Tobby tried to sing Yume Hanabi

I spent hours recording and mixing this, and although I ended up sleeping really late, I consider that time freaking worthwhile, because YAS, MY VOCALS ARE BLENDING BETTER WITH THE INSTRUMENTAL! WHOO! \(^o^)/

So yeah, Reirei is in the Special Thanks section in the credits for this cover. Her detailed feedback on an earlier mix of this cover got me freaking motivated, yo! Again, thanks very much, Reirei! \(^o^)

Now, I’d like to say that after this cover, I’d like to upload more uplifting music stuff. I think the world needs more of that, see. I was planning on having Neru’s “Dappou Rock” as my next cover, but after some thinking, I now feel like it won’t be a really worthwhile choice at the moment, so yeah.

And now, here’s this cover’s mp3. Also, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated! ^_^

Feel free to say something!

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