinderbox” after finding the word in the synonyms for “breaking point.” According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary mobile app…a tinderbox is “a box that holds material that can be used to start a fire easily,” “a container for tinder,” “a structure that would burn very quickly if it caught on fire,” and “a place or situation that could suddenly become very violent.” So, yeah.


Tinderbox Tobby, yo. Handle with care, please. I’m very fragile right now. I try not to show it so that you won’t be pissed, and so that I won’t need to see you be pissed, which is annoying. But I hate dishonesty, so AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOOM!

Welp, another day of suffering awaits. I dunno whether I should fight it or just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOOM!

Alright, time to shut up.

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