Tobby tried to sing “Reversible Campaign”

Say hello to the likely only post (monthly update post aside) of this month.

What am I up to right now, though? Spontaneous Tobbyworks and a crash-course midyear/summer term, yo.

Oh, and I feel like the high speed and pressure of this university term I’m going through influenced my decision to cover this hard and fast song by DECO*27. So yeah.

Also, I feel like my audio engineering sense has been improving recently. And yes, I’ve been getting feedback behind the scenes, but hey, more feedback from you peeps, both in quantity and quality (like, honest constructive, especially!), is highly encouraged and will be highly appreciated~

Now, here’s the mp3.


2 thoughts on “Tobby tried to sing “Reversible Campaign”

    1. Oh yeah, midterms are already around at this point in time, and in a few more weeks, finals will be around. As far as I’ve experienced, though, such exams are for more general subjects, which I only have a few left and am trying to clear up well this summer/midyear term. Most of my subjects are more argumentation-focused than memorization-focused, though, as I am a Creative Writing student. Thus, most of the periodical stuff I have to deal with are reports, papers, and creative outputs, but that doesn’t really mean that they’re necessarily easier or harder, if you ask me. I like to think of them as a different brand of difficulty, see, not something significantly easier or harder.

      Anyway, thanks very much for the encouragement, good sir! \(^o^ )

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