Wandering Weiss – Chapter 5

Wandering Weiss

a RWBY fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Were it not for a wandering musician’s cynical words, Weiss Schnee would have continued on the path to becoming a Huntress. Now, a disinherited Weiss lives as a wandering singer, trying to be a hero in a different manner, with that wandering musician named Jaune Arc as a companion…

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First Chapter: A Change of Path

Chapter 5: Patchwork

As they went off to travel to Patch, Jaune managed to take some medicine. Still…

“Okay, now this is a weird experience,” the blonde said.

“What’s so weird about not being Vomit Boy in a Bullhead?” Weiss asked, for she had been expecting some loud whoops of joy from her companion.

“Occasionally, I’ve gone on Bullheads without wanting to throw up, most of them being times when I went to travel with my family,” he answered, “But not being able to afford medicine for a long while plus being forgetful makes experiences like this even more foreign…” he added, hanging his head as he sighed.

Weiss was able to understand, especially when it came to the financial aspect. Sure, there were times when an employer was generous – like their recent one, who owed Jaune because of an inconvenience during his previous gig there – but still, the pay that they had been receiving so far was considerably less than what Weiss expected.

Indeed, it was another disorienting experience for the former heiress who once lived a life with lots of money within her reach. Still, Weiss wasn’t going to back down.

Also, perhaps now would be a good time for some chatting.

“I haven’t really asked you about your family before, Jaune,” Weiss started. “So, I’d like to ask about them now, while we wait.”

“My family, huh?” Jaune replied, looking out at a window, likely going deep in thought. “Well, there’s Mom and Dad, and there’s my seven sisters. I’m the fourth kid.”

“Impressive,” Weiss remarked, nodding with a smile. “I wonder, though…How are your Hunter family members are doing at present?”

At that, Jaune was strangely silent, and his eye seemed to twitch, too.

“Jaune?” she called, worry starting to grow.

“They’re doing better,” he then said, but he didn’t look any better after he said that.

Not wanting to make it go downhill, Weiss decided to steer the conversation to a different direction.

“Can you tell me about their personalities, then?” she asked, putting on a smile for his sake.

Again, Jaune was silent, but this silence was shorter. He took a deep breath, and then he answered.

“They care about our family very much.” He wore a smile that was mixed with sadness. “We don’t agree on how we care for each other at times, but we’re capable of getting along.

“Mom and Dad are badasses. They retired from Hunter work to care for our family, but it isn’t like they can’t and won’t help in keeping the local community safe. They’re respected by the majority, if not all, of the people in the town where we live.

“And then there’s my three older Huntress sisters: Stella, Solea, and Reyn. Stella’s the eldest, and she’s really kind…maybe too kind for her own good, though, but still kind. Solea tends to be really quiet and aloof, even to the point of seeming unsociable, but she’s smart and cares for our family very much. Reyn’s really bubbly and lively, and you better be scared when you piss her off.”

At that, he let out an awkward laugh, and he continued.

“All three of them are skilled Huntresses, and all three of them love our family very much.

“Then there’s my younger sisters. There’s the twins: Crescent and Chrome. Crescent’s the older one, while Chrome’s the younger one, and they love stories, art, and music, so much that they make works together and share it to our family and our community. Then there’s Luna, who loves pranking, and she has a nice sense of restraint that she learned with the family’s help. Finally, there’s Flora, who we all dote on. She likes helping us very much, too.”

After that, Jaune sighed, looking at the distance ahead.

Weiss had become more interested in knowing about his family, but she still couldn’t take away the worry she had for him.

“What about you, Weiss?” he suddenly asked. “Your sister seems to be the only family member you actually care about, so…What’s she like?”

That smile on his face still seemed forced, but rather than make it worse, Weiss decided to play along with the shift.

“She is strict,” she answered, looking up, breathing deeply, and remembering Winter. “But I look up to her very much. She is a rebellious Schnee, and even though she is better than me, she is kind to me, and that led me towards wanting to be a better CEO than my father.

She is also a Huntress and a Specialist in the Atlesian Military, and she is well-respected there. You can say that I wanted to be like her, and with that, I wanted to become a Huntress too…until you came along.”

Weiss then gave her blonde companion a look, which he responded to with a smirk.

