Pope Francis Is Like A Canary in the Coal Mine

It’s a different brand of difficult out there, indeed, but God Almighty has been, still is, and will always be around. So yeah, God Almighty keep on helping us all.

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Pope Francis is like a canary in the coal mine, identifying toxic trends in our society, then, offering hope as he suggests Christian solutions to current issues.

The expression, a canary in the coal mine, is a saying which refers to caged canaries miners would bring with them into mine tunnels. These birds were used in Britain, right up until 1999 as a way to warn miners if gases like carbon monoxide collected in the mine. Noxious gas would kill a tiny canary before miners even knew they were in danger. Now the phrase, a canary in the coal mine,  alludes to someone whose sensitivity delivers early warnings to society. Our popes have often perceived subtle shifts away from gospel values before most of us even notice.

We are Like Frogs Sitting in Hot Water

Most people are too caught up in the details of the daily news cycle to…

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5 thoughts on “Pope Francis Is Like A Canary in the Coal Mine

  1. Indeed. I suspect that’s one reason why some loudly-Catholic folks are so upset with Pope Francis. His remarks are almost impossible to not understand.

    He’s also, I think, got a habit of expressing ideas – – – dramatically. There hasn’t been a Pope I haven’t ‘liked’ since I’ve been taking notice. And Francis is certainly included in the list. But I find some of what he says – jarring.

    That’s likely enough due to his cultural roots in a southern European/Latin American culture, and my roots being firmly planted in northwestern Europe and North America. There’s a lot of Norwegian, Irish and Scots in me: nothing wrong with that, I hope, but the mix does have a particular flavor.

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