Wandering Weiss – Chapter 4

Wandering Weiss

a RWBY fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Were it not for a wandering musician’s cynical words, Weiss Schnee would have continued on the path to becoming a Huntress. Now, a disinherited Weiss lives as a wandering singer, trying to be a hero in a different manner, with that wandering musician named Jaune Arc as a companion…

Previous Chapter: Steps, Stumbles, and Safeguards

First Chapter: A Change of Plan

Chapter 4: Ante Up

“I hope you’re ready to kick up your pace, pitch, and power, Ice Queen.”

“As I find the survival of my throat after that torturous week a miracle, I expect a sore throat and a Bullhead ride after this upcoming performance, Vomit Boy.”

Not like the previous week’s rehearsals were dominated by physical torture, though. Weiss had impressive vocal control, which was something she had honed during her years with the Schnees.

Belting out on the streets of Vale, though…Now that was really embarrassing.

Oh sure, she got praise from their audience of pedestrians, but hearing herself singing like a madwoman with Schnee-trained vocal control was a very disorienting experience that made her consider her continued singing a miraculous occurrence.

Hm, maybe her meals back with the Schnees were laced with Dust…?

“Ugh, I’m starting to think like a madwoman now…” the wandering singer grumbled while holding the bridge of her nose. “Or maybe I was already a madwoman? Ugh…”

“Latter’s pretty more likely, if you ask me,” the Arc commented. “Also, motion sickness is more common than what most people think.”

Speaking of that, Weiss couldn’t decide on a nickname more humiliating than “Vomit Boy.” She had her dependence (but not that sort of dependence!) on Jaune to consider, and calling him “Dancer Brain” would humiliate her more than him because it would sound more like a nickname that praised his actually impressive dancing skills.

Really, Weiss was having mixed feelings. Schnee pride would dictate that soft spots like that were not soft spots that Schnees should have, but the wanderer within her considered it progress towards more worthwhile things.

Sure, she expected that she wouldn’t be easily recognized as a Schnee anymore, but doing such things still grated on her nerves!

Though…maybe the benefits of making an actual friend would outweigh the burden of living life like a typical Schnee…

“Ugh, it still hurts to think about turning my back on my family like that…” she thought. “Even if this life is starting to seem more fun as the days pass…”

If her Schnee pride weren’t there to stop her, she would have unleashed more power during the past week’s rehearsals.

“Welp, better not keep Junior and his patrons waiting, Weiss,” Jaune called.

“Alright, then,” Weiss answered.

And while the duo went up to the recently repaired nightclub’s stage, Weiss gave some unvoiced words of thanks to the family she had left behind, along with keeping a reminder about writing a letter to Winter later.

In their upcoming session, Weiss went along with a rockband setup despite the surprising difficulty. Regarding her reasons for doing so, she was feeling rebellious enough, she didn’t want to waste a good opportunity for money, and she wasn’t planning on being a mediocre singer.

Now, instead of his acoustic guitar, Jaune was using a red-white electric guitar, one that was loaned to him by Junior. The nightclub and its patrons were more inclined towards wild and high-energy music, Junior wanted to get energy back into his recently repaired nightclub, and Jaune didn’t mind the amplification very much.

Meanwhile, Weiss was feeling very thankful for the earplugs. She agreed to sing with more heightened pace, pitch, and power, but she didn’t agree to have her eardrums damaged while she sang.

Weiss and Jaune weren’t the only ones performing onstage, though. With them was a man with a black-and-white bass, red shades, and a black suit (who looked like one of those men who accompanied Torchwick a week ago, but Weiss had decided not to ask for the sake of convenience). Also with them was a man with a strangely small but really high-tech drum set, a goofy and black mascot bear head, and a black suit that was identical to the bassist’s suit (which also made Weiss notice the black suits and red shades of the guards, but again, she had decided not to ask for the sake of convenience).

Such a setup was something that Weiss was going to be having as an accompaniment for the first time. Before this performance, Weiss also practiced on the streets of Vale with instrumental audio files that Jaune blared through his scroll’s speaker, which she and Jaune did for the sake of increasing her confidence in singing rock in front of an audience. Although she felt some confidence after surviving that embarrassing time, experience made her remember that the rehearsal sessions and the actual performance still made for different experiences.

