Wandering Weiss – Chapter 7

Wandering Weiss

a RWBY fanfiction by The Overlord Bear

Summary: Were it not for a wandering musician’s cynical words, Weiss Schnee would have continued on the path to becoming a Huntress. Now, a disinherited Weiss lives as a wandering singer, trying to be a hero in a different manner, with that wandering musician named Jaune Arc as a companion…

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First Chapter: A Change of Path

Chapter 7: Patches and Nightshades

Dear Weiss,

Due to your status as a wanderer, I am unable to send you my own handwritten reply. Still, despite my replies to you via scroll, I do not mind you sending me handwritten letters. I shall treasure them, certainly.

Now, regarding recent activities in the family and the business, things are surprisingly unhurried here. The pace is still like the normal, everyday pace of activities, though, but I have not noticed signs of him having released news of your disinheritance. And now that I mention it, his behavior reminds me of the time when I decided to enter the military, a time when he did not speak up to the public about my decision until I myself revealed it willingly. Currently, the rumor mill is focused on your strange absence from your usual activities in the Schnee mansion, but you still being a Schnee seems to remain a fact to everyone except Father and us, his daughters. However, I would not trust this condition to last long, as I expect the walls to have ears – especially Whitley’s – so I expect you and your companion to be prepared for that.

Also, I think we can say that Father does care about us…but in strange ways. He offered me the position of heiress,along with listing his conditions for me if I were to accept, but he let me be with a noticeable lack of edge when I disagreed with his conditions, telling me that Whitley’s still there as well. Perhaps your disinheritance caused Father and I to think deeper, considering our actions and thoughts about management of various things in our lives, no? It seems to be that way to me, as Father has been quieter lately, while some of my subordinates have expressed surprise at how gentler I am to them.

As for the changes in your life, well, troubles are to be expected. No one is exempted from them on the road to progress. The pride and confidence we have will be shattered, and those times will be painful. Still, it is in those times when we realize our foolishness, and as long as we do not continue to let pain and failure take control of ourselves, those times will lead us to learning, improvement, and success. Do not stay down after you stumble. Stand up and live on. And do not forget to have a sharper eye towards people. To build meaningful bonds with other people is very important, and treating them as more than faceless figures will help in the formation of such bonds. I will be honest, however: I had made the mistake of underestimating people more than once before, and I had to pay the price. Still, those times had led me to becoming who I am now, and perhaps they will continue to do so as long as my short temper maintains its habit of being short. I do not regret becoming a Specialist, yes, and as for you, my dear sister, I will do my very best to help you towards becoming someone you will not regret.

Now, I would like to say that I am happy for you and the friendships that you had formed. Keep building such bonds well, Weiss.

Also, your information about Beacon Headmaster Ozpin is likely to irritate General Ironwood. I can imagine the General calling Ozpin a hypocrite for doing such underhanded actions, though perhaps the insult can be thrown back at the General, sadly. Yes, your change of course in life has made me think about how much I have actually contributing to society as a Huntress and as a Specialist. Do not fret about it, however, as I have not lost the will to fulfill those two roles, and you can say that I have gone too far away from the thought of quitting away from them.

Now, regarding the works of music that you have talked about…whether I would like it or not, watching you do something you chose to do would make me happy. I look forward to watching you and your companion performing at least once sometime, wherever and whenever that performance would be. I am also considering finding some safe and profitable locations for your work as well while traveling around Remnant during my work time, and I would do so if you are willing. Please forgive me for being a meddling sister if my suggestion does not please you, though.

Anyway, I hope you are having worthwhile times with your friends. Give that Arc boy my regards for his help in your growth…and a slap to his face for irritating my dear younger sister. But in seriousness, I will not mind if you choose not to give that slap, but I will not be surprised if you actually decide to slap him. Though…yes, I honestly want him slapped.

And again, I do not mind receiving handwritten letters from you. With that, I am looking forward to your reply, my dear sister.

