Annalyn’s Corner: Baby Steps and Self-Examination

I don’t know a lot about this manga/anime series, but hey, thanks to this really worthwhile post, I’m now a lot more interested in it! …even if I’m not quite a tennis enthusiast, hahaha…

Beneath the Tangles

Maruo Eiichiro (Ei-chan) stands out among sports anime protagonists because of his analytical ability. Usually, analyzers are pushed into secondary roles that challenge or support the main character. In Baby Steps, however, the roles are reversed: the analyzer leads, and, in the second season, the charismatic hero-type is just another opponent. I’ve often said that I find this character change refreshing. Yet I’ve never written a post inspired by Ei-chan’s self-examination.

I think it’s because my posts often include topics I struggle with, such as discipline. I already understand the value of reflection and self-examination. I carry a journal everywhere, I lean toward the analytical, and I’m a thorough note-taker—much like Ei-chan. So I didn’t think about writing on the topic until I caught up on Baby Steps 2 yesterday. Then I realized two things: First, self-examination is an important part of Christian growth and is worth writing about. Second…

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2 thoughts on “Annalyn’s Corner: Baby Steps and Self-Examination

  1. Thank you for reblogging, Tobby! I’m not really into tennis myself (or any other sports, to be honest), but I’ve learned to respect it—first through Prince of Tennis, and then through Baby Steps. It’s much more enjoyable in anime than on ESPN or wherever they broadcast real matches… ^_^

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    1. You’re welcome, Annalyn! I’m not quite into sports right now, but I am interested in getting into some, mainly for the sake of maintaining my physical fitness and making healthy relationships with other people. And right now, the sport at the top of my list of sports that I’d like to get into is…basketball!


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