Milestones, Turning Points, and Activity Updates – July 2018

I think the lone post of this ending month says something about how I’ve gotten into the Danganronpa series again recently. Like, even being spoiled about it is making me wanna go through it more and more, and I also feel like pieces of it, if not all of it, can be the subject of academic discussions!

But if we’re gonna talk about everything else, which aren’t as prominent as that here, well, there’s school time coming and going, with that crash course Midyear term cleared well enough and a new Academic Year starting up…and this Academic Year shall be my last as an undergraduate university student, hopefully. Considering how I’ve been doing before, I can whip up work for school on time and with decent quality, but the bigger concerns I tend to have with classes are being on time for classes and participating in class discussions. I could blame travel obstacles on the road and bad behavior in my classmates, but then again, what’s worse than being unable to clean whatever mess is around us is choosing not to clean whatever mess is within us. So yeah, I better work up my will and get help from God Almighty for that as well, because I don’t know anyone or anything else that can make my fickle will more steadfast and well-directed, among many other ordinary improvements that are beginning to look more and more miraculous to me.

Also, I had quite a Midyear term with all that dancing. I think I’ll need to watch dance tutorials and have a more formal sense of it before trying to make up some moves of my own, though…

As for music, I have new stuff being cooked up with my random finger placements and looped instrument patterns. There’s also them rap remix lyrics, particularly for certain Vocaloid songs, and there’s also them lyrics for my original tracks. Song covers can suddenly pop up, too. And as I think about my taste in music, I seem to have quite an inclination towards pop, which is weird considering how I also have the urge to clown it. I guess I should study and practice music more, then. Perhaps doing so with other people, especially the more experienced ones, would be a bigger help, too.

As for writing…well, I remember communicating with a fan who sent me a private message over there at because they were concerned about whether or not I was quitting working on my fanfics. Meanwhile, doing original works is something I’d be doing more for Creative Writing workshop classes right now, though I am considering putting the final versions of my final projects for those classes up here online as long as they’ve been submitted and graded already. Anyway, bottom line is that I’m more focused on IRL responsibilities right now, since I can’t work on my side projects if I can’t hold my core together right.

And speaking of my core, I still have struggles with avoiding world-shouldering. I’m not alone, though, considering the strangers, the figures, the acquaintances, the companions, and the loved ones I encounter everyday. I just need to stay in my zone, learn there, work there, and have faith as I do all that service with the best of my abilities. After all, I only have one role, and it’s not being God Almighty.

With that, I ask for honest constructive feedback yet again. God Almighty keep on helping us all.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about when my next updates will happen, these monthly update posts aside, then just remember that I’ll be doing it slow and sudden…which is pretty much the usual for me right now. So yeah.

Feel free to say something!

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