Your older sister,


Waking up in the morning had Weiss checking her scroll, which seemed to be a habit that she was growing lately. She was notified about a message from Winter, which she had already finished reading.

Yes, it was a shame for her dear older sister to be unable to reply with a handwritten letter as well, but she understood that it couldn’t be helped. Still, she would make another handwritten reply sometime.

As for the activities in the Schnee family, Weiss felt a mix of relief and nervousness. There was embarrassment and anxiety about the turmoil she had caused within Father and Winter, and then there was worry about younger brother Whitley, but still, she took Winter’s advice to heart.

And speaking of Winter’s encouragement, Weiss was welcome to the idea of Winter suggesting performance locations, though the former heiress intended to do that once she got the hang of handling deals with future employers.

“Weiss…what was that for…?”

“My older sister gives you her regards.”

Also, Weiss fulfilled that request from her older sister. To be more exact, she smiled at Jaune as she slapped his face and pulled it back into place.

“Would you older sister consider giving something gentler?” Jaune deadpanned back.

“No,” Weiss answered, still smiling. “It would take a lot to earn mercy from a soldier like her, Jaune.”

“Well, that sucks, then,” the blonde musician replied with a groan and a shake of his head. “Anyway, aren’t you girls gonna ask us about last night and this heartbroken crow here?”

With that, Weiss, accompanied by Ruby and Yang, put their focus on Qrow, who looked and smelled like he got thrown into a ditch or something similar.

“Uuugghhh…” the scruffy man groaned, his tired eyes focused on the ceiling.

“What did you two blonde boys do to him, exactly…?” Yang asked, a grin growing on her face.

“While we were on a trip to the pub without actually drinking alcohol…” Mr. Xiao Long started.

“Ooh, that’s gonna be one crazy trip,” Ruby commented.

“…your Uncle Qrow was egging Jaune to show off some pickup skills.”

Meanwhile, Jaune slicked his hair back and gave a cheeky smile and wink to Weiss, who rolled her eyes.

“And then he managed to have some fun conversation with one girl,” Mr. Xiao Long continued, “Which didn’t go well with Uncle Qrow here, so the guy decided to up the difficulty by challenging Jaune into picking up two dating lesbians.”

“Ooh, I like where this is going…” Yang said, grin really wide at this point.

“I didn’t actually pick them up, though,” Jaune added. “More like asked them to pretend that they were willing to have a threesome with me and speak loud enough for Qrow to hear. Qrow got pissed, but that wasn’t the end of it yet.”

“It was at that point when he decided to try maintaining his pride as – quote, unquote – ‘The Master of Casual,'” the older blonde man continued. “The broken pride really showed when he tried to pick up four girls…who were Huntresses having a team reunion.”

“They then gave Qrow the juiciest innuendo,” Jaune followed, “Escorted him out of the bar, with us following them…and then…”

“””He got beaten up?””” the three girls tried to finish.

“It’s just a minor setback, you blonde bastards!” Qrow complained, one hand raised to the air while he slouched on a chair and glared at the two blonde males. “I’m a Huntsman, and my stamina is unbeatable! I can deal with not drinking for longer times, too!”

That last statement was followed by his raised hand moving to touch a side of his pants, which was followed by frantic tapping on that part, and then an utterance of “Damn it…I can’t wait to get a mission again…”

“That’s our uncle, alright,” Ruby remarked, shaking her head with a resigned sigh. “As for the three of us, it was one fun night! We painted nails, styled our hair, and talked about boys!”

“Like Jaune!”

And Yang got an elbow from Ruby.

“I didn’t say anything, Ruby…” Yang shot back with a cheeky smirk.


Mr. Xiao Long chuckled at that.

“Ah, youth…” he also said. “Jaune will still need to go through me and your Uncle Qrow if he’s interested, though…but first, you’ll have to finish school!”

“Daaaaaaaaaad!” Ruby yelled, face colored with her trademark color.