“In the end, I managed to convince you,” he said. “Maybe it’s my Semblance, but I hadn’t even unlocked my Aura back then…” And then he did an exaggerated gasp. “Maybe I already had my Aura unlocked, and you unlocked the second stage of it!”

The former heiress flicked his forehead, chuckling, while he laughed along.

“As if, you dolt,” she said, grinning.

Then, she looked up again, and she went on with remembering her first conversation with him.

She had exited the dressing room, looking forward to returning to her family’s mansion back in Atlas. The performance which was considered her last as a singer had ended, and things seemed to be going smoothly.

“Weiss Schnee.”

The heiress turned around, facing someone standing near the door to the dressing room. How someone managed to stay that close to where she was had been something she was responsible for, as she felt uncomfortable with having guards around her during every second. And besides, she had her Aura and her Semblance if she needed to run and get help.

Running and calling for help would earn the ire of her father, though…and anyway…

“Who are you?” she asked, looking at a young man with blonde hair, a black hoodie, blue pants, red-white sneakers, and a light brown acoustic guitar.

He didn’t look like anyone Weiss had known before, and it seemed like he was a man of the streets, one who was had enough smarts for sneaking past the security detail.

Also, his face was not that of an enthusiastic fan.

“Some wandering musician,” he answered, walking towards her.

Weiss felt the desire to step back, along with some regret at not having that tighter security, but her desire to not cower dominated.

“What do you want, then?” she replied.

“Well, I only want you to hear me out,” he answered, “And that’s it.”

The heiress didn’t fully believe his claim, though. Still…

“On with it, then. I am tired, and I need to return to Atlas soon.”

Then, there was silence. From how he was looking at her during that silence, he seemed to be sizing her up, which caused a frown and a sharper look from Weiss.

“Well?” she also said.

Then, with that serious expression on his face, he said:

“You know…I liked you and your singing…until I found out about you wanting to become a Huntress.”

Weiss took a while to process that statement.

“Excuse me?”

“I said…I liked you and your singing…until I found out about you wanting to become a Huntress. Is that slow enough for you?”

Her first reaction to that was not a word.

He was knocked down to the ground, with him holding a hand on his probably bruised face.

“How dare you…” she seethed.

Still, he laughed, as if he was mocking her.

“Hunters don’t understand the bigger picture,” he said, not making eye contact with Weiss as he stood up and walked past her. “Helping others isn’t just killing Grimm, arresting criminals, and wrecking things with sword-guns.”

At that, Weiss didn’t give a reply. She couldn’t, actually, not with a point she found so difficult to refute. A part of her asked her to talk back and even give him another slap, but another part of her remembered the dreams she wanted to fulfill.

She wanted to be a better CEO than her father, to be a rebel against the Schnee Dust Company’s foolish methods, to be as independent as her dear older sister.

Hunters had the ability to help society. They were a vital part of the world of Remnant, and she knew that.

Still, Weiss and Schnee pride didn’t like doing things without perfection. What would be her fate if she became a full-fledged Huntress? People like that rude blonde would always be around, and maybe they were merely a vocal minority too. Still, they had minds of their own, no matter how many times she tried to ignore them. Living with her family had her learn that, after all.

Weiss shook her head, trying to shake off the heavy thoughts from her tired mind. She started walking towards her ride back to Atlas, looking forward to sleep.

She did manage to get home and get her sleep, but when she woke up during the next day, the thought of trying to become a Huntress had begun to give her cold feet. She tried to hide it as she went through her day, but it showed through blunders that caused her more anger.

Every stab and swing reminded her of the fact they won’t ever bring back destroyed lives and homes.

Every disappointed piece of feedback she received made her feel like she had returned to square one even more.

And then there were the people who wanted to form bonds with her only because of her name and wealth, reminding her about how she looked like a distant figure on a pedestal to many.

All the while, that rude blonde’s words haunted her as well.

With that, the next few days became a struggle to Weiss.

Eventually, she called Winter for help.

And now…

“Weiss, we’re here.”


She realized that she had fallen asleep, maybe for less than half of an hour, considering how long the trip was supposed to take. The weight that she was feeling in her body reminded her about that too, and so, she stretched herself out.

