Tobby tried to sing Ayano no Koufuku Riron for Jin-sensei’s birthday

Speaking of Jin-sensei, he hasn’t tweeted in a long while…so, I pray that he gets more strength, yo! Also, shocking news happened during this day, and that news is Suzumu-sensei’s retirement. Even though I feel disappointment at that, I also feel glad about him admitting his weaknesses and continuing to live on. I wish strength for him too, and I’ll definitely be making a cover of one of his songs as a way of showing thanks to him!

Wow, what a change of topic. Sorry, Jin-sensei…

So, I guess I should talk about my song choice for Jin-sensei’s birthay, then. “Ayano no Koufuku Riron” is what I sung for Jin-sensei’s birthday this year, and well, I chose that, because…well…I guess I wanted to show that I know that life is freaking tough and that happiness can still be found even if it’s hard to get.

(Meanwhile, Tobby kinda regrets not choosing “Otsukimi Recital”…)

Oh, and I decided to use Bikkuri-san’s acoustic arrange because my voice doesn’t fit with the original arrange.

Also, Tobby, I think you should put more focus on writing stories…and I think doing chores and exercise more can help…and hey, it’s Sunday tomorrow! Another day of spiritual rejuvenation is coming! Make sure to go to Mass with the family! And don’t be late for Mass too!

Now, get enough sleep, Tobby. And see you again in the den, nutshellcrackers! \(^o^)

Oh, and here’s this cover’s mp3!

EDIT (Oct. 11, 2015): I posted too early…’cause Jin-sensei’s birthday is on October 20…whoops…

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