Sitting Down And/Or Pacing Around #5

I shouldn’t be surprised by the crap in the world anymore. It’s a part of reality. I have to fight against it, that’s for sure. I feel like so many of us think that making the world a better place is freaking easy. No. Being heroic, helping the world improve, they’re never easy. I shouldn’t be surprised by the difficulty. Still, imperfect me gets scared at times, imperfect me feels lazy at times, and imperfect me goes crying at times. Mistakes are inevitable, yes, but improvement is always possible. Improvement is a complex and delicate procedure. A lot of people today will probably scorn me for trying to be an optimistic critical thinker too. I seem like I don’t understand those people who are drowning in despair. Well, I guess I don’t quite understand them now, but I do want to understand them, I can understand them, and I need to understand them. Not like I can’t feel pain, though. But I’d rather take suffering because of me doing something good than suffering because of me doing something bad. You can do it, Tobby. All that annoying chaos is there everyday, so you’ll have to beat it up properly every freaking day. You can have fun while doing that too. Now, time to go back to work, Tobby. Let’s go.


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