Then, she paused mid-stretch, while her yawn finished, her eyes opened wide, and her attention on the possibility of people seeing her be so unrefined.

Some Schnee instincts were still there, indeed.

“If it makes you feel better, I’d say that you’re looking cute.”

A frown formed on Weiss’s face. Spending the recent minutes remembering her first meeting with him plus having her long-desired sleep interrupted were probably major factors behind that.

“Eh, no surprise from me there,” Jaune responded, shrugging as he turned around, moving to disembark while carrying their things.

Weiss didn’t stand up and follow immediately, though. She looked back at her memories some more, wondering about whether the path she took would really be worth it.

Still, the former heiress knew that she had passed the point of no return, and that trying to go back would do more harm than good.

And so, she shook her head, moving herself forward again.

When the wandering duo exited the terminal, they were greeted by the noise of a quaint town.

“Huh, looks like something out of a fantasy novel,” Jaune commented.

Weiss couldn’t help nodding in agreement while she took in the sights.

Everyone around her seemed more cooperative in this small town, located in this small island covered with more nature than people. The Schnee in Weiss considered it backward, but it couldn’t beat the former heiress’s wonder at the scenery.

Yes, it all seemed like those paintings that were bought by a significant number of people from her former social class. Wooden buildings stood, blending in with nature easily, while neighbors interacted with closeness that was, ironically, less seen in more urban places. Baskets of produce and catch were carried and traded, and shoppers and traders seemed very relaxed while having them.

Really, seeing such sights more rarely than seeing the cold and sharp architecture and interior design of Atlesian buildings made them more of a wonder, too.

Weiss would have begun daydreaming a lot about living in such a place, but she held back, still having difficulty with letting her Schnee pride go.

The former heiress still kept on looking around, though, like at the Bullhead terminal where they landed was in a town located near the eastern coast of the island of Patch. That and a nearby port seemed to be the only two ways bridging Patch and the rest of Vale.

Also, they had to look around for Ruby.

“Jaune, where are we going to meet Ruby?” Weiss asked, eyes on him.

The two of them stopped walking, with Jaune taking his scroll out of his pocket and opening it.

“From what Ruby sent me…right about…there…”

Turning to look at where Jaune was looking, she gazed upon a two-storey inn, one where two girls were approaching them from.

“Jaune!” shouted the little red reaper, crashing into him with a smile and hug, which Jaune also gave in return.

“So this is the guy who my little sis has a crush on…though I didn’t expect him to have a girlfriend…”

Weiss gave a deadpan look at a grinning girl with long blonde hair. The former heiress also felt like she was going to have a struggle with her, too, if her…casual clothing was anything to go by as well. More so if she’s someone important to the little red reaper she was accompanying.

“We are not in such a relationship,” Weiss stated, also holding herself back from adding anything else that the blonde girl could use against her.

“Whoa there, I’m just kidding, Ice Queen,” the blonde girl replied, giving Weiss an energetic slap to the back.

And indeed, said slap was energetic enough to push Weiss forward and almost make her stumble.

Looks like the blonde girl will be a struggle, indeed.

“Yang!” Ruby called out, giving the blonde girl a disapproving look. “You’re embarrassing me!”

“Oh come on, Ruby…” replied the girl named Yang. “What’s wrong with some energy?”

“They don’t look comfortable!”

“Really? Maybe that’s just you being awkward you, right, guys?”

She then looked at the duo of wandering musicians…which had both members looking less than pleased.

“Uhhh…you okay there?” Yang asked, waving a hand in front of them.

Weiss groaned, while Jaune seemed to have an eye twitching.

“Yang,” Ruby called, wearing a deadpan look.

“Yeah, Rubes?”

“I may be awkward, but I’m not that awkward.”

“Well, congratulations, then!” the blonde girl declared. “You’re looking pretty Rose-y now, alright! Get it? Eh? Eh?”

Putting aside the chatter of the town, silence was the only response that the blonde girl received for several seconds.

“That’s Yang, alright…ahaha…” the little red reaper said with no trace of amusement, followed by turning around and waving her hand. “Okay, let’s go.”

Weiss didn’t object to that, and so, she followed Ruby, with Jaune walking beside Weiss.

“Hey, wait up, you three!”

