Wandering Weiss – Chapter 3

Wandering Weiss

a RWBY fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Were it not for a wandering musician’s cynical words, Weiss Schnee would have continued on the path to becoming a Huntress. Now, a disinherited Weiss lives as a wandering singer, trying to be a hero in a different manner, with that wandering musician named Jaune Arc as a companion…

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First Chapter: A Change of Path

Chapter 3: Steps, Stumbles, and Safeguards

“You okay there, Weiss?”


It was one of those days when Weiss felt really lazy. Even though she managed to do a praiseworthy performance during their previous gig, singing a song that held the opposite of her feelings reminded her very much about the anxiety within her. Now, with that anxiety still mixing in, she felt the desire to stay on the hotel room bed for the majority of the day. She didn’t like being asked about it as well, because looking bad in front of others made her very angry. Asking her about it would practically be rubbing it in.

Normally, Weiss would push it down with help from her strict family, but that was a life that she had left behind now.

And speaking of the life Weiss had left behind, she really hated admitting how much she missed her former home and the activities that came with it. Her former routine felt more organized, unlike this life of wandering that hadn’t gone past a month yet. There was no one giving her frequent and rigorous reminders to keep her on track, and if there were, their presences wouldn’t be able to be as strong as it was back then.

And yes, she hated admitting her regret about being disinherited. She’d cry about it, but she didn’t want to do that in front of other people.

She didn’t want others to see a single sign of weakness in her.

And then she remembered her interactions with Jaune Arc.

Now that got her trying to bury her face into a pillow.

She’d kill him if he wasn’t practically her lifeline in this path she decided to take! Not like she looked at him in that sort of way, though!

“Damn teenage hormones…” the angry girl grumbled.

Anyway…maybe he would be of some help if he managed to put up with her for this long.

But first, she had to take a really deep breath.

A really deep breath.

Really deep –

“So, what do you wanna talk about?”

Weiss paused.

Then, she took the pillow off her face.

“I will smother you with this pillow if you continue to disrupt my natural order, Arc,” she growled, glaring at the blonde who was sitting on the floor.

“What’s your natural order, then, Ice Queen?” he responded, smiling like he knew what she was going to say next.

And it seemed like he had a good guess about her next words, because Weiss’s next words were…

“I…I don’t know…”

There was silence after she said that.

Weiss stared at what was above her, at the ceiling that was suffocatingly lower than what she was used to.


She would stay on the path of a wandering singer because she chose it and won’t back down from it, but still…

“I hate to admit it, but…yes. I’m homesick. And anxious.”

The wandering duo shared silence again.

“Well…” Jaune spoke, breaking the silence, “If you want, you can talk about how life was like back with your family and stuff. Maybe even do that while we’re walking outside. What do you think?”

Weiss thought about that.

She missed her family, missed all the comforts they brought, and the hotel room wasn’t helping her calm down.

“I’d like to do that, then,” the former heiress answered, lifting herself up and getting off the bed. “Talking while walking outside, that is.”

“That’s good, then,” Jaune said, standing up and opening the door for Weiss. He did so with a smile that held no derision, too.

Quietly, Weiss admired her companion’s truly friendly smile as she walked out of the room.

A breeze blew as Weiss and Jaune walked through the streets of Vale during the night. They had no gig for that night, too, which meant that they could take their time with chatting and walking.

As for the chatting which was yet to begin, Weiss looked at her companion to see if he was ready to listen. He noticed her gaze quickly, and he nodded at her before looking back at the path ahead of them.

The former heiress took a deep breath, trying to still her trembling form, and then she began.

“Everyone expects me to be perfect,” she said, pausing and making sure to keep her pace moderate. “Anything less is no good for a Schnee, after all.”

Jaune gave a glance and nodded when Weiss waited to observe his reaction.

At that, she continued, her eyes on the ground ahead of her, trying to keep her breathing at an acceptable pace, although that was beginning to be more of a struggle now.

“I know that I allowed myself to be dishinherited…but I’m having second thoughts now, and…it makes me angry at myself.”

