With an acoustic arrange, Tobby tried to sing Yobanashi Deceive

Yo. Classes have begun again, and I’m taking Japanese classes this semester, too.

As for this cover, I feel pretty confident about my singing and my mixing here, although I feel somewhat put-off by my tuning attempt here. Maybe it’s because a part I tried to tune has the signs of a voice cracking hard. Hm, I guess I should care for myself some more, then.

Speaking of which, if my previous song cover post wasn’t obvious enough to you, then, well, I’d like to say that I’ve been having a tough time lately. I don’t feel like sharing a lot of the particulars about it here, though, and I need more sleep, offline interaction, and a lot of other important things. This part of this post is also a call to them trustworthy peeps in my life, I guess.

Indeed, I really need to get more sleep, and I need to sleep earlier as well.

Now, here’s this cover’s mp3. Also, I’ve noticed that my YouTube Channel’s subscriber count has gone past 100. Although I think that not all of them are really tuned in to me and my stuff there, I still want to send my thanks to those who support me there. Again, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated. 🙂

Feel free to say something!

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