Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – December 2016 + 2016 in Review

Welp, it’s been quite a year, indeed. A bunch would say that it sucked, and a bunch would say that it rocked, but if you ask me, it both sucked and rocked, and since it rocked, I’d still keep on living, yo~

So yeah, I’ve been through a lot this year…like making some strange friendships with peeps at the Professor Arc Forum, managing to get through two semesters of uni, uploading a bunch of music stuff, starting a multi-chapter RWBY fanfic, getting my heart shaken by “Kimi no Na wa.”/”Your Name.,” writing stories, trying to hammer in a better routine into my head, attempting comedy vids, translating stuff from one language to another, starting this monthly update habit, and a bunch of other stuff that you’d learn more about if you’re that enthusiastic about knowing what the freaking nuts I was doing this year…but that sort of enthusiasm would probably creep me out, now that I think about it…

Anyway, what a year, indeed. As usual, I’m looking forward to good things in the coming year, and I’m gonna keep on doing my best!

Now, here are the posts that I managed to put up during December 2016:

Hmm…I’ve been doing a lot of music stuff lately during December 2016…but still, I wanna work on writing stories some more. Also, I’m going to focus on collab covers in the near future. That, and I’ll probably upload a solo arrangement + vocal cover and/or a solo original too.

And agh, I should really cut down on the impulsiveness, indeed…

Oh, and before I completely forget about it, I mixed another cover by Shiriru. He tried to sing Chouchou-P’s “Kokoronashi,” yo~ And hey, before that, I mixed a cover by Nyusan, who tried to sing Jin’s “Outer Science” with my instrumental arrangement of it!

And now, considering the time…well, Happy New Year, dear peeps! \(^o^)

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