The creeping fear she felt while she talked about her problems wasn’t helping, too. She wanted to punch something or someone, scream out in public or at the nearest person, but the thought of doing those foolish acts gave her more shame than motivation.

“I especially hate talking about foolish things like this with other people. I don’t want to be a burden, and I don’t want to be an idiot. I’d rather forget about all this pain by pressing onward, doing what I need to be doing: Be the perfection that everyone wants and needs.”

“But we’re not perfect,” her listener responded.

Suddenly, all those heavy memories went through her mind again, piling up to form that dissatisfaction that was loathed by her and her family.

“And I hate it!” the former heiress shouted.

Then, she saw something she didn’t expect.

“Agh…forgot about your Aura…” he breathed out, making Weiss notice the pain in her left fist and the bruise and blood on Jaune face.

The former heiress quickly realized what she had just done, and so, she knelt down.

“I…I’m sorry!”

She hesitated about moving closer, though, and she stayed there, head facing downwards as she felt anger at herself again.

Her confidence in herself had went down, and she doubted how much of a help she could be with her messed-up thinking. Still, she wanted to help, and with that, she was stuck in indecision.

“Damn, I should have my Aura unlocked if you’re going to be this rough…but don’t be hasty, Ice Queen.”

That made her pause in her hesitation. Even though she felt a lot of discomfort at letting his face stay like that, she didn’t want to destroy the friendship she was struggling to form with Jaune.

And so, she sat down on the concrete sidewalk, leaning on a wall. She sat right beside Jaune, but she didn’t dare look at the cheek she had bruised, the lip she had split, and the tooth he spat out of his mouth.

“I could just up and leave you, you know…”

“Then do it,” Weiss cut in. “You don’t want a burden, right?”

“I’m not done talking, Weiss,” Jaune countered. “I could just up and leave you, but that would make me feel worse.”

“Then don’t leave,” she answered with a sullen tone. “I hope you won’t regret your choice.”

“I would regret it if I just let you keep on being like that, Weiss!” the blonde shouted. “Sure, you’ll mess up at times, but does that mean you can’t do anything good? Is the praise from our past audiences not worth anything?”

Weiss answered with silence, unable to find a suitable counterargument.

“Sure, you act like you have a stick up your ass outside performances,” he continued, “But even though you’ve been living the life of a wandering singer for a few days, I managed to see that you can actually do good things, Weiss. You don’t need to put the whole world on your shoulders, too. Other people are here to help, and disregarding them is a pretty arrogant thing to do. So just…just do your best, Weiss. And call for help when you need it. You’re doing a good job with the calling for help, by the way.”

Listening to Jaune made Weiss feel angry, but she tried harder towards not letting the anger control her like it did when she threw that Aura-powered punch at him. At the same time, she understood what he meant. Her arrogance was showing again, and she had been depending on herself too much, afraid to trust in others, especially in the people who showed willingness to give help when she needed it.

There was Winter, and there was Jaune. Few they may be, but that did not negate their importance.

Weiss took a deep breath, and then…

“I find such faith from you surprising, but still…Thank you,” the former heiress told her blonde companion, making eye contact as well. “And I’m really sorry for the trouble…especially for the damage that I caused to your face.”

“Eh, that can be healed,” Jaune replied, wearing that friendly smile again (but with a split lip and one tooth missing, creating a somewhat jarring sight), which then turned into a face of hesitation. “Uh, do you mind if I ask you to unlock my Aura?”

Weiss didn’t waste that opportunity.

“Sure,” she answered with a bright smile, and then she reached an open hand out to touch his chest.

Weiss closed her eyes, drawing upon her Aura, and then…

“At perfection, we aim, and our limits, we break. Through such efforts, we rise above, meeting the glory that we rightfully deserve. Capable of immortality, I release your soul, and by my shoulder, uplift thee.”

Those words echoed within her as she said them, and she felt a significant flow of Aura going out of her. The speed of the flow increased and increased, and then suddenly, it stopped, leaving her with Aura reserves that were missing a big chunk.

With that, Weiss ended up dropping her hand and falling forward.

