Sitting Down And/Or Pacing Around #3

Fiction, if you ask me, is supposed to work as a reality simulator. Maybe some think that fiction is their escape from reality, but fiction is based on reality. Even if we consider it an escape from reality, we never have escaped reality, we still haven’t escaped reality, and we never can escape reality. Why not make fiction train us to become better people? And they’re supposed to have meaning and guidance, ’cause we all look for meaning for guidance, ’cause a story that has no meaning and guidance is a worthless story, ’cause we want to understand the truth. And hey, maybe non-fiction can also work as a reality simulator. To understand and face reality better, we must see it from the perspectives of other people. Perhaps that’s why non-fiction hits our hearts harder than most fictional works–because they’re real and more relatable. Written stories will never be as vivid as reality, I think, but it can prepare us for reality. Reality…it’s filled with surprises…good and bad surprises…and it holds so many things that are yet to be understood…and reality doesn’t mean a world that’s only filled with negativity. Reality is an imperfect world, and it’s also a world that can improve. Reality is not a bitter thing. Reality is a bittersweet thing. If you ask me, fiction writers should make sure that their stories should be highly reminiscent of the respective realities that they perceive even if they want to write their desired realities as well. And I guess our desire for the truth is why we hate stories that are unrealistic.

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