Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – November 2016

November seems to have been a month which was very stressful for me. I’d like to talk about a bunch of problems I’ve been trying to deal with, but I don’t like talking about the deeper details willy-nilly in zones like this, so yeah (And maybe those reblogs this month can be hints? Well, I guess they’re more likely to be vague hints…). And yeah, not being able to update Wandering Weiss as regularly as I used to do is disappointing, but hey, I’m still gonna update it sometime. Same goes for that promise to upload an English song cover, too. As of now, I’m at the encoding stage for a certain English song cover of mine…

And hey, I did manage to get some significant posts up this month. Aside fromWandering Weiss chapter, I managed to post three pieces of music stuff: a vocal cover of 40mP’s “Daremo Shiranai Happy End,” an original song named “Scramble of the Restless,” and a arrangement + vocal cover of Jin’s “Outer Science.” All of them had a lot of work put into them, and they wouldn’t be here without the help of other people as well.

Also, I’ve been more active in the Professor Arc Forum in, I think. That, and there’s a roleplaying forum for the peeps from said forum, which I’ve been more active in as well. My feelings about that are a mix of “What am I doing with my life?” and “Well, this is freaking worthwhile!” Yeah, freaking nuts, alright…

As for house and school stuff, chores still keep on coming, and then there’s the nearing end of the semester, which means a heavy load of school-related work. With that, I don’t want to waste a lot of time here. See you again in the den, yo, and honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Tobby tried to arrange and sing “Outer Science”

I’m back with an arrangement + vocal cover, yo!

Also, I begun working on this one way before I worked on the first arrange cover that I uploaded. Like, my work on this begun while I begun figuring out chord charts online. And yes, although I like how this cover turned out, I don’t think I can call myself someone who has a firm grasp on basic music theory. Not like I can’t learn, though.

And speaking of which, I’d like to send special thanks with the upload of this cover! There’s Fuyuneru and Toshihiro, Youtaites whom I had asked for feedback regarding my arrangement plus help when it came to looking for a singer for my arrangement. I’d like to apologize to them as well, though, as I had done things that were contrary to their suggestions, such as having myself as the singer in this cover. Still, it’s not like they weren’t worth thinking about, so yeah, I’m still thankful for their thoughts!

Special thanks also goes to TechniKen, who had given me some encouraging feedback on the arrangement plus motivation to work harder on the vocal mix!

And last but not least in the Special Thanks section is a Vocaloid producer who had a lot of influence in the making of this cover: Tenshi~Akari! She got me improving the beat of the arrangement, and she also introduced the wonders of bass instruments to me! Along with those was an increase in my music knowledge, too!

Now, there’s one more person I’d like give credit to: Mcki Robyns-P! She helped me out with mixing the tracks, especially the vocals, and she also mastered the cover track. The result is something that I like very much, yo!

And here’s a reminder about how dark “Outer Science” is~ Freaking nuts, no?

Meanwhile, about my life lately, yeah, this semester is nearing its end, and as usual, I need to work hard and accomplish my academic requirements, yo~ That, and I should go talk with my parents sometime soon…

Oh, and hey, this cover’s mp3, yo. Also, here’s the offvocal. Don’t forget to credit me, The Overlord Bear, if you’re gonna use it, okay? Oh, and notifying me about that is a more fun idea, if you ask me.

And of course, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated! \(^o^)

Scramble of the Restless

After around 8 months, I’m back with an original song and an MV for it.

The production of the music pretty much involved me going spontaneous a lot. My judgments on how the composition and the arrangement were pieced together were mostly based on my gut and my experiences with my favorite music, too. You can say that I was experimenting a lot, I guess. Same goes for the audio engineering, which isn’t as meticulous as my recent attempts at it. And compared to making the instrumental track, the lyrics were easier to make, especially after making the instrumental track.

And hey, although I had finished the production of the audio several months ago, I still feel impressed by it. Not like I can’t do better, though.

Now, as for the lyrics, I drew a lot of inspiration from my time management habits and stuff. The rhythm of my daily routine back then, which is unfortunately similar to my current rhythm, often had me lacking sleep and wasting time. Yet, a struggle to change that rhythm existed and continues to exist. I wonder if you can feel my struggle, then?

And now, I’d like to thank Serene Harper, a friend of mine who drew the illustrations in the music video. I hope that my work with AviUtl made them worth looking at, too. Also, there was a sparkly version of a certain illustration, a version which I didn’t use because I felt like it wouldn’t be in line with the feel of the song. So yeah, I’d like to apologize for that.

Also, I’d like to thank Pamo, who gave me encouraging feedback regarding the song.

Oh, and hey, along with this song’s mp3, here’s the instrumental and the lyrics sheet as well. I feel confident enough about this song, yo~

Still, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated. 🙂


There is only One Absolute Monarch and His Name is Jesus Christ

Thanks be to God.

Littlemore Tracts

The Solemnity of Christ the King 2016

He delivered us from the power of darkness
and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son,.
Col. 1:13

The Solemnity of Christ the King was a beautiful and timely gift to the universal Church from Pope Pius XI in the last century, December 11, 1925. The encyclical Quas Primas in which this great solemnity was established was written only three years into his pontificate, and it was his response to what he said were the “manifold evils in the world [were] due to the fact that the majority of men had thrust Jesus Christ and his holy law out of their lives.” Like his predecessor, Benedict XV, Pius XI was deeply troubled by the aftereffects of World War I in Europe, a growing secularization of society, increasing nationalism and a very hostile anti-clericalism. While there were certainly many causes of this…

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The Final Judgment and Moral Sensibility

Here’s something that got me thinking today.

Littlemore Tracts

33rd Sunday of ordinary time 2016

You will be hated by all because of my name,
but not a hair on your head will be destroyed.
By your perseverance you will secure your lives.”
Lk. 21:19

             As the Church’s liturgical year draws to a close, the liturgy directs out attention to the world to come, to the so-called last things, death, judgment, the reward of Heaven or the punishment of Hell. Today most people in the once Christian West don’t pay much attention to these Gospel accounts of the last things. For a huge number of Westerners, faith is dead, and even nominal Christians no longer believe there really a final judgment. Many others claim they have some kind of faith, but their “faith” does not cause them any concern regarding a divine judgment, since they no longer believe that anyone really goes to Hell.

The universal…

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Tobby tried to sing “Daremo Shiranai Happy End”

Greetings, peeps. Although this was also worked on while I stayed up late one night, I feel pretty confident about this cover of mine. The added harmony and ornamentation tracks, the more meticulous audio engineering work (which included an attempt at mastering the cover), and the singing with what I consider a compatible key got me listening to a track that makes me feel excited about publicly uploading it! Still, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated!

Oh, and by the way, I wanted to cover this song in English, but remembering the referenced tales in it made me reconsider. Also, this song made me cry once back then. 40mP is freaking awesome, yo~

And now, this cover’s mp3.

And again, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated! \(^o^)

Meanwhile, I gotta sleep more, yo…

Wandering Weiss – Chapter 7

Wandering Weiss

a RWBY fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Were it not for a wandering musician’s cynical words, Weiss Schnee would have continued on the path to becoming a Huntress. Now, a disinherited Weiss lives as a wandering singer, trying to be a hero in a different manner, with that wandering musician named Jaune Arc as a companion…

Previous Chapter: Patching Up

First Chapter: A Change of Path

Chapter 7: Patches and Nightshades

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