“Whoa!” she heard Jaune say. “Careful now…”

“Ugh…” Weiss groaned as she tried to deal with the dizziness that had set in. “I know that unlocking another person’s Aura is taxing, but I guess first-hand experience would be more inclined towards showing a different picture…”

“Well, at least my face is healing!” Jaune declared, and Weiss smiled at that…until she realized her current position.

No scent and heat and such things for those damn teenage hormones, alright! Push away from that disturbing body, and lean on a wall in the distance!

“Charmed by the Arc Charm, Ice Queen?” she heard him ask with an irritating tone.

And so, Weiss felt significantly less regret after punching Jaune’s Aura-guarded face with her Aura-powered fist.

The blonde idiot laughed it off, though, but that laughter was short-lived, for he froze upon realizing something.

“I’m gonna be more of a punching bag, aren’t I?”

Weiss lost the desire to punch him again after that.

Instead, she laughed.

“So, when’s our next gig?”

“We don’t have one ’til next week.”

“Okay…where to now, then?”

“Uhh…we stay here in Vale and play music on the streets?”

Weiss sighed, reminding herself about needing to get used to the life of a wanderer.

“I think we should consider having a break, though,” the former heiress said. “We’ve spent a lot of energy on performing, and I wouldn’t want to us to be exhausted in our next gig. We can’t perform continuously forever, after all.” Then, she looked at Jaune. “Do you have any affordable ideas in mind for our breaktime, then, Jaune?”

At that, the blonde guitarist looked up and then around. Then, he stopped at a certain building up ahead.

“How about the arcade?”

Weiss gave said building a look from the sidewalk where she stood.

The more she looked at that building, the more she felt like a giddy little kid who discovered Wonderland.

Of course, she tried to not let it show on her face. Now that would be embarrassing…

Still, it was an opportunity to be more like the kid she never managed to be.

Now, better look left and right before and while crossing the road…

“Hey, Weiss, wait up!”

Oh yeah, better not forget Jaune!

“Whoa! No need to drag me along!”

“You will play games with me, and that is an order, Jaune Arc,” Weiss commanded. “Also, please keep us updated on the money.”

“You got it, Madam,” Jaune replied, doing an exaggerated bow. “Would you like some recommendations, then?”

Weiss had already decided on her first game to play when he asked.

“Considering the less prominent reputation that our identities hold, along with your lack of enthusiasm towards the life of a Hunter, I believe we can enjoy…some dancing.”

It wasn’t some fancy ballroom dancing game, though. It was “Dusty Dancer Revolt,” and the thought of dancing wildly had become more appealing to the former heiress who was feeling pretty rebellious lately.

Weiss looked at Jaune to see what he thought, and then she saw a very surprising expression.

She had never seen him look so smug before, alright.

“Are you seriously challenging me to a dance-off there?” he asked. “With those?”

Noticing him looking downward, she followed his eyes.

Weiss was wearing platform heels.

Said platform heels were not footwear with ascertained dance-safe quality, as she had not planned for situations with more intensity than standing, walking, and, to a certain degree, running.

She looked up again, and it seemed like Jaune’s face grew more conceited while she was looking down.

Indeed, Weiss wanted to punch him, but that would be admitting her loss. Going out to buy heels for dancing would be admitting her loss, too, but still…

“Give me your wallet,” she said, swiping said wallet out of Jaune’s pocket while stepping hard on one of his sneaker-covered feet. “I’m going to buy some proper dancing equipment.”

“But you better not waste money~” he replied, still having that irritatingly bigheaded tone in his voice. “I’ll make sure to give you a handicap later, though, so don’t worry~”

Weiss growled at that, and she gave his wallet back.

Does he really think that he can beat someone so experienced in the ways of dancing? To be fair, her dancing experience mostly involved ballroom dancing and such, but still, dancing experience is dancing experience.

Indeed, Weiss did not plan on losing, especially to someone who sounded like they were stupidly compensating for their weakness.

Surely, she could defeat him with her untested heels, and Jaune definitely sucked at dancing…right?

On that day, the only game that Weiss and Jaune played at the arcade was Dusty Dancer Revolt.

“So, would you like some dancing lessons from me, Your Frozen Majesty?” the bigheaded idiot dared to ask.