Among the noticeable differences were the bassist and the drummer. Although she had practice with them before, Weiss had some doubt about whether they would be in sync with her and Jaune or not. Again, her blonde companion reminded her to trust him while he led the other instrumentalists. She easily put her trust in him, considering their differing amounts of experience. There was also his leadership, which she had observed during the rehearsals.

Really, it was impressive enough to get her Schnee pride stung. Putting up with their oafish bandmates was easier with him being able to deal with their coarse sense of humor, and the relief that resulted from that was enough for her to ignore to sting that her Schnee pride felt.

And so, Weiss closed her eyes and took a deep breath again, letting memories of tunes and lyrics flow to the front of her mind. She also did a mic check by tapping her fingers and having Jaune speak to it while he and their temporary bandmates did some final checks on their equipment.

“Hi, I’m Jaune, and if you’re hearing this loud and clear, you’ll realize that our dear singer here’s an Ice Queen.”

The former heiress flicked her companion guitarist’s forehead after that mic check. He just grinned back at her for that, but Weiss didn’t take that response with much seriousness, focusing on being ready for the performance instead.

Soon, Jaune did a riff, and the drummer started his beats. The bassist began accompanying Jaune as he repeated his riff for the third time, and when the fourth riff completed its cycle…

Weiss shouted the first line of lyrics out.

The crowd in the nightclub roared with cheers in response, and the wandering singer welcomed it a little more compared to when she rehearsed such singing.

Honestly, the song she was singing was something she considered a guilty pleasure. She was feeling both fun and discomfort at the control and the rebellion that were flowing through her voice, and despite the difficulty, she kept on singing.

Also, Weiss went with her instincts and let out a long and loud scream when Jaune did his guitar solo.

Luckily, the former heiress managed to finish the first song with some impressive singing, considering the audience’s reception.

Then, when it came to the next songs, Weiss exercised more control on her vocals. She didn’t like failing, after all.

But at some point, she got carried away and screamed too hard.

By the time she noticed that, though, the song when that happened had ended, and judging from the applause that she heard, her bandmates’ sounds had covered the sound of her embarrassingly breaking voice.

When she turned to give him a worried look, Jaune mouthed “Leave the rest to us” at her.

With that, Weiss pulled her composure back together, and she quietly exited the stage, which now had Jaune doing vocals.

The former heiress then spent the rest of the performance listening to Jaune’s impressive voice…though she also felt the desire to give him some pointers on singing sometime.

Still, she watched with a smile as her bandmates and the audience displayed their energy.

“Good work there today, Weiss.”

She gave a small smile at Jaune and his praise. Not like she disliked it, but remembering her voice gone hoarse was still embarrassing to her, even though their employer noticed and showed understanding.

“I guess I owe you a Bullhead ride, then?” Jaune continued with a smile.

Weiss raised an eyebrow at that question.

“Well, I never did promise something like that,” he replied with an upward look, “But wouldn’t that be fair after all the tough stuff I put you through tonight and during the past week?”

“You…you don’t need to do that…” the wandering singer with a really softened voice, eyes on her companion guitarist. “Too painful…”

Unsaid was her enjoyment of that performance. Perhaps Jaune had noticed that already through her recent performance, and she didn’t mind if he did notice. It would probably raise his opinion of her, considering what she knew about him.

“Well, like it or not,” he said, “We’re gonna go on a Bullhead ride a few days from now…ugh…”

“Buy medicine, then…” Weiss reminded with a grin. “One piece, at least…and get me some medicine for my sore throat if you can…”

“Alright, then,” he agreed with that friendly smile. “Thanks, Weiss.”

“You’re welcome, Jaune…and thanks, too…”

“No problem, Weiss.”

They didn’t say much as they went back to the hotel where they were staying, with their tiredness after that harder performance making their bodies beg for rest a lot more.

“So, we got our morning rituals plus a morning walk of waiting done now…Which bookstore do we go to, then?”

