From Pope Francis’s Point of View: His Visit to the States

God Almighty, please keep on guiding the Pope, and, again, God Almighty help us all. 🙂

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1041+Pope+arrives+Cuba+0920Pope Francis’s Wednesday General Audience, on September 30, focused on his apostolic visit to Cuba and the United States.  It was refreshing to hear the pope’s personal reflections on his visit and not opinions of the media.


The pope reminded the faithful that he had specifically timed his visit to coincided with the 8th World Meeting of Families, at Philadelphia.  In addition,  as a symbol of God’s desire to build bridges,  he decided to visit Cuba  first before addressing the U.S. Congress in Washington and the main headquarters of the United Nations in New York. His goal as a “Missionary of Mercy” was two-fold: to build bridges and to encourage both those in authority and ordinary families to remain faithful to their religious roots.


In Cuba, the pope preached: “No more closure, no more exploitation of poverty, but freedom in dignity.”  In his general address on Wednesday, Pope Francis…

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