Ruby’s fellow family members, even tired Qrow, gave some laughter at that. Weiss simply sighed and smiled at the lively family.

“Sorry, though, Ruby…” Jaune then said, an awkward smile on his face, “But I have someone else I’m interested in, and…well, we can still be friends and chat via scroll, no?”

The little red reaper, still blushing, then hung her head and let her shoulders sink, sighing.

“That sucks…Well, at least we’re still friends!” Ruby declared, though the smile on her face seemed somewhat forced. “Who’s the girl you’re interested in, though…?”

“Do I smell rivalry here…?” Yang stage-whispered, only to get another elbow from Ruby.

“Don’t worry, Ruby,” Jaune replied, smile on his face as he placed a hand on Ruby’s head, ruffling her hair, “I’m sure there’ll be a likable guy who will like you as well!”

“Yeah!” Qrow cut in, raising a pointer finger. “Take a page from your Uncle Qrow: Never give up!”

“And don’t be a smelly drunk,” Mr. Xiao Long added.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever…and keep on having that energy, Ruby!”

“Also, make sure you introduce him to us sometime!” Yang threw in with a hug. “Dad, Qrow, and I would be happy to welcome him, if you get what I mean!”

Again, Ruby sighed with resignation, but she wore a smile as well.

“This is my family, alright…” Ruby said, relaxing in Yang’s hug.

“What a great family, indeed…” Weiss then whispered to herself, feeling some envy as she smiled at Ruby and her family. “I wish I had a family as energetic as theirs…but still, I don’t want to throw my family away just like that, let alone Winter…”

“You’re leaving today, Weiss?”

“Yeah…Jaune told me about a job offer he received today. We’ll be going back to Vale today to be able to prepare further. I’m sorry to be going so soon, Ruby.”

Outside the house, with the sun up in the sky, Weiss and Jaune stood in front of Ruby, Yang, and Mr. Xiao-Long. Qrow had left for another mission, while the wandering musicians were carrying their luggage as they stood.

“Well, we’ll definitely miss you,” the little red reaper said. “Oh, and you got my scroll number and Yang’s, right?”

“Yes, I do,” Weiss answered. “I made sure to triple-check my list of contacts before leaving.”

“And here we have the Ice Queen again,” Jaune quipped, earning a flick to his forehead from Weiss. “Anyway, we’ll probably visit again sometime. I don’t know exactly when, but there’s a chance. For now, feel free to message us via scroll!”

“Will do!” Yang affirmed with a thumbs-up.

“Good luck, you two,” Mr. Xiao Long then told the wandering musician duo. “And be careful,” he added, though his eyes were focusing more on Jaune at that point. “I know it would be too much to ask you to put your trust in Huntsmen and Huntresses, too, though, but I don’t know how to tell you what you should do in case of Grimm and all that…”

“No need to worry, Mr. Xiao Long,” the blonde musician replied. “I’ve been realizing that I’ve been immature to Huntsmen and Huntresses…yeah…”

Weiss saw what seemed to be sadness in Jaune’s face as he said that. His gaze also seemed distant again as he looked down at the ground.

“Take care, anyway, Jaune, Weiss,” the older man responded. “I hope you two find happiness…well, not in that way, but if you do find it in that way…then hey, another good thing, no?”

At that, Weiss gave a glance at Jaune, who didn’t seem affected by that reference to the possibility of a romantic relationship. Still, he seemed out of it, eyes not looking up ahead.

“Yeah, okay…” Jaune also said.

She wouldn’t say that she had romantic feelings for him, but Weiss did feel the need to talk with her partner musician some more while riding a Bullhead to Vale. She was relying on him, and she wasn’t planning on doing nothing and letting him be a burden as well.

“Let’s go, Jaune,” Weiss told him. Then, to Ruby, Yang, and Mr. Xiao Long: “Until we meet again.”

“Alright,” Jaune replied. “Take care,” he also said, but with his back facing the three Patch residents.

