Squeakies tried to sing Ringo Hanabi to Soda no Umi

After a long while, Mugipyon and I have finally completed our first duet cover! Here is our duet cover of Mafumafu-senpai’s “Ringo Hanabi to Soda no Umi”! And as for our collaboration unit, we call ourselves “Squeakies”! ‘Cause we’ve got some prominent childish traits in our personalities, we tried to sing a song where we need to sing high notes a lot, and our animal avatars are a rabbit (Mugi) and a bear (me, duh)–animals that seem to be among the highly likely forms that plushies are made into. So yeah, “Squeakies.”

Also, about Mugi, well, she’s a friend I made back when I played Ayakashi: Ghost Guild a lot with a guild of KagePro fans. I think she’s got a nice singing voice and some nice illustrating skills!

And now, mp3 of this cover, yo!


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