Thought Bubbles

Freaking nuts, I found a short hero origin story that impressed me very much! 😀

Writing Away

“Jordyn?” Danny said.

I opened my bright blue eyes to see his hand waving in front of my face. I had been escaping my surroundings in a cushioned library chair in the lobby.

“Hey Danny,” I said with a weak smile. I tried not to look above his head but I couldn’t resist my eyes from wandering there. At some point in time I had started to see thoughts, like I was reading a comic book. Now Danny was thinking about how he would really like to take me back to his place. I sighed. This definitely made it difficult to have discussions with guys. I had begun wearing baggy articles of clothing once I saw their thoughts of me in my tight jeans and low-cut shirts. It had helped, but not eliminated their thoughts.

“What are you up too?” he asked with a smile. His smile made him look…

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