Typical Humans and Immaculately Conceived Humans

Typical Humans and Immaculately Conceived Humans

an Immaculate Conception reflection by The Overlord Bear/Jem De Ocampo

edited by my mother

“And looking around on those who sat about him, he said, ‘Here are my mother and my brethren!

Whoever does the will of God is my brother, and sister, and mother’” (Mark 3:34-35).

A typical human is both victim and perpetrator, even with no conscious action done yet, as children can only imitate their elders and superiors. An immaculately conceived human is just a victim always, knowing no sin yet having to suffer the burdens it makes. For example: the abused. The typical would wish for their abusers to rot in prison or punishment and use their fellow sinners’ faults as a license to do anything with impunity. The immaculately conceived would also always send their abusers to prison or punishment, but they would pay visits to those sinners instead of just leaving them to rot.

A typical human is a sinner trying to live in denial of the fact as much as possible, consciously wishing further evil upon the self when the denial fails and until a better self-deception is found. An immaculately conceived human should be “too good for this sinful earth,” but God put such lives in here to kill that self-loathing without condoning any of our sins. For example: the ill. The typical would try to make their illness seem okay to have or use it as a reason to doubt God. The immaculately conceived would always consider their illness not okay, but they would also use it as a reason to have more faith in God and overcome obstacles against it.

A typical human is innocent at first, but the memory of sin, which is used by other humans as an excuse to cause more sin, kills that innocence quickly and makes salvation seem impossible. An immaculately conceived human, meanwhile, has innocence that can never be tainted by the knowledge of evil, so much that we can be reminded of the fact that there are memories of virtue even we sinners can use to cause more virtue and achieve salvation. For example: angry activists. The typical would resort to public name-calling slogans before deep and private dialogue. The immaculately conceived would always go straight to deep and private dialogue first and foremost, especially if they’re close to the ones who need to be corrected.

A typical human longs to be special by being like God or even above God, implying doubt about already having been made in God’s image and likeness. An immaculately conceived human always works according to God’s will from the get-go, emulating God’s faithful servant-leadership to inspire humanity into doing the same. For example: fearful celebrities. The typical would be scared of losing humans’ love. The immaculately conceived would always be scared of losing God’s love.

A typical human is too proud to admit being in pain, only doing so when it means gaining something for the self in return. An immaculately conceived human always honestly expresses pain while maintaining trust in Providence and diligence for God by caring for not only the self but also others as well. For example: oppressed workers. The typical would use class imbalance and their inferiority as excuses to be mean and selfish. The immaculately conceived would always acknowledge class imbalance to better bond with others, whether superior, inferior, or equal.

A typical human has difficulties identifying what is enough for anyone. An immaculately conceived human already believes and knows that God can make things, whether big or small, be enough for each and every person. For example: lottery winners. The typical would splurge all the winnings and brag about it. The immaculately conceived would just take a bit and discreetly give away the rest to the poor.

A typical human believes that authority is legitimate only in the self, even with the awareness of it being flawed. An immaculately conceived human always knows that earthly authority is fallible, yet still obediently believes in such as long as it ultimately honors the Authority Above, which not only never does wrong but also always does right. For example: doubtful believers. The typical would claim to believe in God but not in religious authority. The immaculately conceived would express grievances if harmed, but would still continue paying Godly respect and loyalty to earthly authorities by helping them emulate God’s servant-leadership as well.

A typical human will love by enabling loved ones’ sin and mixing it up with their virtue. An immaculately conceived human will always love by fighting against loved ones’ sin while helping their virtue. For example: quarreling lovers. The typical would consider it the apocalypse. The immaculately conceived would consider it an apocalypse they can bounce back from with a stronger bond through and despite it.

A typical human will consider salvation, let alone the immaculately conceived, impossible. An immaculately conceived human will always remind humanity that all things are possible with God. For example: foolish parents. The typical would use their superiority as a reason for anything they think, say, and do being right. The immaculately conceived would accept that there are some things about life that they don’t easily get right, even as adults, even being willing to learn more with their children.

A typical human can refuse God’s salvation. An immaculately conceived human will always help humanity accept God’s salvation. For example: souls heading to the afterlife. The typical would have doubt about God’s offers to help them clean up and get to heaven. The immaculately conceived would not only tell the truth about where souls can go, but also let the souls decide where they want to go.

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