Raising and Razing

Raising and Razing

a prompted short story by The Overlord Bear

Prompt (from r/WritingPrompts): “you are a demon who was sent to earth as a final chance to better yourself, but when you get there, there is nothing you can do to help anyone. Over time you start to watch the world fall into decay, but as you are immortal, you cannot die with it. You are not accepted back into hell.”

I thought it was going to be easy when I let those nuts use me as a lab rat. I expected the whole power trips, even. And the suicides too, which got humans like Hitler straight to the Boss’s vacation cask, where those dumb souls decided to rot away just to try feeling good about themselves all by themselves for as long as they want, only to find out that they’d be doing that forever, whether they like it or not.

“You missed one soul. Do you know how important it is for us to not miss one soul? I know you can’t get every single soul here, but there are quotas for a reason!”

But Boss’s praises definitely depended on his mood. I avoided saying a word in my defense, then. For a guy who hated nepotists, he sure learned a lot from his old boss. And I thought getting a promotion while being this young meant a lot…

“Tell me the truth, cretin,” Boss continued harping. “I don’t care if you lie to anyone out there, just don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to us. Why did you come back here, knowing that you let your attempt at fulfilling your quota have one soul going to heaven?”

Nope, not gonna give a reply to that one. Better the fires of heaven than this guy’s period.

“Boss, why do you expect so much from our resident failure? For one, I certainly saw him having a good time with your latest find the other night.”

Sure, why not? You’ll know how these shoes will feel, asskisser, and I won’t be there to save you when you cry for help. Or maybe I should save the future promoted asskisser just to piss off Boss even more?

“Great, now I can’t have you two dickcheese bits in any of my food!” Boss clapped. “Somebody bind these two to our gates!”

“What!?” Asskisser shouted in disbelief as today’s guards dragged him out with me. “No!”

“Thanks very much, Boss,” I also decided to take one last shot. “I’m sure that your old boss is gonna be proud of you when I tell Him about how much of a chip off the old block you are.”

I may have had my head off my shoulders after that, but since we demons were immortal, it was still worth it.

Author’s Note: Yes, I’ve been trying to picture the afterlife states through some familiar stuff, and a lot more’s probably yet to come. God Almighty keep on helping us all.

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