a piece of fiction written by The Overlord Bear

and beta-read by Medieval Otaku

Summary: Breaking up with Minty was easy, but moving on from that and everything else they had was difficult. Still, Leo knew that he still can and will always find good people in his life for as long as he struggles toward the truly better path.


A ray of morning light shone past a gap in the curtains, gradually searing the face of a young man on a bed.

Well, that was how it felt for Leo, who had been dragged into another night with his girlfriend in her apartment unit. He sat up rather than roll away, as rolling away would lead him to falling off the bed and making noise.

Really, noise was the last thing he wanted right now.

And right now, he wanted to think again, to think quietly and without his girlfriend trying to distract him.

Looking at himself in the vanity mirror across the room, he saw his half-naked form, a form which was covered by a blanket and nothing else. Visible along with the uncovered parts of his body were suction marks from his girlfriend’s lips. Then, his attention moved to his oily and messy hair, some bunches of black and blonde strands sticking to his sweaty and smelly face. He parted some bangs out of the way of his brown eyes, letting him see more of his light-skinned face, which he often had confidence in despite dots of darker pigments on his cheeks. Along with his body, perhaps he could call his face somewhat chiseled, considering how much he worked out with his girlfriend.

Lately, though…well, he found more difficulty in gathering confidence in his physical appearance. The cluttered room around him wasn’t helping, too.

Looking at the state of the room now, he could see potato chips on the floor, which trailed to the opened bag which they came from. Glasses and bottles of soda were turned over, their contents and their coldness being small puddles on a spot beside the game console which they were playing with before his girlfriend took him and had the two of them do each other. Meanwhile, on the spot where Leo could’ve fallen and made noise if he rolled away from his sleeping girlfriend, his clothes were lying in a wrinkled heap. He could remember his girlfriend growling and throwing them away to the closed window, which then had them fall down to the shadowed floor.

Leo then shivered, remembering how the airconditioner was still on. With that, he looked for its remote control and used it to turn it off.

Then, he remembered how his smartphone was in a pocket of his jeans when they were removed by his girlfriend.

With that in mind, he went to look for it along with his boxers.

It didn’t take long for Leo to put a bit of modesty up and find his phone still functioning. Looking at whatever notifications showed up, he found a text message from his mother, who was inviting him to a prayer community gathering, hoping that he would visit his own parents as well after a long while.

To be honest, he found that message more welcoming than the notifications from his social media accounts. Sure, his parents, particularly his mother, may have been a cause of his irritation a bunch of times of his life, but he still considered them dear to him. They’d still welcome him home, and he had God to thank for their patience.

Meanwhile, his social media accounts…well, to keep things short, he didn’t want to expose himself much to them right now.

And come to think of that, he felt like he had been lying to himself again, particularly in terms of his girlfriend and her personality.

Leo then looked to his girlfriend, Minty. Beneath the blanket which he shared with her was a figure which was short but curvy. Her skin had a light complexion too, and although he wasn’t that picky about the skin complexion of who he interacted with, it was something which Leo honestly felt inclined to when it came to women he liked. Along with her a figure which he found alluring back then, she had a youthful face which was crowned by back-length black hair, features which he often buried his face in when they were alone in the bedroom and with their desire.

And yet again, he felt some of that desire rise again, but he frowned at that, looking away from her as well.

It was frustrating, really, how often he let his girlfriend and their lust take over. Thoughts of their surprisingly demanding work at a moderately popular entertainment company were often used as excuses, and desperate chases for relief were done, resulting in roughly pleasurable nights spent with each other in either one’s bedroom.

And sure, there was pleasure, but love?

Well, lately, Leo had been feeling like he had been lying to himself…again.

And when his gaze fell upon the sleeping computer, he remembered that song which he and Minty had to work on. He wondered about how many times it would get rejected by the higher-ups before it actually passed and went on to the idol group who would interpret it.

Leo sighed, wondering about whether his education at the so-called top state university was actually worth it. The diploma which proved the existence of his Bachelor’s Degree was probably gathering dust more than gazes in his family’s house right now, too…

And the company he was working for…well, he knew that he would have to struggle as he went up on stepping stones to the fulfillment of his dream, but the way he was currently dealing with the stress that his work caused seemed to be more symptomatic of poor choices than ever.

