Tobby tried to sing Inokori Sensei

I tried to sing one of my favorite songs in the Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai (Confession Executive Committee) series. Oh, and do take note of the fact that this song is unlike the rest of the songs in the series because it’s not focused on romantic love at all (and no matter what certain people want to think, there is proof).

Also, recently, a friend of mine told me that my singing voice in some of my covers sounds monotone, that my belting isn’t really well-done, and that I should do vocal exercises more often. I’d like to thank that friend of mine very much for his sharing his thoughts to me. In this cover, I think I sound less monotone, but hey, I’ll have to know your thoughts before I can say that with certainty, dear nutshellcrackers! Honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated, yo!

And now, here’s an mp3 of this song cover.

Also, don’t forget to work on the video for that original song of yours, Tobby! \(^o^)

2 thoughts on “Tobby tried to sing Inokori Sensei

  1. Hello! Really can’t compare it from the original song. Looks like a rock genrè if i am not mistaken. Probably to improve monotone is by learning modulated voice when to sing softly (not loud as most of the songs you covered, perhaps, that is what is being required by the song). Can you also explore by trying another genré like R&B?
    One more thing, since I don’t really understand Japanese, can you primarily describe what the song is all about. Quoting your description “it’s not focused on romantic love at all (and no matter what certain people want to think, there is proof)” then what is the song all about for the interest of Non-Japanese speaking listeners? That’s all for now…

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    1. I guess this song can be called a rock song. Also, yeah, I guess I tend to sing really loudly, but that usually happens when I sing songs with tunes that are as loud as this one, and maybe my audio mixing makes my singing a little too loud too. I’ll try singing with more control. Maybe vocal exercises can help? Ah, and as for trying to sing songs in other genres, it depends on the tune and lyrics. I’m really particular about that too.

      As for what this song is about, it’s basically about a teacher and a student and their friendship. Perhaps it would be a good idea if I described the song in the post with more details, but I think that doing that would defeat the purpose of the English-subtitled YouTube video up there. Oh, and if you’re looking for the original version of the song, there’s a link to it in the YouTube video too.

      Now, I’d like to thank you very much for your feedback! Please keep on doing your best in giving honest constructive feedback too, yo! \(^o^)


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