The former heiress really wanted to punch him, but that would be embarrassing herself further. And in hindsight, she should have just played Whack-A-Grimm or that shooter game! He would have complained, but at least she’d prove her awesomeness!

Still, what was the point of trying to prove her awesomeness in such things when no one was around to genuinely praise her?

With those thoughts, Weiss groaned again, putting her face on the table in front of her seat in the diner.

With how often she had been experiencing blows to her pride lately, perhaps she should start expecting more humbling moments in the future. Still, that was a painful thought…

“I ordered some meat with your salad, Weiss!” he declared. “Better get those muscles strong if you wanna dance better!”

And she groaned again…and she groaned a very long groan.

“I brought this upon myself, and there is absolutely no turning back now…” she also said, face still on the table.

“Well, that may be the case,” the unbelievable blonde dancer replied, “But hey, I guess that’s enough smug from me for now.”

“Yay…” she deadpanned, somewhat expecting some more shots at her pride.

“Okay, so…would you like some ice cream with your meal, Weiss?”

“Frozen yogurt for dessert, please,” she requested, raising a pointer finger up. “Blueberry frozen yogurt.”

“Alright, I’ll have that added to your dinner order, then.”

“Thanks,” she responded, raising her head enough to show eye contact and a small smile.

“No problem,” Jaune answered, that friendly smile on his face again, which caused Weiss to breathe a sigh of relief at the certain end of smugness.

They spent their waiting time for their dinner in silence, relaxing after all that crazy interaction they had back at the arcade.

Oh, and speaking of their time at the arcade, they ended up becoming a humorous sight to the a lot of the people there during that time. It was an embarrassing time to Weiss, and it caused her to stomp out of the arcade. Despite Weiss’s wounded pride desperately trying to keep itself together, her begging stomach convinced her to go to a diner with Jaune and put up with his increased smugness.

And when Weiss had dinner, she considered her day a very refreshing one.

While they were on their way back to the hotel where they were staying, the wandering duo ran into some trouble.

“Uh, Weiss…looks like something shady’s going on there…”

They saw some suspicious figures in suits inside of a shop called “From Dust Till Dawn.” One of them stood out, too.

“Roman Torchwick…” Weiss recalled. “What’s he doing here? I thought he specialized in fancy and high-value heists?”

“I think the more important question is ‘What should we do about this?'” Jaune replied. “Do we call the police?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea, considering who we’re dealing with.”

“Then what do we do now?”

Weiss eyed the situation up ahead. She understood Jaune’s concern, but it wasn’t like she was above stopping crimes she could stop while they were happening right in front of her.

Suddenly, she remembered about her multi-action Dust rapier, Myrtenaster, being one of the things she didn’t bring with her in her travels as a wandering singer.


Even though she still had her Aura and the hereditary Schnee Glyph Semblance that came with it, Weiss did not like the chances she and Jaune had against Torchwick and his goons. Jaune may have his Aura unlocked, but he lacked combat training, and the two of them would have a chance if there were someone with enough equipment and training nearby.

Still, Weiss did not like letting crime go on and happen.

“I hate to say this, Weiss,” said her blonde companion, “But unless you have better ideas, I think we should run away and call the police.”

The former heiress grumbled, but the option he offered was probably the –


Attention was drawn to the front of the shop, which now had a shattered display window.

Lying right in front of that window was a black-suited goon in pain, and jumping out through the shattered window was a girl in red and black combat dress with a hood and a cape.

Also, that girl held a large scythe in her hands, a scythe that was also…a gun? Hm, considering the common weapons of the people of Remnant, it most likely had a gun. And anyway…

“I think I’ve found some better ideas now,” Weiss declared, giving her blonde a companion a smile.

At that, Jaune sighed, scratching the back of his head.

“So, what’s the plan, then, Ice Queen?” he asked. “I’m gonna be the meat-shield?”

Well, considering their abilities…

“In a sense,” Weiss answered, maintaining her smile even when he groaned.

“I should not have joked about that…” Jaune muttered, and then he went back to a louder volume with another sigh. “Alright…”

“Hold on,” Weiss interrupted, reaching out to the spot where Jaune stood with her left hand. “I’ll give you a boost, and then you go charge forward.”