And then there was his girlfriend, who was just as stressed as he was. Their lazing (Because Leo found nothing better to describe what they did during the previous night and so many other nights – and even mornings – before that) showed that, and she was a cynical woman with a venomous side. The energy she often exuded kept that cynicism and venom hidden, though, and they would show when she was pissed enough.

Looking at her girlfriend’s slowly turning and awakening form, Leo found less desire rising than the last time he looked at her.

This wasn’t like the ideal-looking stuff he often heard about in all those pop songs anymore, alright. He snorted with self-derision when he remembered that he was a writer for those, too.

Again, he sighed, moving to pick up and wear his clothes.

He needed a change of surroundings, and he needed to do it now.

“Where are you going, kitty?”

Another sigh was let out, and Leo looked over his shoulder, meeting Minty’s half-lidded eyes. Her uncovered chest got a piece of his attention, but he resisted looking further, keeping his eyes up while thinking about getting away quick.

“Can’t you stay a bit longer?” Minty continued, crawling over to reach for his neck and shoulders…

But Leo backed away and stood up. He didn’t walk away and leave yet, though.

“The hell is up with you, Leo?” she then asked, her tone dropping the seductive lilt and injecting venomous depth. Her eyes had gone from half-lidded to narrowed, and her lips were now shaped as a clear-cut frown.

That got Leo’s words stuck in his throat, but his eyes were still locked on hers, facing them with a defiant narrowing.

“Well?” Minty tried to hammer in, putting one cheek on one hand, looking at her boyfriend like he was someone of low value.

Leo often saw that look, and occasional were the times when it was aimed at him. And when those occasional times happened, he usually gave in to her demands.

This time, he was going to fight more seriously.

“I think…” he started, taking a deep breath along the way and painfully ignoring his girlfriend’s loud sigh, “I think that we should…keep distance between each other for a while.”

And then her look was frozen into that of shock and disbelief, one eyebrow raised so high, like she just found something that shouldn’t exist.

Then, she looked away, and then she sent him a sneer.

“You little piece of…” And she snorted, “Are you seriously trying to kill both of us? We have damn work to do, and you know we can’t do it together.”

Leo suddenly remembered his mother when his girlfriend said those words, but no, his mother was different from Minty.

“We were lazing around last night, Minty,” Leo countered.

“We were not lazing around, Leo,” Minty shot back, her slow speed feeling like an attempt at driving and twisting knives into his heart. “We were trying to relax, ’cause the damn company wants to work our asses off ’til they go numb.”

“What if I said that I want to quit?” he answered a little quicker than he wanted. “What then, Minty?”

“What then?” she asked back, leaning on the wall and covering her chest with crossed arms. “You seriously want to leave me behind? You know you need me, Leo. You keep on singing that to me, you know.”

One of Leo’s eyes twitched, remembering how he often threw himself into the haze of singing crappy pop songs just to maintain Minty’s interest in him. They may have had catchy beats, but their lyrics weren’t that deep. The haze of lust made them seem good, but that aside, they weren’t any good at all.

Minty was realizing that lately as well, but again, she tended be more cynical and venomous about such things.

Back then, her ferocity against the failings of society had been very appealing to his more cynical self, a self which felt very distant to who he was now.

And now…

“Not anymore, Minty,” he then answered. “Not anymore.”

And he walked away, almost falling over because of the glasses and the puddles and the game console and all that mess, but he still kept on walking away. He even closed the door to his girlfr – no, Minty’s bedroom when he left it.

And when he managed to get out of the apartment unit, he heard the muffled sounds of Minty’s screaming, followed by hard objects hitting and crashing.

Leo believed that what he was doing was for their own good, but still…his heart hurt. He felt firmness in his decision back there, but now…

“Just stop lying to yourself already, man…” he told himself as he wiped his eyes and kept on walking away, taking the stairs down to the ground floor.

Sure, it would take a long while, but he considered it a quicker way to avoid Minty’s presence. That, and perhaps he’d be able to think better in the rarely accessed stairwell.

And then he tried to move his hands to reach for his earphones…but he realized that he didn’t have them.

Then, he checked his phone. He didn’t mind playing music without his earphones, which he forgot to get at Minty’s place, but he realized that his phone was already low on power. Playing music would cause it to power off, and he had nothing else to distract him but his own mind.