“Hey, how about I go along with you guys to the port and all?” Yang then said as Weiss began to turn around and follow Jaune. “You look like you need to be sent off with some more energy, you know…” she also said with an awkward smile.

“Fine…” the blonde musician answered with a resigned sigh, beginning his walk to the port quickly.

“Alright, then,” Weiss agreed with a nod. “Perhaps you can help, Yang.”

“Sweet,” Yang said with a small smile.

Still, Weiss could see some worry and concern in the blonde girl’s face.


“What is it, Yang?”

For someone who offered to accompany them for the sake of bringing in more energy, Yang was strangely quiet.

“Well…” the blonde girl started, “To be honest, I…I wanted to make a selfish request.”

Weiss sighed at that, but Yang interrupted as the former heiress tried to make a reply.

“It’s something I didn’t want to talk about in front of Qrow and Dad and Ruby!” she explained with a nervous shout, followed by taking something out of her pocket. “I’m sorry, it’s just…I’m looking for my mom.”

Yang then showed a picture of two people. One of them was a younger version of Taiyang Xiao Long, smiling while having an arm over the shoulder of a stoic woman pulled close to him, a woman whose features reminded Weiss of the girl who held the photo.

“Your biological mother?” Weiss asked.

“Yeah,” Yang answered. “She’s still alive. She…she quickly left Dad and I after I was born, though…She really broke his heart, but…Well, I just want to know why she left us like that!”

She wasn’t really sure about it, but Weiss felt like she caught a glimpse of Yang’s eyes becoming blazing red momentarily. Still, Yang’s frustration was clear to Weiss.

“And by the way, I was looking for information about her during the time when I trashed that bar Jaune was performing at once,” the blonde girl added. “I wasn’t going to let the info guy off just like that, so I decided to try getting info by kicking his ass, and then I got into a brawl against his thugs, and I got carried away…I’m really really sorry…”

Taking that bursting flow of information in took some more time and effort on Weiss’s part, and she blinked as she thought about what to say.

Yang, abandoned by her biological mother right after giving birth to her? If that wasn’t bad, then Weiss didn’t know what was actually bad at all.

Also, Weiss reminded herself to be more careful when around Junior’s nightclub, but hey, that’s another matter for another time…

“I don’t know how much I can help…” Weiss then said, “Maybe it would be little…but I will try, especially if I see her. She needs some explaining to do to her daughter, indeed.”

And then Weiss was suddenly wrapped in a hug.

“Thank you…” Yang whispered, “And I’m sorry for the trouble…”

Weiss smiled, and she dropped her suitcase to hug the blonde girl back as well.

“Don’t worry,” the former heiress said. “I’ll do my best to help. That’s what friends are for, no?”

At that, Weiss felt a sigh of relief from Yang. Then, they let go of each other, both having smiles on their faces.

“You’re awesome, Weiss-cream,” the blonde girl gently praised.

“Thank you, Yang,” the white-haired girl responded. “I’ll take the photo with me, then.”


Weiss took the photo and kept it in between the pages of one of her novels in her suitcase, and with that…

“Let’s go, Weiss. Wouldn’t want to make Jaune wait for too long, you know. Like, Xiao Long are we gonna stand here?”

Sighing with a light facepalm and a shake of her head, the wandering singer gave the flicked the blonde girl’s forehead.

“Well, looks like our friendship’s growing, Weiss-cream!”

Weiss chuckled at that.

“Lead the way, then, Yang.”

And so, they made their way to the port town.

After exchanging goodbyes with Yang, reminding Jaune to take medicine against motion sickness, and getting seats for themselves in the Bullhead, Weiss and Jaune were on their way to one of the coastal cities in the Kingdom of Vale.

“Something on your mind, Jaune?”

“Huh? Oh…it’s nothing…”

Weiss rolled her eyes, and then she narrowed her eyes on Jaune’s profile.

“Really, Jaune? Nothing? You’re okay with Yang and Qrow already, so what’s the problem this time?”


