Here’s a song that I made surprisingly quickly recently with the help of Linux Multimedia Studio, or LMMS. It’s something that I made during this slump that I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve been feeling like my immature and lazy younger self again, and while I’m feeling like I’ve got nowhere good to vent but here or something, I made this song that’ll probably end up being annoying to most people. Rolo’s illustration for this song (Thank you very much again, Rolo) will probably be more breathtaking than the song it accompanies, I think. Still, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated. Also, self-reminder: Talk with family and friends more. You can do it, Tobby. You can improve, so keep on trying to improve.

Tobby tried to sing Natsu no Kaze Goraikou

I haven’t been posting a lot here lately, huh? Well, I’ve been busier with school and stuff, but I’m also struggling when it comes to overcoming laziness and procrastination.

And in darker thoughts, the cycle of self-abuse feels more and more real to me now…

Still, there’s a bright side. And hey, here’s me singing an optimistic and summer-themed song by Pusu-sensei, who was formerly known as “Zips.” Also, there’s a mistake in my singing in the above cover. One part is supposed to be “akarukute aijou,” not “akaruku aijou.”

Now, here’s this cover’s mp3.

The problem of the demiurge

And here are some thoughts about the “divine” bosses that gamers can wreck in RPGs and all that.

Res Studiorum et Ludorum

Nocturne, among other things, has got me thinking about the way religion and theology are addressed in games, or at least in the JRPGs that I’ve gorged on like so many tongue-numbing pieces of sour candy through the years of my youth.

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