“Oh well…at least I have my wallet.”

Still, it was going to be a long trip back to his home, a trip which would involve a lot of walking…

“I’ll still be able to get home.”

But still, even the bus ride felt like it would take a long time. The road the bus was traveling on often had heavy traffic, and today, it was heavier than usual.

The holidays probably had something to do with that, but Leo didn’t want to curse them.

“Man, the government sure has a lot of prudes to have holidays like this…” he recalled Minty complaining once.

Still, they were holidays which Leo considered important.

And so, instead of complaining, Leo took the heavy traffic as an opportunity to contemplate some more about what he would be doing with his life now. Minty would certainly rant about him on social media, so he would need to cut his connection to her for now. Deleting certain posts would take a while, but he would remember to do it once he got a hold of a computer in his family’s house.

“I hope we don’t come to the point when we’ll need to delete our photos of us together,” Leo then remembered Minty saying. “But you’re my cute and loyal kitty, right?”

The thought of that made him cringe now, but still, for the sake of his sanity, he would delete those posts.

And then there was his plan to resign from the company he was working for. That would take a bigger chunk out of him for a considerable while, considering all the writing and approaching and packing, but hey, he can find another job, and hopefully, it would be better. Maybe his brother would be willing to form an acoustic band with him and perform at the local bar, too.

“Eh, I wanted to be a popstar once,” Minty once told him when one of their conversations arrived on the topic of their dreams, “But my parents hate that, and I can’t handle the stupidity popstars tend to get.”

Leo then shook his head, followed by rubbing his eyes as he tried to keep his mind away from the fragments of that now past relationship.

His thoughts then went to the prayer community which his parents often participated in. He was considering joining it more seriously, but he still felt somewhat out of place when he tried to imagine staying there for longer. It was filled with good people, yes, but they felt a little too formal for his tastes. Maybe God was calling him to work somewhere else, or maybe it was just him being lazy and cowardly again.

Again, Leo sighed. How he wished that he could easily have some good music to listen to, or better yet, a kind and understanding person to talk with.

And speaking of people, well, his thoughts went back to his recently broken-up relationship with Minty again. He was feeling some regret, but it was followed by his memories of how demanding she could be. She did make him feel like he could face the world and do whatever they wanted, but it would be followed by feelings that were similar to the times when he got a bad stomachache and spent a lot of time walking in and out of the bathroom. She was quite active when it came to their times alone in the bedroom, often holding him close by his neck and his shoulders. Leo would admit that he did feel pleasure, yes, but he wanted to do more than just forget the pain and stress of life and all that.

“What a kid…” she told him during one bedroom session, “But I’m glad that you want a taste of me…”

Leo then showed a wry smile as he remembered his love-hate relationship with people like Minty. She was like the people he often found in the Internet: entertaining, but with self-righteous tendencies. Lessening his exposure to the Internet felt more and more like a better idea now, but he also felt like he would need to face that zone of reality again.

“Just stop trying, kitty.”

After all, the world and its citizens needed some cleanup, and he would do his best, even if his best would end up being a fragment of the needed work. The rest, he would leave to God.

“God, huh? Haven’t talked to You much in a long while, alright…”

Leo was pretty sure that God would still forgive him, but he also considered it stupid if he used that as an excuse to keep on lazy and cowardly.

“Why are you even believing in that, kitty? Agh, you really are from a house of prudes…”

And Leo sighed again, quietly reminding himself to get help from people like his parents. That, and totally move out of his current apartment unit.

The thought of the upcoming work that he would need to do then went heavy on his mind, but there was no turning back now.

And of course, the path towards true happiness would never be an easy one.

But hey, at least the end will be worth it.

“We were just getting to the good part, kitty…”

He knew that it would be a painful struggle, but experiencing the pain itself would still be painful. He would remember the pain, but he didn’t want dwell on that so much.

What he would dwell on considerably, though, was the fact that he survived those troubles and that he grew better because of his struggles. That, and he preferred remembering how he survived and how he could do so a lot more in the future.

“Uhh…Mom? Dad?”

“Yes, Leo?”


For example, Leo would be assaulted by thoughts of being alone and naked in bed with Minty again, causing him to make a habit out of sleeping on a mattress beside his parents’ bed.

