For Jin-san’s birthday, Tobby tried to sing Souzou Forest again

This is a late upload, with me having decided to make it a day before Jin’s birthday (which, I guess, is better than uploading it ten days earlier). Still, I’m confident in this retake of a song that’s freaking dear to me. I find my voice sounding better with a raised key, and I think I can say that the audio quality of this is better than my previous attempt at covering this song. Also, this cover has no harmony track, as I think that my singing sounds more natural that way.

Oh, and even though I can’t really watch it, I’m freaking excited about the KagePro MX4D movie! Special mention goes to sidu having the director role and to the character designs, yo~ Also, I wanna sharpen up my Japanese skills and properly get my own copies of the light novels and the manga! Oh, and then there’s Mekakucity Reload! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Ah, and speaking of KagePro, I might do rearrange covers of Momo’s songs sometime…and emphasis on “might,” ’cause I got other things I gotta focus on, like school and homework, household chores, and that one music video I haven’t started working on yet.

Okay, so now, here’s this cover’s mp3, yo! \(^o^)

And of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated! 🙂

Feel free to say something!

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