Tobby tried to sing “Haikei Doppelganger”

So, I’m back with a song cover, and this one took a while, with one major factor being my inability to access the Niconico uploader for some reason. That aside, the cover’s here, and I still feel good about this one!

So yeah, I covered kemu’s latest comeback song and addition to the PANDORA VOXX series. Like, the one he uploaded after his four-year hiatus. Talk about long, but I’ve been expecting his comeback ever since he had that “Haiboku no Shounen” piano cover of his uploaded by his video effects pal last year. Also, yes, kemu is one of the dudes of Penguin Research, particularly the bassist + composer. I’ve gotten info about it before, but I was waiting for kemu’s more formal confirmation.

Anyway, about the cover production, I went and used the non-mastered instrumental. kemu’s mastered version was too loud for my vocal and mixing skills, so yeah. And the song’s speed and weight made recording a challenge. I think I broke a lot of sweat during the recordings, too, hahaha…Hard and loud singing can be fun, but it can also take a chunk out, alright, even if the song is within my vocal range…

Also, the shouts you hear in the bridge are mine instead of the ones provided by kemu’s production. That also did a number on my throat, though I think I managed to put some impressive weight into it. And again, keeping the volume balance between vocal and instrumental was a challenge, and maybe even more so with this hard-hitting sound that kemu produced.

So yeah, honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated. ^_^

And hey, here’s this cover’s mp3.

Feel free to say something!

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