Tobby tried to sing “Once I Leave”

As my next uni semester starts with them classes, here’s me with my first song cover for the year 2017!

Also, yeah, I know that it’s a pretty sad song. I guess I needed to vent some immature thoughts out with style, yo. Like, they’re not as frequent as they were when I was younger, but I do have thoughts about running away from my problems from time to time. That, and I wanted to try singing something with this sort of emotional feel. Really, the orchestral arrangement adds to the emotional impact, if you ask me!

By the way, I know that the above song is not as popular as most of the songs that I’ve covered before, but I like it enough to cover it, yo! If you’d like to check out Mcki’s other works, then here’s a link to her YouTube Channel, yo! \(^o^)

Oh, and yes, my voice broke at one point there. One part of me thinks it sucks, considering how bad breaking voices can be, while another part of me thinks it fits with the song and its sadness. Well, with that, I’m looking forward to your honest constructive feedback some more now, dear listeners!

And now, this song cover’s mp3. 🙂

Feel free to say something!

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