This time, Jaune was the one who groaned at Yang. He also did a furious ruffle on his hair while he quickened his pace.

Not wanting to be left behind with that blonde girl with a horrible sense of humor, Weiss also quickened her pace.

Ruby seemed to notice their attempts at getting away from Yang, too, and judging from her faster walking, she agreed with the duo of wandering musicians.

“Come on, don’t leave me like this!”

Sooner than expected, though, was Ruby slowing down. Weiss slowed down along with her, but Jaune kept on walking with that quickened pace until he stopped and turned to look back, dropping the luggage in his hands with what seemed to be an irritated look at the trailing three.

“Whew! I thought you really were gonna abandon me back there…” Yang said, accompanying it with a laugh. “Okay, so, seriously, I’ll tone it down,” she added, making a serious face while raising a hand up. “Promise.”

Ruby gave Yang a look, and seconds later, she let out a breath, wearing a small smile on her face.

“Alright, sis,” the little red reaper said, and then she turned around to walk forward again. “No puns, though!” she added with a raised pointer finger.

At that, Yang sighed, but she moved forward as well, causing Weiss to walk along.

“The things I do for family…” the blonde girl said with a smile. “So, if you haven’t noticed it yet,” she added, glancing at Weiss, “I’m Yang, Ruby’s older sister.”

The wandering singer nodded, though now that she took in that piece of info, she noticed the stark difference in appearance between the sisters.

“I’m guessing that you’re wondering why we look so different?” Yang asked, catching on to Weiss’s look. “Well, I guess that’s ’cause we’re half-sisters. Different moms, same dad. Ruby went with her mom’s last name, though. Me, I went with our dad’s, which is Xiao-Long.”

“Is that so…”

To be honest, Weiss was surprised by her observations on the half-sisters. They were doing better than what she expected from such siblings, considering how quickly Ruby forgave Yang back there.

“Hard to imagine sisters like us getting along, huh?” Yang suddenly said, causing Weiss to wonder about whether the blonde girl had a mind-reading Semblance or something. “We had to get along well, especially after Summer died. Summer’s Ruby’s mom, by the way.”

“What happened? I mean…if it’s okay to ask, that is.”

“Well…she went out on a mission. Aside from being an awesome mom, she was an awesome Huntress too, and…she never came back from that mission. Dad didn’t take it well, and my uncle had to take care of us while Dad recovered. As for me, I eventually became protective of Ruby.”

With that, Weiss ended up looking down at the ground, feeling awkward because of raising such heavy topics.

“You know what, before we go downhill here, we should talk about your name,” Yang said, stopping their walk temporarily. “So, what’s your name?” she asked with a smile.

At that, Weiss took her frown away, and she wore a small smile.

“My name is Weiss,” she answered.


“Wandering Weiss,” the former heiress immediately answered, and then she quickly noticed how that could go downhill fast.

“Is that a…”

“Stage name,” Weiss cut in. “You can call me Weiss. As for my last name…I do not want to talk about it.”

“Alright, then, Weiss,” Yang replied, extending an open hand. “First name’s enough.”

“Thank you, Yang.”

And the two did a handshake.

With that, they looked forward.

Up ahead was Ruby and Jaune, and they looked like they were having fun doing conversation together. The former was puffing her chest out, and after some seconds, the latter was letting out a laugh that could be heard from a distance.

“You know, I think I’ve met your partner before,” the blonde girl mentioned. “I just can’t remember exactly when and where…”

Now that reminded Weiss of her musician companion’s unusual irritation a while ago.

“Maybe we should ask him later, then,” the former heiress suggested.

“Alright,” the blonde girl agreed. “Also, wanna catch up with the two of them now?”


The two trailing girls then quickened their walking, and eventually…

“Yo, how are you two lovebirds doing?” Yang shouted, causing the two in front to jump with surprise.

“Yang!” Ruby shouted back with a blush. “What did I tell you a while ago!?”

“Oops…” the older sister said, wearing an awkward grin while scratching the back of her head. “Sorry…”

“Your sister knows how to apologize,” Jaune said, rolling his eyes. “How gladdening.”

“Jaune!” Ruby called out.

