Sitting Down And/Or Pacing Around #4

Today has been a day when I felt even more properly focused because of physical exercise and household chores. Again, I thank God very much for those two things. If I didn’t accept Sharp Axe Bob’s invitation to go jogging with him and a cousin, I probably would have become way less focused on doing household chores properly while a very stressed and tired Fireball (that’s my mother, by the way) ranted about her kids’ laziness and complacency. And if Mom didn’t tell me, Sharp Axe Bob, and Ember Pile (my younger sister, yo) off, we probably wouldn’t be seeing the importance of chores, especially for people as old as me and Bob. Yes, the exercise was tough. I had a hard time trying to jog after about a kilometer of jogging. And yes, I found it hard to focus on doing chores properly while my tired mom ranted. But hey, growth happens outside the comfort zone. I think a lot of us these days think that we can grow up properly by staying in the comfort zone a lot. There will be times when we’ll need to be in the comfort zone, yeah, but staying in the comfort zone for too long is laziness. All the awesome people that I look up to, they didn’t become awesome by just being self-deprecating couch potatoes. They know their limits, they know that they can improve, and they know that improvement comes with struggling. The pain is annoying, yes, but I prefer using the pain to lead me to being stronger than the pain. And now, I should stop overestimating myself when it comes to how resistant I am to the influence of self-deprecating couch potatoes in the Internet. It’s time to unfollow certain people in certain social networking sites, then…but hey, hey, I’ll be coming back to help those self-deprecating couch potatoes be more than self-deprecating couch potatoes in the future. And now, I’d like to thank Sharp Axe Bob (a younger brother of mine), Fireball (my mother), and God (of course) very much. Please keep on helping me in improving myself, yo! \(^o^)

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