The morning after their latest performance, Weiss and Jaune went out to buy some novels for their spare time. Their morning walk of waiting for the opening of shops wasn’t a long one, too, as they slept late into the night and, as a result, woke up late into the morning.

“The nearest one, which is…Tukson’s Book Trade.”

And speaking of bookstores, Vale’s bookstores seemed to have a very strong presence. That was something that Atlas was slipping on lately, what with her native Kingdom’s increased dependence on electronics.

“Now that I think about it,” Weiss spoke out, voice still softened, “Bookstores can make you feel like a place is really peaceful, no?”

“Yeah,” Jaune replied as he opened the bookstore’s door for Weiss, who smiled at him for that act. “There’s something about printed material that’s really relaxing.”

“The print materials’ smell and texture, perhaps?”

“Hm…maybe it’s the lack of brain-melting waves.”

“Well…maybe you have a point there.”

“I’m glad you think s – Whoa!”

“Ah! Whoa! Sorry!”

The sudden bump-in happened pretty fast there, with the only things she managed to see being a female figure in black and white, a flying stack of papers that got caught by said figure, who took a deep breath and swiftly fled afterwards, and an opened book…a book which was on Jaune’s face.

When Weiss took the book, which was titled “Ninjas of Love,” off Jaune’s face, she saw him having widened eyes, blushing cheeks, and a disturbing smile.

“I do not see good things in that face, Vomit Boy,” she said while crossing her arms.

Suddenly, Jaune whistled, and if that didn’t confirm Weiss’s suspicions…

“That book didn’t totally cover my eyes,” he said, looking up at the sky, “And I got a quick but nice view…”

And then he looked at the book that Weiss was holding.

“Also, I wonder if we can bond over smut?”

Weiss raised an eyebrow at that, and when her mind processed what he just said, her widening eyes shot towards the open book in her hands.

The former heiress immediately blushed and shut the book upon reading its contents.

“Keep this…filth,” she hoarsely spat with a horrified look, “Away from me, Arc.”

“But aren’t you curious, Wandering Weiss?” the Arc asked with a wide grin and waggling eyebrows.

She stomped on Jaune’s foot hard, and she stepped into the bookstore, trying to avoid further aggravation of her damn teenage hormones.

Yes, such was one disadvantage of not being Schnee heiress anymore. Not a lot of worthwhile restrictions coming from the people around her, alright…

“You can call me for it if you ever feel lonely, Ice Queen!”

“Shut up!” she tried to shout, causing her to put a hand to her throat in pain.

“Whoa, I don’t think you should be…”

Weiss had shot a glare at the large man, wordlessly giving him a warning about his next words for a bunch of seconds.


“What?” she spoke after those wordless seconds.

The large man, who looked like he was really trying to be careful with his maintained eye contact and slow head movement, kept his mouth open while having no words come out of it for another bunch of seconds.


“Welcome to Tukson’s Book Trade, home to every book under the sun?” he said, eyes, neck, and mouth still being stretched by tension and uncertainty.

“You have a very original tagline,” Weiss sarcastically remarked, arms crossed again. “Now, don’t bother me while I look through your wares.”

And she turned around, ready to shoot another glare if he ever considered talking again to be a good idea.

Also, she struggled as she ignored that disgustingly grinning Arc’s stupid dancing. It would have been impressive if he wasn’t showing that filth off, indeed.

And so, Weiss tried to look for some more worthwhile reading material to be bought and stored into her suitcase…which was in the hotel where they were staying.

“What I shall buy shall stay in my hands only…” she kept in mind. “And aside from my suitcase, it shall go nowhere else!”

There was a problem, though, and it was her uncertainty about what sort of books she was supposed to look for. All that trouble with that filth had her mind messed up, and now, Weiss grudgingly admitted her need for assistance…but how should she do it without embarrassing herself?

“Don’t mind my friend,” that Arc suddenly declared as he skipped into the store. “She’s a prude, see,” he added with flamboyant pointing.

Weiss gave the Arc a glare, hoping that it would burn his face off.

The large man behind the counter did an awkward laugh, facial muscles still stretched with nervousness. Weiss silently praised that man for being smarter than the blonde fool between them.

