Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – September 2016

Yo, peeps. The Overlord Bear is here again with a monthly update post.

So, I promised to upload some music and accompanying videos during the previous update post, but them music and them videos weren’t uploaded as promised this month. I’d complain, but I find that a waste of energy when I know that I can do better. Self-deprecation as comedy appears to be a trend among peeps in the Net these days, and even I’ve indulged in such, but eventually, I end up finding it boring ’cause I realize that it doesn’t get me more motivated to do better as a person.

Okay, time to cut that talk about that there now. As for the music and their videos that I promised, I’ll be trying to upload at least one of them next month. Wish me strength, dear peeps.

Oh, and my university life is progressing with some smoothness, I guess. Oh, and I’m particularly confident in my performance in Japanese class! Also, I need to improve my punctuality at school, particularly in the morning. Midterm is also approaching, I feel good about getting this far, and I want to finish the semester and pass all the subjects I’m currently taking. And as usual, I do household chores, though some more effort would be nicer. Also, I need more exercise.

As for my activities here in the Net, there’s a reblog I made of a blog copy of a column article written by my favorite UP professor, Prof. Butch Dalisay, titled “History and Irony,” and specifically, it focuses on stuff about the discussion of the era of Martial Law under Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines. I found his thoughts very interesting, so yeah, I reblogged it.

And as for my posts which aren’t reblogs, I had started working on a (probably) weekly updated RWBY fanfiction called Wandering Weiss. It’s about Weiss going wandering singer with wandering musician Jaune as a companion, and of course, checking out the source material before reading the fanfic is recommended. Oh, and I should work on writing some original stories sometime, too…

Also, I mixed a song cover of DECO*27’s “Mozaik Role” this month. It’s a cover by a Japanese guy going by the name Shiriru, and here’s a link to that cover (although you need to have a Niconico account before you’re able to watch it). Communicating with him was challenging to me, considering my confidence in my Japanese communication skills, but I managed, and because of that, I feel more motivated to learn the language and communicate with it!

Oh yeah, before I end this post, I’d like to mention that this blog of mine became three years old last month, and that I forgot to mention it during the previous monthly update post.

So yeah, time to continue learning and doing my best again. And again, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated. 🙂

Feel free to say something!

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