“You remember the sort of relationship I had with my ex, right? I have a hard time sleeping in my room now, see…”


“Yeah, you can go get your matttress, son.”

Explaining his reasoning for being like a kid in that aspect again to his parents was embarrassing, but once that was done, he found it easier to sleep. Sure, he could’ve slept in the same room with his brother, but he didn’t want to disturb him so much…and sadly, his brother and his current habits lately still reminded him of his past relationship with Minty, and such a relationship became tempting when things became stressful.

“I wonder how I can get along better with my brother, then…” he whispered to himself that one night.

“Huh…she found a new boyfriend.”

The Internet became more like an enemy to Leo during those times, too. It beckoned to him, just like the many years when he wasted time there with perverted and pointless things that a lot of people called “healthy and natural,” but then his past relationship would clash against those lies.

For example, when he went to check his social media accounts again, he found Minty having posted a picture with a really buff guy, captioning it with “This could’ve been us, ex.” Said guy had a face and a bearing which screamed overconfidence, and although Leo wasn’t interested in being Minty’s boyfriend again, he couldn’t help feeling worry for her.

“Don’t worry too much about her, Bro,” Leo suddenly heard his brother, who was standing behind the couch he sat on. He had just come back sweating from playing basketball with his friends in the local community, and he was currenty without his sweating shirt. “She didn’t treat you right, right?”

“But you know me, Chee,” the older boy answered. “I’m pretty sensitive, and it just hurts watching her do this to herself.”

“Just give her help when she asks you for it,” Chee immediately replied. “Trust me on that, Bro,” he added, right before shaking his head and muttering as he went back upstairs to his room. “Really, between us, I didn’t expect you to be the first guy to have a breakup…”

Not like the clash wasn’t painful, though. It made him dizzy, even when he was being reminded to not make that much contact with his ex anymore. Still, he used the dizziness to remind him to stay away from unhealthy things.

Indeed, natural those perverted and pointless things may be, but healthy were they not.

“Leo, you’re really defeating your attempts at improvement.”


And then there was his mother and her sharp shots again. His father was currently out on overtime, but now that he thought about it, he probably would’ve told him the same thing in the same way if he found him staring at his computer late in the night, even if said staring was focused on a digital audio workstation.

“You know you miss me, kitty. Why do you even stay with your parents?”

Really, Leo wished that he could have a better girlfriend more quickly, but remembering his experiences with dating and all got him remembering about the difficulty of building and maintaining a romantic relationship.

“Alright…Sorry…I’ll be heading to your room now.”

Right now, he had to resist well, and he had to properly fight against whatever irritation would rise because of his parents’ incessant but important reminders about getting enough sleep, doing household chores, having healthy relationships, and other essential things.

Indeed, before he could go care for someone else a lot, he had to do care just as much for himself.

“But what about work?” that treacherous voice asked. “What about money? What about -“

“We should pray first, Leo. I think you really need that right now.”


And sometimes, he felt doubt when his parents asked him to pray regularly and all, but during other times, he felt hope when they reminded him about that. He felt hopeless because of the phantom sensations of a lustful and tempting girl grabbing and biting his neck and shoulders from behind, and the poisonous mental messages, which were brought by the voice of that same girl, were not any better. Still, he was very thankful for the presence of people like his parents, among other people, in helping him deal with his spiritual wounds.

“Bro, uh…can you change your music? That sort of rapping makes me uncomfortable.”

“Huh? Oh, sorry.”

Leo then heard a loud sigh from Chee despite the acquiesence, but the older brother understood the feeling. Still, they needed the change, and Leo felt some gladness about the changing of his own tastes in music.

“We should write our own raps, Chee. Better ones, too. I don’t know if you’re up for that, but I wanna help there.”

“Alright…Maybe you’re right.”

His brother still had some reluctance, and it made Leo anxious, but still, he needed and wanted to keep fighting some more.

Despite the anxiety, Leo still believed that it wasn’t a struggle which they couldn’t win in.

“Hey, Father Jay.”

“Hello, Leo. What brings you calling?”

“Well, I was thinking about paying you a visit sometime. Mom told me to inform you, ’cause it’s better to be prepared and all.”

“I see…How about after my 10AM Mass on Sunday? We can talk over lunch, if that’s okay.”

