Tobby tried to sing Seisou Bakuretsu Boy

This song is a sexual song, so yeah, MATURE GUIDANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, YO.

And speaking of sexual songs, don’t you think that a lot of those songs are really popular nowadays? The ones that I actually like are freaking few, though.

Oh, and hooray if you can hear the audio in the above linked video! If you can’t hear it, then here’s a link to this cover’s mp3. Also, if you wanna listen to the song while reading the translation, then here’s a link to Sunny Subs’s uploaded video of her subtitled translation.

Tobby tried to sing Tachiiri Kinshi

My regular classes for this semester are done, Mafu-senpai is freaking awesome, and here’s a cover that I recorded and mixed some time ago. I also subtitled it with Matchakame’s translation. And now, I’ll need to spend a lot of time recharging myself and improving my time management skills. You can ask for help, Tobby, but do remember that YOU HAVE TO PUT EFFORT TOO, TOBBY.

Oh, and here, mp3, yo.

Boku ga Monster ni Natta Hi – TOB Tagalog Cover

Eleksyon bukas, at excited ako, kahit kung nandiyan ang presensya ng gulo. Ang dami ko ding nakain ngayong araw, at kailangan ko pa maging mas matiyaga pagdating sa diet at ehersisyo sa mga susunod na araw. Kailangan ko ding maging mas matiyaga pagdating sa pag-aaral, lalo na sa panahon ng paglapit ng dulo ng kasalukuyang semester ko sa unibersidad. Astig ang aking pamilya–special mention sa mga magulang ko–at mukhang ginawa akong hyper ng mga softdrinks na nainom ko ngayong araw.

Ah, nga pala, eto ang mp3, at eto ang lyrics sheet. Kung nais mong gamitin ang mga lyrics ko, pakicredit ako, TOB/The Overlord Bear, please.

At ngayon, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………………


Author’s Note: So, long time no original fiction from me, huh? Well, here’s a new short story from me today! sakiyama will probably take longer again, wheeeeeeeee…orz

So yeah, things have been tough with my time management problems, although I’ve seen improvements in me, which means that I’ll keep on learning and doing my best! Now, as for this story, it’s something that was mainly inspired by a recent dark point in my life, one that I will not explain further here for the sake of a friend. As for other writing process stuff that I can talk about, the wordings in this story were very different in the first draft, and Pri was a freaking great help in making the thoughts and the dialogue meet the level of realism that I was aiming for! Also, Pri made the cover illustration for this story. Thank you very much for your help again, Pri!

And hey, if you wanna know more about Pri, here’s a link to her stuff.

Now, on to the story. Oh, and two more things before you start reading the story:

  1. This short story has a significant amount of cursing/swearing/foul language.
  2. Honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated! \(^o^)

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