Sidekicks Can Be Awesome Too

Author’s Note: This story was written in response to the following prompt in the WritingPrompts subreddit:

The main character has the gift to turn even their worst enemies into their greatest compainions.

This story was first posted on Reddit. This feels like it has a kinda rushed and unrealistic flow, but still, writing this has gotten me more motivated to write more fiction again. Also, I felt like my writing-with-time-constraints skill has improved, but I’m now questioning the value of that skill. Hm, I guess it can help me improvise on the spot better…

Oh, and of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated, yo.

I don’t have superpowers, you know? I hated that very much. I envied my family and all my superhuman schoolmates because of my lack of powers. Why my parents put me in a school for superheroes…well, I guess they were in denial.Yeah, they really were in denial. My dad called me recently, crying as he told me about how he and Mom tried to come to terms with the fact that their eldest son didn’t have any superpowers, unlike his younger siblings and his parents and all those kids in superhero school. They were denial for so many years, and after I told them that I was quitting superhero school and that I was leaving the house, they felt like failures. They finally admitted it: They had expected too much from me.

At first, I felt like they were lying. That suddenly reminded me of how bad a judge of character I was, and how I was exploited and bullied at school. Knowing that I have all those defects as well made me feel worse, but that was countered by my family’s humility.

Oh, and speaking of my family, my younger siblings suddenly took the phone from Dad. They were fighting over who would talk with me first, and as usual, their fighting, even though I could only hear the sounds of it over the phone, was chaotic. Really, my psychic brother and my two element-manipulating sisters are annoying, especially in situations like that, but knowing that they wanted to talk with me that much lessened how annoying they seem to me. When I asked them to start from the second down to the fourth, they stopped, apologized, and followed, to my surprise and amusement.

Knowing that my family can be this humble, this aware of their own weaknesses…it made me very happy…so happy that I cried.

After my siblings talked with me, Mom went next, saying sorry for her harshness when it came to encouraging me in doing well in superhero school. She told me that she was okay with me going to a regular human school, and that she and the rest of the family would welcome me back into our house. Then, she told me about certain people who were looking for me, and then asked me to look up.

“Hey, Joe.”

“We were looking for you, man.”

“We were really worried after that damn prank.”

“Oh, and Skidder and his gang got suspended ’cause they were too stupid to notice the teachers nearby.”

“And I helped! I managed to gather all those evidence of their other crimes! I helped, friends!”

“Our superpowers don’t make us perfect, Joe. And we’re sorry for just standing by back during all those times. We’re scared, but it’s not like we can’t do anything to stop the bullying. You really had showed some very good points back there.”

And I stared at them.

I didn’t associate with them much, and what I knew about them was the stupid description that Skidder and his gang mockingly gave to them: “The Super Sidekicks.” When I heard the word “sidekicks,” I felt fear. I was scared of being left behind like those bumbling sidekicks in those TV shows, and I wanted to find my superpowers quickly. But in my hurrying, I ended up with the wrong crowd, a crowd that mocked those kids.

Those kids…these classmates who visited me here…They weren’t class aces, nor were they class dunces. They seemed like sidekicks, but hey…

Sidekicks are heroes too, ’cause heroes wouldn’t be heroes without the sidekicks.

“Thanks, heroes,” I told them, while I was feeling the tears of joy coming out again. “If you need a sidekick, you can call me.”

Most people won’t call it a superpower, probably, but I think being a true friend is a very good superpower to have.

Oh, and these friends of mine would probably feel disturbed when they hear about this, but I don’t mind being a true friend to Skidder and his gang. Not an arrogant “friend,” but an upright and guiding friend. Other people helped me stop being an idiot, and I learned, so why not help some fellow idiots stop being idiots as well?

Feel free to say something!

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