Asuka and Tobby tried to sing Viva Happy

New collab cover, yo! This time, it’s with Asuka, a friend I gained ’cause of the Say-U app and a bunch of other stuff. We tried to sing Mitchie M-sensei’s catchy “Viva Happy,” a song whose original Miku version should be checked out ’cause of the very human-sounding tuning of Miku there! Spending time on making this cover has gotten me wanting to improve my audio engineering skills more, and I really should log into Say-U again some time soon…

Also, I need more sleep. Looks like I’ll need to spend a lot of time resisting some annoying rage from me when it comes to having my phone and laptop kept far away from me during times like bedtime. My prioritizing is very messed up, and I gotta add more willpower from me while asking for help from others.

Now, before I end up rambling or doing something boring here, here’s this cover’s mp3. And again, thank you very much for having this collaboration with me, Asuka. 🙂

Feel free to say something!

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