Tobby tried to sing Bungaku Shounen no Yuuutsu

Yesterday, through my parents, God helped me realize something:

I can’t handle everything like how God does.

The stuff I can’t handle…I’ll leave them to You, then, God, while I’ll keep on trying to do my best.

Thanks very much for the help again, and please keep on helping me as well, God. 🙂

And now, here’s a link to this cover’s mp3.

Worth Revisiting: Faith + Humour = 36 Years of Marriage

A beautiful post about a certain married couple’s beautiful relationship. 🙂

joy of nine9

My husband, Michael, and I have been married for 36 years, and we are happy and still in love. Surprisingly, we have become one in reality, deeply in tune with each other’s spirits even though we are still opposites in personality. Our tangible joy is inexplicable through secular eyes, because from all outward appearances our life together has been a tough journey including poverty, nine kids, overwhelming chores on a small family farm and long-term, clinical depression.

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Accessing Power in the Sacrament of Marriage

The grace available in the Sacrament of Marriage is not some esoteric theology;  it is real and it is powerful. The power available in the sacrament is what kept my husband and I together through the rough years. We both understood, beyond a doubt, that God brought us together. We never questioned this basic call from God, our vocation together, even during the dark years.

I have…

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Flash Fiction: The Two Types of Poison

About this story, I can now honestly say this with confidence:
Freaking realistic, indeed.

Vantablack is the blackest thing

Currently, there is a total of two girls. Both vying for my affection.

The first girl is full of poison.
Every word she lets through that pretty pink lips of hers is full of malice, designed to hurt people whether she means it or not. The little affection she shows are also laced with daggers, so you hurt yourself trying to uncover its hidden meaning no matter what. Her voice actually sounds like the twittering birds in the morning, except the birds are hurling really personal insults at you. Waste of her voice, I think, that it’s used to tear your heart into a million pieces while soothing your ears. She laughs, yeh, and they’re the clearest and the prettiest laugh you’ve ever heard, except they’re used for laughing at people, their taste, their dreams, all of their life’s meaning…
Yeah, even mine.
Don’t laugh.

The second girl is full…

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Tobby Received the Creative Blogger Award!


So, I got this award from Medieval Otaku. Thanks very much for this award, yo! And I should work better in making stuff for this blog and for its readers as well…You can do it, Tobby!

And now, the rules for this award!

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15-20 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you nominated.
  5. Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do!

With the rules listed and the thanking for MediOta done, it’s time to share five facts about myself!

1. I’m not a dog person. Not like I hate the existence of dogs, though. They can be scary when they’re guarding people’s houses, there are dogs who do important jobs with security personnel, and I like some cute dog videos too, but when dogs bark go wild again and again and again…Well, my patience easily runs out.

2. I’m more of a cat person. In my case, cats are more tolerable than dogs. They have their own ways of pissing people off, though (for example: eating my family’s food off the table or the kitchen without our permission), but my patience doesn’t run out as easily as when I deal with dogs.

By the way, I’m a fan of Maru and Hana.

3. I think that fiction is a depiction of a reality similar to what the writer experiences combined with the writer’s desires. I also think that fiction is not supposed to be an escape from reality, but a guide to properly facing reality.

4. I hate “love songs” that mostly go along the lines of “I like your crappiness,” “I’ll hate you if you like another person,” or “I can’t live without you.” If there’s a girl who I wanna be lovers with, I want to write a love song that shows my imperfections and my desire and efforts to be a truly better person, especially for her.

As an example of the love songs that I really like, here’s this freaking beautiful song by 40mP-sensei.

5. I play Kantai Collection. Yes, I’m leading fleets of shipgirls, beings who, in the hands of my fellow foolish humans, wrecked people in the past, in a time when they were still chunks of metal, fuel, ammo, and bauxite. Also, when it comes to fanfics of that series, I like reading about the shipgirls–even the ones outside the presented group in the game itself–being in a realistic setting. I highly recommend The Greatest Generation (which was given up by its first author, sadly, although it was adopted by some other people), Belated Battleship, and War Surplusyo.

And now, the bloggers who I’ll nominate:

  1. Melanie Jean Juneau
  2. MagnAvaloN
  3. Noeybody

I apologize for not nominating enough. I haven’t checked out a lot of other blogs lately, and the above nominated are the only ones I consider deserving of this award as of now. And I guess I should read more blogs. I hope you find some truly worthwhile blogs, Tobby! \(^o^)

Now, see you again in the den, nutshellcrackers!

The Iron King’s Unbelievable Story

Author’s Note: And now, a new short story, yo.

Also, self-reminder: Backup them precious uploaded stories and story chapters, yo.

And in other writing-related news, I’ll be working on the next chapter of sakiyama starting this week.

And again, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

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The fallout from crime affects more than just victims

Yet again, my faith in humanity and in God rises. Praise the Lord, and God Almighty keep on helping us all. 🙂

CNS Blog

In matters of crime and punishment, there is no shortage of regret and sorrow on the part of both victim and offender.

Why don’t more of us understand this? It could be because the few news stories that report on criminal trials and sentencing focus only on an anguished victim or two, whose emotions are still raw from the incident — and we frequently don’t ever hear from them again unless the convicted offender is nearing execution, in which case the wounds are reopened again as the search for an ever-elusive sense of closure continues.

And for the convicted criminal? We may read or hear of remarks they make at sentencing hearings — remarks that are frequently pushed aside by a judge as being insincere or not contrite enough before imposing a sentence. And that’s the end of that, unless execution is nearing, and we hear that the convict has maybe…

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Haiboku no Shounen – TOB Tagalog Cover

Sa ibang balita na may kinalaman kay kemu-sensei…

Oy, mga kemu-sensei fans, tingnan n’yo ang Kemu Voxx website!

Ngayon, para naman sa naghahanap ng mp3 ng cover na itoat para naman sa naghahanap ng lyrics sheet

Ah, at huwag kalimutan ang pag-credit sa akin, The Overlord Bear, kung nais n’yong gamitin ang aking mga lirika. Mas maganda din kung i-link n’yo din ang YouTube Channel ko at/o ang blog na ito habang nagbibigay kayo ng credit sa akin.