Apocalyptic Admission

Apocalyptic Admission

a prompted short story by The Overlord Bear

Prompt (from r/WritingPrompts): “The apocalypse is coming. Humanity has received its first warning sign: Not an earthquake, nor a meteor, nor burning hellfire. An essay, with the following prompt: ‘Please state why you should survive armaggedon (min. 100 words).’”

If we way more doubting fools were in dear faithful Noah’s shoes back then, we would’ve cursed You for what seemed to be cynicism on Your part. If we God-hating fools learned how to be united despite the thick language barrier You gave us after we tried to build the Tower of Babel, that barrier would only have even more layers. If we were residents of Sodom and Gomorrah knowing of our impending doom and Abraham’s fervent intercession, we would’ve accepted our deaths while saying “We know better than You, You hateful favoritist deity!” And if we were among those punished Egyptians who fell in the face of Your power that barred them from further oppressing the Hebrews, we probably would’ve started repenting only upon witnessing the Hebrews’ betrayals against You.

With that said, thank you very much for this wonderful trick of a test yet again, then, Ultimate Prankster God Almighty. Please continue guiding us through this daily armaggedon.

Author’s Note: Been feeling a mix of laziness and restlessness lately, and I don’t wanna stay down, yo.

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