“Sure. And thanks very much, Father. And, uh…it’s gonna be philosophical, I guess. You know me.”

“Oh, I’ll certainly welcome you there, hahaha!”

“Ahaha…thanks very much again, then. See ya.”

“See you too. And God bless you.”

“Yeah, thanks very much.”

And with that, the phone call ended, and Leo breathed a sigh of relief.

“Sunday, after the 10AM Mass, Mom and Dad,” a smiling Leo then told his parents, whose room he was in. “Oh, and I should ask for some Confession after that, too…”

“I hope it goes well, Leo,” his short-and-straight-haired mother replied with a smile. “And remember to keep praying and believing. Things like this can happen if you let God help.”

“And we’re sorry for being unable to understand what you’re thinking about, son,” his thick-and-curly-haired father added, scratching the back of his head. “Really, making music and stories aren’t really our forte, hahaha!”

At that, Leo still smiled, and he went to give a hug to each of his parents.

“Thanks very much anyway, Mom and Dad.”

“We’re all single boys forever…except for Leo and Raph.”

“Hey, it’s not like having a relationship would instantly turn your life into the greatest thing you’ve ever had, Sparky.”

“Yeah, there’s a lot more to it, and I can tell you more about it.”

Sitting around a dining table with some other friends in a friend’s apartment unit, Leo was on another hangout with them. The talk was going deep into the night, too, as they hadn’t met up in a long while. There was alcohol as well, but they weren’t really that heavy with their drinks so far, and Leo wasn’t going to drink further than a single bottle of beer.

“What? Did you break up with your girlfriend, Leocub?” said a short and dark-skinned guy with a relaxed drawl.

“Yeah, Chuck. What, you didn’t know?”

“Well, I don’t think we’ve bothered to add or follow your ex online…” Chuck voiced, his sober voice making him sound like he was already in a drunken haze, “But we do know what she posts. Like, her posting privacy is pretty much set to Public!”

“She’s one vicious girl, that’s for sure,” said Raph, a bowlcut-haired young man who was also the other “single forever no more” among Leo and his circle of friends. “And I thought you were a masochist…Just kidding.”

“Yeah, I know, Raph, don’t worry,” Leo told him with a smile and a little wave of his bottle-equipped right hand.

“Still, she can be entertaining…” said Sparky, whose multi-colored and shaggy hair was so thick that his bangs covered his eyes, “And then she dissed you after you broke up with her.”

“And that’s why I’m never getting a girlfriend,” said a guy with a pimple-scarred face and what pretty much seemed like a perpetual frown.

“Hey, that’s a little too much dislike you got there, Crinkles. And huh, your care surprises me, Sparky.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, Leo.”

“Oh wow, you didn’t consider me an actual friend until now, Leo? What did we have during those recording sessions, then?”

At Sparky’s joking questions, Leo laughed loudly, his free hand whapping alternately between the table and his thigh.

“Ooh, now that is a highly appropriate question in this time period of my life, alright!” Leo then exclaimed, right before taking a long sip of his beer and then letting out a screech at the taste that he probably wouldn’t ever get used to.

“Indeed,” Raph agreed with a calm nod. “And Leo, please keep your voice under control. Wouldn’t want to disturb my neighbors, you know.”

“Yeah, sorry, Raph,” the corrected guy replied, dropping his smile for a few moments in embarrassment before putting it back again. “And thanks. Also, I’m glad that we never had the habit of taking and sending nudes.”

“Now that would’ve been a disaster, if that were the case,” the bowlcut-haired guy commented with a more serious expression that Leo honestly found hilarious.

“Okay, I’m getting sick of this talk, so who wants to play a drinking game with one of the hardest video games ever?” Crinkles suddenly cut in, slamming his bottle and his chin on the wooden top of the dining table.

“Not me, Crinkles,” Leo answered, putting his unfinished beer bottle down. “I’m not into alcohol, and although we had soda a lot more back then, that sort of thing reminds me of video game nights with Minty,” he explained with a shudder at the end.

“Yeah, Super Steamy Game Nights,” Sparky responded, and then he took a long sip of beer, which was followed by a shudder. “You’re making it more awkward in my mind now, Leo.”

“I thank you for the praise, dear shaggy Sparky,” Leo replied with a grin.