The blonde muttered something, but Weiss didn’t catch what he said. Still, she maintained her sight on him.

“It’s none of your business, Weiss,” he said.

“It is my business as well if you’re going to put our future performances in jeopardy, Jaune,” the former heiress snapped back, keeping her voice low while eyeing the surroundings. “I haven’t been increasing my involvement beyond merely singing and following you around because of my unfamiliarity with this sort of life, and I will not let myself be like that forever. I may be a former heiress, but that doesn’t erase the lessons I’ve learned from the Schnee family easily.”

Jaune snorted, and he locked serious eyes with Weiss.

“You think you can understand?” he asked. “Well, to give you a hint, it’s a family problem of my own, one which doesn’t involve your family. You can put your Schnee lessons back in whatever fancy castle you have in your mind there.”

Weiss clenched her fists, resisting the urge to punch his face. If she weren’t in a place as public as a Bullhead’s interior, then she would have punched him then and there.

With that, she took a deep breath.

“We’re not done with this yet, Jaune,” she told him. “And if you try to run, I will hunt you down, even to the point of causing rackets.”

“Yeah, sure, Ice Queen…”

The former heiress huffed, turning her head away from her grumpy companion. Simply letting him off the hook would be more counterproductive, as Weiss had a hard time imagining herself trying to find a different wandering musician companion.

Not like she looked at Jaune in that way, though. Still, she wasn’t going to abandon this venture so easily.

But for now, she needed to cool her head off. Calm and icy was more her style, and she was feeling the heat of rage near a dangerous level.

“Hah, joke’s on you, Jaune…” Weiss muttered, wearing a litte sneer on her face before closing her eyes.



“Miss, it’s time to disembark.”

Weiss blinked and yawned, waking up from that nap she had.

Then, when her senses were working well enough, her eyes and ears caught the emptiness and silence of the open Bullhead’s interior. Near her was some man – probably a fellow passenger, judging from his clothes and his luggage – who was looking at her with concern.

“Also, uh…I think your…uhh…”

“Blonde companion with a guitar case?” Weiss tried to continue, dread creeping into her as well. “Are you saying that…”

“Uh, yeah…I think he left you behind…”


The former heiress took some seconds of silence to process that piece of information.

“Thank you very much for your information, sir,” she then said.

And then she stood up, taking her suitcase, which was also left behind with her by her wayward companion.

Walking out of the Bullhead, her speed gradually increased, and so did the tightness of her grip on the handle of her suitcase.

As she walked, the flow of unfamiliar people on unfamiliar streets added fuel to her burning emotions.

Those burning emotions then took a more noticeable form.


She needed to draw his attention. She promised to hunt him down, even if it meant causing rackets and chaos and all that, if he decided to run away from her. She would draw attention until she finally drew his, and she would walk around, shouting his name again and again as she wondered about why in the world he would do something cowardly, and when she finds him, she would –


“What do you want? If you’re thinking tha…”

Weiss’s impending rant was stopped upon seeing the girl she had turned to face.

“You’re Weiss…right?”

She wore a bandana which covered the whole top of her head instead of that bow which covered a part of it like a pair of extra ears. Along with that, the presence of the apron and the long skirt in her outfit made her look more like a sociable inn worker.

Still, upon seeing her face and hearing more of her voice, Weiss felt like she had met her before.


Author’s Note: Hello again, dear readers. I didn’t update last week, but I’m not gonna give up on this. Meanwhile, I need to work on my time management better…and maybe read some more originals on Wattpad and on r/WritingPrompts, too…

Anyway, with this chapter, the Patch Arc is done, and so are the Patch puns in the chapter titles. Also, Blake’s gonna have more presence, and with the airing of Volume 4, I’m now trying to integrate some newly introduced characters into this fanfic. I’ll probably have less frequent updating in order to process new canon revelations better, though, so I’d like to apologize if the slower updating isn’t pleasing to you.

Now, I’ll say this again: Honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated.

Next Chapter: Remembering Boundaries

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