“Hey, now that’s rude, buddy,” Yang told her fellow blonde, with her grin gaining some edge. “What’s your problem, huh?”

The blonde musician gave his fellow blonde a glare and a frown, but no words for a bunch of seconds. Then…

“You don’t remember?” he asked.

Yang raised an eyebrow at that.

“So I guess we’ve met before, then?” she asked back. “I can’t remember exactly when and where, though, so tell me: When and where have we met before?”

Again, Jaune silently glared and frowned for another bunch of seconds before talking again.

“Junior’s nightclub,” he mentioned. “Around a month ago.”

Yang didn’t answer quick there, taking time to process that information. Eventually, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.


“Yes,” Jaune confirmed. “I’m that acoustic guitar player you gave a tip to after you wrecked the club. You know, the one you left with a broken guitar after trying to give him a beatdown!”

Now, he was breathing pretty hard, face red with anger. From the way his clenched fists trembled, it seemed that he was trying to hold back from unleashing further aggression upon Ruby’s sister.

“We were talking about that a while ago, Yang,” Ruby stated, arms crossed as she gave a disappointed look at her sister. “I think we should settle this here and now, spare Dad the trouble and all that. You know what happened when he found about what you did to that club, right?”

Yang grimaced at the mention of their father. Then, she sighed, hand on the back of her hanging head.

Eventually, Yang raised her face somewhat, enough to make eye contact with Jaune.

“Sorry…” she said, eyes going down to look at the ground again. “I’m really sorry…”

Meanwhile, Weiss noticed how tense her self was feeling at the interaction happening in front of her. The level of rage coming from Jaune was something she had never encountered before, and of course, the thought of losing friends so quickly was not a pleasing thought.

Then, the wandering singer looked at the blonde guitarist, who was now shaking less and breathing slower. He still had that frown and glare, but they had less edge now.

“Don’t think you’re getting off easy,” he then said. “Come on, Ruby.”

The younger sister gave her older sister a look, and then she went to follow Jaune, leaving a “Good luck, Yang” as well.

As for Yang, she sighed.

“Lectured by my own younger sister…” she said, bits of an awkward laugh coming out with that. “I’m really not being a good older sister, huh?”

Weiss, looking with concern, tried to think of something to say to cheer one of her newfound friends up.

Thankfully, many years of memories with her own older sister were there to help.

“I’m sure you can do better, Yang,” the former heiress told the blonde girl. “Just keep on trying to do better.”

“You sure about that, though?” Yang doubted.

“I myself have an older sister,” Weiss answered, “And she has aggressiveness of her own, but she is still able to do things that make her a good older sister. That is why I believe that you can do better as an older sister and, ultimately, as a person.”

The former heiress then remembered the warm smile Winter gave her during many points of her life.

Again, Weiss was thankful for her older sister.

“Maybe you have a point,” the former heiress then heard the blonde girl say. “But for now, I guess I’ll have to give them some space.”

“Would you like someone to talk with, then?” Weiss offered with a smile.

At that, Yang sent a smile back.

“Sure, Weiss-cream.”

But that nickname got Weiss frowning.

“What?” Yang responded. “Cold but sweet! Ice cream! Weiss! Weiss-cream! Puns! Come on…”

Hm…now that she thought about it, it sounded like some nice praise.

“I’ll let that slide, then,” the former heiress yielded, giving her new friend a smile.

And besides, it wasn’t like that nickname would matter much to the Schnees now. They’d be angry if they ever found out about a Schnee agreeing to have such a nickname.

Indeed, “Weiss-cream” was beginning to sound like a nickname that would fit a rebel, alright.

Author’s Note: Again, I’d like to say that I took inspiration from Coeur Al’Aran’s “Winter is Coming” segment in The Writer Games. Also, welcome to the Patch Arc (no pun intended in that arc name). I’ve been working on the next parts of this arc, which are more challenging to me compared to the previous chapters. Now, with the increasing difficulty in writing chapters for this fanfic, I’m gonna have to be more serious with my time management as well.

Oh, and I’ve begun to introduce my headcanons about Jaune’s family. I like other versions, like Coeur’s, but I’d like to be more original, so there. Also, say hello to a more detailed depiction of that fateful first meeting with Jaune.

So yeah, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Next Chapter: Patching Up

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