“Okay, little Chucky here calls for one last beer toast for Leo!” the shortest guy in the group called with a raised bottle. “Come on, come on, come on!”

“To Leo!”

“We hope he moves on.”

“Thanks, Raph. And may your coconut head grow more fruitful, too.”

“And we hope he never gets a girlfriend again.”

“I am not surprised by the words that come out of that rock-surrounded mouth of yours, Crinkles, you rocky-faced cynic.”

“And may he never forget our friendship.”

“Oh, I definitely won’t, Sparky…and hey, attitude adjustments, please…and that includes myself, before I forget.”

“And I hope that we won’t forget that overdue collaboration promise.”

“Well, let me get myself pulled back together first, Chuck. And the same goes for you, you busy little man.”

“Agh, let’s stop being sappy and go game already!” Crinkles exclaimed as he stood up and went to the television.

“Dibs on Controller Number Two!” Sparky jumped out, rushing towards a wireless controller.

“Yay, little Chucky’s gonna lose in a drinking game again~” the still mostly sober Chuck declared with his arms up in the air above him.

“Well, let’s clean this up first, guys,” Raph called, immediately doing so.

“Alright, Raph,” Leo followed, taking some time to poke their three other friends’ faces and dodge their counters. “And after this, I’mma go to sleep. I’m not that up for late night stuff lately, you know…”

And indeed, sleep came to Leo a little better.


“Yeah, it’s me, Leo.”

And then one day, Leo faced the unkempt face of his ex-girlfriend, who was looking down while standing right before the front door of his family’s house. She had her usual jacket, shirt, jeans, and shoes which showed off her figure, but they looked really wrinkled, more wrinkled than they usually were in his memories.

And speaking of which, the rest of his family was currently out, leaving him alone. Good thing he was trained by his family enough to be able to get by and care for himself and the house without feeling much anxiety, but in this case, he reminded himself to keep the door open and stay on the doorway while dealing with Minty.

“So…” Leo tried to start…

“I’m sorry.” …only to get interrupted by Minty.

“You wanna talk, then?” he then asked, holding himself back from explaining as well.

“Yeah…” she answered, although she seemed like she wanted to say more, judging from her opening and closing mouth which didn’t let out much in terms of further sound.

“Let’s just do it here on the front porch, then.”

“Can’t we – “

“No, Minty. You want it serious, we’ll do it serious.”

Leo’s ex-girlfriend let out an annoyed huff, but she didn’t leave. She then locked eyes with him, and he noticed a twitch occur in her right eye, but he kept silent, waiting for her to say what she wanted to say.

“I hate you,” she then went bluntly.

“But why are you here, exactly?” he responded, and he followed up, feeling some newfound confidence in knowing that he had the upper hand. “I don’t think you’d go all the way here just to insult me, you know. Wouldn’t that be a waste of time, then?”

Leo then noticed her body trembling as she grit her teeth and clenched her hands. Some nervousness rose within him, hoping that this wouldn’t escalate into something which would disturb the neighbors.

Then, Minty turned her blue eyes away and let out a loud sigh.

“Of course you’ve become more of a smartass prude…” she muttered not very quietly. “Why did I even go here, anyway…?”

At that, Leo let her be like that for a while, all while he considered the possibilities regarding the reason for her visit. He hadn’t been checking up on her activities for a considerable while, especially since he didn’t want to come in contact with possible venomous posts, considering what he knew about her personality, so he was certain that the guesses would have some wildness in them.

“Did you get fired and/or kicked out?” he chose to guess first.

“Tch…” was her reply.

“New bad relationship?” he continued. “‘Friends’ spreading fake rumors about you?”

She scrunched her face up some more, and Leo sighed at that.

“You know…I’m just gonna guess here if you don’t speak up,” he told her. “Sorry,” he added.

And then there was more angry silence from Minty, which eventually turned into a stomping walkout.

Meanwhile, Leo continued standing in the doorway, waiting to see if Minty would ever go back and talk better.

Still, she didn’t return from the streetlight-illuminated darkness in front of and beyond him.

After some more seconds of waiting, Leo sighed, turned around, and closed the door.

And even though she was in such a saddening state, Leo hoped that she’d be able to deal with her problems properly.