She formed a white and yellow glowing circle with a clock design, causing Jaune to glow along with it.

The blonde guitarist started grinning as the time dilation glyph worked its effects into him, too.

“You got it, Your Frozen Majesty,” he said with a wink at Weiss, who rolled her eyes. “Whoo!”

Jaune rushed into the fray, past a bunch of goons who were knocked down by the girl with the scythe-gun hybrid, and straight into a cane-pointing Torchwick.

Said cane had launched some sort of fireball up above and ahead, whistling in the air.

Weiss caught herself staring, and she shook her head to regain focus.

Now, the wandering singer ran to help Jaune and the girl in red and black. The two whom Weiss followed were now fighting against a disarmed Torchwick, his weapon currently by the former heiress’s feet.

Considering it a better course of action, Weiss took the weapon without question. Then, she jumped upward and away via platform glyphs, avoiding the chasing owner.

Torchwick’s concentration on her managed to backfire on him, though, leaving him open to attacks from the girl in red and black.

The former heiress then reached a rooftop, Torchwick’s weapon in her hands. She also considered herself lucky, as it seemed like that flaming bullet that Jaune threw off-course was the cause of an explosion in the distance beside her.

That luck was short-lived, though, as Torchwick managed to climb up to the rooftop where Weiss was.

“Don’t consider yourself lucky just because you have my weapon, Schnee,” the thief told her with a threatening tone.

“I’m not a Schnee,” Weiss immediately countered, pointing the open base of the cane-gun at its owner. “I’m a dishinherited Schnee, though,” she didn’t mention. “I’m just a wandering singer.”

“Well, how is a random wandering singer capable of using a Schnee-exclusive Semblance, then?” he asked back. “Are you a bastard kid?”

The former heiress had to exert some effort for the sake of not stooping down to the thief’s level, especially considering how temperamental she had been recently. She managed to stay silent, yes, but she still felt some rage at Torchwick’s suggestion, along with rage at herself for revealing a part of her identity that she didn’t want to reveal to the public, let alone criminals.

“Eh, answer however you want, then, Schnee,” Torchwick continued, still approaching Weiss. “I have some business I need to finish, and I’ll need my weapon for that. No refusals allowed!”

Quickly, Weiss formed a line of motion glyphs to hasten her escape from the charging thief. She had already revealed her Semblance to him, which was why she saw no need to hide it any longer.

But before she tried to create some platform glyphs for her escape, Weiss ended up becoming distracted by the sudden appearance of a Bullhead.

“Well, there’s my ride!” the thief shouted over the winds and noise that the Bullhead caused. “You better not delay it!”

With the help of her glyphs, Weiss narrowly dodged a grabbing attempt from Torchwick, buying time for the approaching help.

“Weiss!” Jaune shouted, not empowered by the time dilation glyph anymore. “We got help!”

The former heiress was puzzled by that, up until she saw an immobilized and levitating Roman Torchwick being moved by a bespectacled and caped woman with blonde hair, green eyes, and a riding crop.

Said woman was not unknown to Weiss.

“Professor Glynda Goodwitch…” the former heiress breathed with relief and awe.

The Bullhead that had suddenly appeared did a sudden turn as well, closing a door that it had opened while flying away.

When Weiss looked back at the other people on the rooftop, the first thing she noticed was Torchwick’s upward gaze, followed by his subtly twitching facial muscles.

“You’re a Huntress…Can I have your autograph?”

The next things that Weiss noticed were the words of an awestruck girl in red and black. The girl seemed to be the youngest among the people on the rooftop, judging from what Weiss could gather from her appearance and behavior. That made the girl’s combat skill a curious feature, though.

“We have more important things to deal with,” Professor Goodwitch declared, moving Torchwick along and pulling the thief’s weapon out of Weiss’s hands while walking past a disappointed scythe-gun wielder. “You three,” she added, eyeing the three youths, “Come with me as well.”

Weiss obeyed the order without question, giving serious glances to her fellow youths while she passed them by.

“I hope you three realize that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly.”