“If you’re looking for some, um…worthwhile and…non-erotic material…” the smarter man said with lots of care, “Feel free to look…over there…”

And so, the wandering singer gave a kind smile to the smarter man.

“Thank you very much,” she said. “And your name is…?”


“Thank you very much, then, Mr. Tukson. Meanwhile, please don’t mind my friend. He’s an idiotic piece of filth.”

And Weiss skipped towards a shelf of books…but before that, she stomped Jaune’s foot and snatched his wallet from him again.

“You know, I think you’re actually secretly kin – OW! Okay…shutting up now…”

Weiss’s purchases on that day only came from Tukson’s Book Trade, and said purchases were composed of some high fantasy novels. Tukson’s tagline was still unoriginal to her, but the former heiress’s opinion of him went up somewhat after spending the day while enjoying one of the books she bought from his store.

Meanwhile, Jaune had enough smarts to not hold that piece of filth in front of her, and he was rewarded with some friendly behavior from Weiss.

Yes, the rest of their day was pretty peaceful…

Sometime during the evening, in the middle of trying to sleep, Weiss and Jaune heard knocking on their hotel room’s door.

“Coming!” Jaune signaled back, standing up to answer the door.

Weiss couldn’t help feeling some paranoia, though, considering the time and her past experiences. Locked doors didn’t necessarily mean safety in the face of assassins and other cunning criminals, after all.

So, she stood up and, from behind Jaune, took a peek at their visitor.

“Hi…” awkwardly greeted the visitor, who had black hair, amber eyes, and a black-and-white outfit with a noticeable bow on her head.

“Well, I can’t believe that we meet again,” Jaune replied, his flirtatious tone earning a roll of the eyes from Weiss. “Were you looking for your book?”

“Yeah…” the visitor answered, awkwardly laughing while blushing. “How embarrassing…Sorry…”

Weiss facepalmed and groaned upon realizing what they were talking about. With that, she decided to turn around and get back on her bed, leaving the blonde fool and his crush to whatever relations they wanted to engage in as long as it didn’t involve doing very inappropriate things in the room.

“Oh, don’t worry!” the blonde fool said with a waving hand, ignoring Weiss’s expression of annoyance. “I like it, actually!”

“Really?” the raven-haired girl responded with a brightened voice that lasted for a few seconds. “I hope you’re not trying to get into my pants with that, though…”

“Well, that would be too fast, then! How about we form a friendship first, Ms. Pretty?”

“Now that’s definitely not asking for a date…” the visitor girl deadpanned with a wry smile, earning sympathy from Weiss as well, and then… “Hold on…is she your girlfriend?”

At that, Jaune was knocked away from his spot, with Weiss standing there instead.

“No, I am not,” the wandering girl answered, formal “We of the Schnee Dust Company have a perfectly reasonable explanation” tone doing its best in taking over her softened voice. “We are wandering musicians with no romantic relationship whatsoever, and we are merely sharing a hotel room for the sake of thrift. As for where each of us sleeps, I sleep on the bed, while he sleeps on the floor.”

The surprised visitor girl took a while of silence, and then she nodded and replied.

“Okay…” she said, “Makes sense…”

“I hope it does.” Then, Weiss showed a frown, pointing a thumb behind her. “Now, go get your…material…back. The sooner it is far and out of my senses, the better.”

At that, the visitor girl frowned back at Weiss. Then, the raven-haired girl passed her by, muttering about the wandering singer being a prude and something else that Weiss didn’t fully catch but still sounded really irritating. The filth owner didn’t go far into the room, though, as Jaune was right behind Weiss.

“Here’s your book, Ms. Pretty,” said the blonde idiot with a stupid smile as he handed the filth over.

“It’s Blake,” the filth owner replied. “And you really wrote your scroll number down, huh?”

“Well, I decided to be a bit more proactive in terms of having a female friend who isn’t prudish.”

The blonde idiot earned a book to the head because of that.

Unfortunately, the filth owner found that hilarious, and not in the way Weiss wanted.

“You’re interesting…I’ll text you sometime, then.”

With that, the filth owner named Blake left, but not without sending a wink to Jaune and a smirk to Weiss.