Still, Leo felt like he did something wrong back there.

“Perhaps prayer is the best I can do about this right now…” he told himself as he went back to work on his music. “And maybe I should consult Mom and Dad about this…and maybe some friends as well…”

Honestly, he also felt the desire to run after his ex-girlfriend, but he shook his head and went back to his room upstairs.

Really, he wished that at least one family member would arrive back at the house already…A face-to-face conversation felt more appropriate and valuable than an online one when it came to things like this…

“God Almighty help me…”

“Hey, I think I found someone who might be your type.”

“Wait, really?”

Chee and Leo were doing their day job at a cafe, and while the younger brother had just returned from taking orders, said brother whispered to his elder about a certain female customer.

“Over there,” Chee pointed out, “By the window.”


He did see a young woman seated by that table Chee pointed out. She wore a short-sleeved blouse and a long skirt in white with pale shades of blue. Her ponytailed hair was black, but there was one whitened strip on one side of it. Her face didn’t look very blemished, and her skin had a light tone, though the sunlight was making that hard to confirm. In her dainty hands was a novel, one whose title he couldn’t make out from where he was, but had the likelihood of being interesting, considering the smile she wore while she was reading it.

Sure, she looked pretty like that, but still…

“Uhh…you do know that first impressions aren’t everything, right, Chee?” Leo told his brother. “That, and I’m having the urge to say ‘She looks too good to be true,’ considering how the sunlight’s making her look. Is she even okay with being around that much blazing sunlight?”

“First impressions are not everything, but they’re still important, Bro,” Chee replied with a sigh. “I’m not that dumb, you know. And hey, don’t expect to know her with one look, man.”

“Okay, okay…but still, are you seriously asking me to flirt with her or something?”

It’s not like he wasn’t open to getting in a relationship again, but Leo preferred being more careful this time.

“Bro, I’d rather have you initiating. Like, you’re still kind of a wimp, honestly.”

Still, what his brother said got Leo thinking about not being too careful.

“Alright, then, you got me there, Chee.”

And so, with a sigh, Leo parted his fully black bangs to one side with his hand, followed by a forming a small smile on his face. His eyes were focused on the girl, and…

“Oh, and don’t forget your job, Bro,” Chee reminded with a grin.

“Heh…Get back to work, you popstar wannabe,” Leo bantered back.

And with that, Leo turned around and took a deep breath.

“Will she be the right one?” he quietly asked.

 And then he walked towards her.

Author’s Note: I honestly consider this a piece of work in which I felt that I had my head more firmly between my shoulders and my heart aimed towards a better direction while writing this. Making my audience go “Wow!” is one thing, but making them have a good reason behind that “Wow!” is another thing.

And yes, I’m a Christian. Roman Catholic, to be more specific. And I’ve never had a girlfriend, let alone had sex before, and I’m thankful that my record so far in terms of my romantic pursuits are marked by corrective rejections from the girls I had confessed to. I also have perversion problems, and I had a lot of very bad attempts at dealing with it before.

Still, I’d like to live a life with healthy romance someday, and I even want to have a family of my own as well. The ideas I’m trying to follow are certainly different from the popular ideas of this modern age, though. And I’d understand if I’m hated for it, but I’d rather go down that path, even if it would be difficult (and of course it would be difficult).

Anyway, honest constructive feedback is still welcome. And one thing I feel concerned about when it comes to my writing lately is my knowledge of jobs, professions, work systems. Although I dream of being a writer, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try to learn more about reality, see. I’d like to have better knowledge of reality so that you’ll have a more enriched experience, dear readers.

And hey, thanks very much to Medieval Otaku for beta-reading this. And yes, he’s a Roman Catholic man who likes anime, manga, and the Medieval Ages. Also, he’s from the US. He’s also a WordPress blogger, and I’ve been considering him a really good friend lately. Helped me process some complicated stuff I learned at uni, among other things, see.

Also, yes, I drew the cover illustration despite my low confidence in my drawing skills. I think it would be hard to quickly find an illustrator who’d be willing to draw for a story like this, see, so yeah. I would be happy if someone’s willing and able to draw an amazing illustration for this story, still.

And with that, I’d like to remind you again, dear reader: Honest constructive feedback is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated!

Oh, and before I completely forget: Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Feel free to say something!

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