“We understand, Professor Goodwitch,” Weiss responded, sitting straight on her seat. “Our actions put ourselves and others in grave danger, after all.”

“But – ”

A warning look from Weiss silenced the girl named Ruby Rose, who also seemed to be affected by the other person beside the former heiress.

“And I thought you’d help me here too…” Ruby muttered, referring to Jaune, who had reinforced the silencing of Ruby’s interruption. Weiss found that odd for a moment, but she quickly remembered her blonde companion’s views on Hunters.

And yes, the wandering singer was honestly glad about being of help in getting Roman Torchwick behind bars, but the collateral damage, even though it was just property damage, was something that helped her understand Jaune’s lack of interest in becoming a Hunter.

Good thing Beacon Academy pledged to pay for that, or else Weiss would be having a hard time reining her anger in while thinking about forking over a chunk of her and Jaune’s limited money…

“If I had my way, I’d let all of you go with pats on your backs…”

Wait for it…

“And slaps on your wrists!”

Professor Goodwitch slapped the tabletop with her riding crop, sending Ruby and Jaune jumping. Weiss was mostly calm, having expected that from Beacon’s Deputy Headmistress.

“But…” the Professor continued, “There is someone here who would like to meet all three of you.”

The former heiress raised an eyebrow at that, wondering about the person who wanted to meet them.

That person stepped into the room, carrying a plate of cookies in one hand and a coffee mug in the other.

Weiss quickly recognized the bespectacled and white-haired man in green, as he held more prominence than his deputy.

“Ruby Rose, Jaune Arc, and Weiss Schnee,” he called.

“Headmaster Ozpin,” Weiss responded, not bothering to correct the man regarding her status as a former heiress. “What do you need from us?”

Why would the most powerful member of an Beacon Academy’s administration visit them personally?

“Straight to the point, I see,” the Headmaster replied, putting down the plate of cookies, cookies which Ruby wolfed down. “I have some questions that I would like you to answer.”

“If you want us to go study in your Academy, then you’re out of luck,” Jaune preempted. “I’m not interested, Weiss isn’t interested, and getting Ruby – who’s fifteen and studying in Signal Academy, if I remember our recent conversation correctly – into your Academy this early…Well, that’s a stupid idea.”

“Mmph-mmph!” Ruby said through a pile of cookies in her mouth. She chewed them and swallowed them down, and then she tried talking again. “But I wanna be a Huntress!” she declared. “What’s wrong with getting into Beacon early?”

One of Jaune’s eyes twitched, and he gave the fifteen-year-old a stern look.

“What’s good about leaving friends your age so suddenly, then?” the blonde asked back. “Sure, feel free to work your way towards becoming a Huntress, ’cause Hunters are necessary here in Remnant, but don’t ever think that going fast is always the best way.”

Ruby was unable to counter that, and the excitement she had on her face faded away, turning into a downcast expression.

To be honest, Weiss wasn’t comfortable with the little red reaper’s sad face, but she also agreed with Jaune. Ozpin’s credibility had begun to become questionable to Weiss ever since the blonde guitarist expressed his thoughts on the Beacon Headmaster’s request…but was that what the Headmaster was going to ask? Jaune didn’t let the man finish talking back there, after all.

And so, Weiss looked at Ozpin, waiting for the silent Headmaster to give his response. The man eyed them with an almost emotionless expression, one that had an almost unnoticeable downward pull showing through his lips.

“You are free to do what you wish, then,” he said after seconds of silence, confirming Weiss’s suspicions. “I apologize for wasting your time.”

With that, the Headmaster of Beacon Academy turned around and left the room.

“You better be,” Weiss heard Jaune mutter, which got him a glare from Beacon’s Deputy Headmistress. He wasn’t very fazed by it, though. “Can we go on with our lives now?” he asked out loud.

The blonde woman stayed silent with her glare for some more seconds, and then she spoke with a resigned tone in her voice.

“Very well,” she said, and then to Ruby: “Now, is there someone who will come to pick you up, Miss Rose?”

That question seemed to have snapped Ruby out of some deep thinking, considering the younger girl’s surprise when Professor Goodwitch called her name.