Before the former heiress could try throwing a book at that irritating filth owner, though, the door was shut, leaving the wandering musician duo in their mostly dark room.

They shared silence for a while, and when the blonde idiot tried to talk…

“Not a word,” Weiss told with a pointer finger at her idiotically grinning blonde companion. “One word, and you get another book to the head.”

And so, Weiss went back to lie on her bed, high fantasy novels –

“Thanks, Weiss!”

– thrown at the idiot named Jaune Arc.

But before Weiss continued her attempts at sleeping, a question she had forgotten throughout that annoying conversation popped up in her mind.



“How did she know about where we’re staying?”

“Oh…now that’s a pretty good question. And a pretty good first topic for my scroll correspondence with Blake! Whose number I don’t know…okay, looks like I’ll have t – ”

Suddenly, a scroll rang.

“Well, no need for me to wait now, ’cause Blake sent me a message already!”

“Okay. Now let me have my sleep.”

And fortunately, Jaune didn’t disturb her sleep.

Dear Winter,

How are you doing? Although it should be a given for a Schnee to be doing well all the time, I cannot help having some worry while hoping that you are doing well.

Now, speaking of being a Schnee, it is something I miss now. I certainly do not like the bad sides of it, but living with it for years has made me feel like it is a natural part of my existence, so much that I foolishly bottled up my feelings and even punched my companion musician as I tried to deal with those feelings. With that, I am glad for your support in my endeavors despite my disinheritance.

Also, how is the rest of the family taking my current status? I think that Father would probably attempt to have you run the SDC, and while I do have confidence in you when it comes to such a thing, I fear his attempts at keeping you under whatever conditions he wants you under. Still, I think that my lack of trust in you is foolish, so please forgive me, Winter.

As for my journey as a wandering singer with Jaune Arc, it is quite an interesting one so far. My companion can be annoying, but I have seen his caring side in several instances, particularly in one when he spoke out against Beacon Headmaster Ozpin’s offer to have a fifteen-year-old girl skip two years of combat preparatory school and enter Beacon Academy early. And speaking of that, I am worrying about Hunters more these days…Jaune has had bad history with them, including Headmaster Ozpin for some reason, and the Beacon Headmaster’s actions makes me have more doubt regarding the integrity of Hunters and Hunter Academies nowadays. Forgive me for bothering you with my worries, but I felt like I had to tell you about them.

Now, on the bright side, Jaune and I have been receiving good reception so far in terms of our work as wandering musicians. I go by a stage name, though: “Wandering Weiss.” I wear no jewelry, I wear a plainer dress, I wear my hair differently, with my current hairstyle drawing inspiration from your hairstyle, too. I feel glad about doing those things along with my work. Sure, my work can be a challenge, especially with things like singing songs of genres I am not accustomed to (such as rock, which I had recently screamed with until my throat went hoarse), but they still bring me fun experiences.

Jaune and I have also made a new friend: Ruby Rose, that fifteen-year-old whom Headmaster Ozpin offered early entry into Beacon. She studies at Signal Academy on the island of Patch, and as of this letter’s writing, I will be going to that island with Jaune for a friendly visit. I am looking forward to it very much, indeed.

Of course, I am looking forward to your reply as well.

Your wandering younger sister,


P.S. I decided to write with pen and paper because I find it more relaxing than sending a message via scroll.

Author’s Note: The V4 trailer’s up, and then there’s this: the fourth chapter, with Weiss going rock. And speaking of rock, there’s this joke that started in the Professor Arc Forum in FanFiction.net, which has Team RWBY being a rockband called “Magical Girl Zorro,” with Blake playing bass, Yang playing drums, Ruby playing guitar, and Weiss doing vocals. Expect shenanigans there, yo.

Also, fourth weekly upload in a row! Yay! Oh, and I’d like to send special thanks to Inthretis. That peep gave me motivation, yo~ Also, I’d like to give a shoutout to his (her? or their? I have no idea, agh) crazy awesome Penny-centered fanfic called The Fifth Maiden. Spoilers exist there, so yeah, tread carefully.

And of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Next Chapter: Patchwork

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