Sitting Down And/Or Pacing Around #6

Family. Today, that’s probably one of youths’ biggest annoyances.

Family. Dear and precious family.

Calling the family an annoyance is saddening, really. But hey, even I have called my family an annoyance before, ’cause at times, I thought that they weren’t doing right things. And almost all the time, they were teaching the right things, and my pride and other imperfections were keeping them from properly getting into me.

Family. Today, it seems like Hell to adults too.

Family. Dear and precious family.

I remember my parents mentioning that Mom started bearing me before she and Dad got married. They could have done something that’s popular these days, which is throwing my life away. But they didn’t. They let me live, and they even took care of me. I had grandparents and aunts and uncles who took care of me too. Now, I’m here, and I have three younger siblings. They’re handfuls too, just like me. I’m sure that each of us family members has once wished that we stopped being a family so that we can spare ourselves the trouble. When I start looking outside, I feel like I can face it. But the longer I look there, the quicker I turn around, because I don’t know how to properly deal with the outside world and its many larger troubles, let alone deal with them by myself.

Family. Today, it’s tearing itself apart.

Family. Dear and precious family.

I’ve noticed a lot of parents worrying about money more than their family. I’ve noticed a lot of self-righteous parents too. Government officials, terrorists, religious leaders, businesspeople, celebrities…the blame is usually put on them only…while the ones who throw the blame forget looking at themselves and their families. The family can be a source of trouble, yes. But at the same time, the family can be a source of progress. I’ve lived enough to be certain of that. All the money in the world can’t heal a broken family, and a broken family is not something that should be considered insignificant.

Family. Today, I’d probably get laughed at most of the time when I say that I want to start one.

Family. Dear and precious family.

I know that having my own family is going to be a challenge. I know that I’m still not good enough to be a boyfriend. I know that I’m still not mature enough. But I still want to be more mature. Not that “mature” which means “having a lot of fame, money, and sex” or that “mature” which means “always wearing dung-colored glasses” or even that “mature” which means “no rules and no social restraints.” The “mature” that I’m looking for is the one that means “doing true good for humanity.” A lot of people will mock me, most likely, and my pride will frequently ask me to give up, but I won’t give up. I’m not perfect, but I know that I can get help and improve. Living with my family can teach, has taught, and will teach me a lot of precious lessons, and I’ll try to show those precious lessons to all of you through my life.

Family. Praise the Lord for the family, and God Almighty help the family.

Family. Dear and precious family.

My fellow immediate family members aren’t dead yet, but right now, I feel really lonely when they’re far away from me. I know that they’ll die someday, and I guess I’ll be going through some major pain when one of them dies.

Family. Dear and precious family.

I love my family very much, so much that I feel like this post isn’t enough to show all the love that I hold for my family.

Praise the Lord, and God Almighty help us all.

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