“Uh, yeah,” she answered. “Yang, my older sister. She’s somewhere in Vale right now, and I’ll be calling her. Thanks for the concern.”

“Well, I guess we should go back to the hotel, then, Weiss,” Jaune said, standing up.



Ruby, now standing up as well, had an open hand that was aimed at Jaune. Upon realizing the recognition, she lowered her head and softened her voice.

“Before you go…I’d like to say sorry,” the little red reaper said. “I wasn’t thinking back there…You know, about getting into Beacon early.”

The blonde guitarist gave Ruby that friendly smile Weiss had seen before.

“Apology accepted,” he said. “And I think you’ll become a great Huntress someday, Ruby.”

“Really?” Ruby wondered, her expression brightening at Jaune’s words.

“I’m pretty sure…as long as you don’t rush it, of course.”

“You got it, Jaune!” she declared with a salute. Then, her posture lost straightness, and she started fidgeting with her index fingers. “Oh, and uh…can we exchange, uh…scroll numbers?”

Weiss smiled at that exchange. She also stood up, and she called to the other two youths as she went past Professor Goodwitch.

“Go start your relationship outside the interrogation room, you two,” the former heiress teased, glancing at them with a grin.

“Wha-wha-wha-wha-WHAT!?” was what Ruby sputtered while her face went red with embarrassment.

“Really, Weiss?” asked Jaune, who looked more pitying than embarrassed. “Is that the best you can do?”

At that reaction from Jaune, Weiss looked at Ruby.

Then, the wandering singer left the room with a laugh, finding hilarity in the pout the little red reaper was giving to the blonde guitarist’s back.

“So, have you started scroll correspondence with your new girlfriend?”

“Again, Weiss, I don’t have feelings like that for Ruby. She’s like a younger sister to me, and that’s all there is to it.”

As she had noticed the consistency of Jaune’s annoyed responses, Weiss decided to stop the teasing at that.

“Alright, then,” the wandering singer complied, moving to lie on her bed. “Now…I’d like to ask…I thought you didn’t like Hunters?”

“Yeah, I don’t like Hunters,” Jaune answered while he took a spot for sleeping on the floor again. “But it’s not like I don’t want them to change, if that’s what you’re wondering about.”

“So that’s why…”

“Yeah, that’s why I called Ozpin out. Guy’s definitely desperate if he decided to personally visit a fifteen-year-old…Like, why else would someone like him do something like that? I wouldn’t believe him if he told me that it would be for the greater good. Really, people like him make me sick…”

Weiss felt concern when she saw Jaune’s face twist into a scowl. It made her wonder about who and what led her blonde companion to have such cynicism toward Hunters.

Honestly, she was curious, but she didn’t want to be rude, too. So, Weiss waited for a possible continuation in silence.

They shared silence for what felt like a long while, and then…

“I’m gonna sleep now, Weiss. Good night.”

She didn’t press him about it after he said that. The day had been more tiring than relaxing, they needed rest for them to do well in the coming days, and trying to know such personal information so early in their travels together was like what Ruby would have done if Jaune wasn’t there to stop her from accepting Ozpin’s offer.

“Good night to you as well, Jaune,” the former heiress said instead.

And with that, Weiss closed her eyes, pushing her curiosity away.

Author’s Note: I think I’m beginning to have a weekly update schedule for this fanfic, which feels like a tougher but much more structured working pace. It’s better than a messy schedule, alright, and I think it’s also getting me into planning future chapters more carefully. As for what change happened in my chapter planning methods, I’m going from “Eh, get distracted and write and edit and update at random” to “Okay, better write a complete draft of the chapter that follows the chapter that I’ll be editing and uploading next.” Also, I apologize if you got confused by my description of that method change.

Oh, and as for the story, getting an ingrained stick out of a person’s ass is a very difficult procedure, so yeah, emotional roller coasters with Wandering Weiss and company, yo. Also, if you think that I have forgotten or am unaware of Neo, then don’t worry so much, ’cause she’ll be showing up in future chapters. I won’t be talking about my plans for the next chapters further here, ’cause that would be boring. So yeah, now, I ask again:

Honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Next Chapter: Ante Up

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